39 Yr. Old Needs a Fresh Look for Her 40th Birthday - Pasadena, CA

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So for the past 4 years I have been struggling...

So for the past 4 years I have been struggling with lower eye bags. In this social media day in age photos are a daily part of our life, but not mine. I hate photos merely for the fact that they remind me of how bad my eye bags have become. I dread hearing that comment " you look so tired". I eat well, exercise and get the required amount of rest but no matter what eye creams or home remedies I try ---the bags are still there. Don't get me wrong I have managed with some eye creams and under eye concealers to mask them enough but I just want to wake up looking refreshed, like when I was in my early 30's. I realized it was time to do it when my sister snapped my profile picture and used a photoshop app to reduce or practically eliminate the under eye bags, POOF, like magic I looked refreshed and 5 years younger. Compare my profile picture with this everyday picture and see for yourself. For the past 4 years I researched several methods and doctors. I considered fillers after one Beverly Hills doctor said it could improve my situation but I wasn't convinced, I want permanent results. As you can imagine you get all sort of different feedback from each doctor you see. I finally decided to go with a doctor that immediately told me that fillers were a bad option and transconjunctival blepharoplasty (incision inside the eye) would be my best option. He also said he could do it under Local anesthesia which is a safer and can provide improved healing time, according to articles I have read online. I was ultimately convinced when I read lovetobefitnaturalandsexy review. She has been so satisfied and looks beautiful, just the results I was looking for and she had the same type of procedure. Can't wait to see my new self in just a few days.

6 days Pre-Op

I went online to the vitamin shop and ordered my supplements/vitamins to help with bruising and swelling. I will start taking them 3 days prior and continue post-op. These were the one's recommended by other patients :Arnica Montana 30X , Bromelain and Vitamin C. I posted another picture of me pre-op, this is early morning in direct sunlight.

3 days Pre-Op Typical Nervous thoughts setting in

3 days to go and still trying to read every review I can find. Nerves starting to set in after reading a few disaster stories. I eill remain positive for now and move forward knowing these are typical last minute jitters. I am reminded tonight of just how bad the bags can be after a long days work staring at my computer for 8 hours. I have attached up to the moment pics

Big Day is Here

I arrived this morning at the office at 7:30 am. Had a great nights sleep had a good healthy breakfast and am currently waiting to see Dr. "T".

Day 2 Post Op

Yesterday went really well for the most part. Doctor has you take Valuim 30 mins prior to surgery, didnt do much for me. He marks you up standing the lies you down and preps. You go over your expectations one last time and the he numbs the area. The first eye went smooth couldnt feel a thing. Second eye was more sensitive and I could feel pressure. He injected the area again. It got a little better but I was uncomfortable but not in pain. The procedure took less than 45 mins. I walked out effortlessly no pain or loss of vision BUT I was already slightly bruised. No big deal I just through on sun glasses and I looked fine. I will post yesterdays pics later and some more updates.

Day 3 Post Op

Everything is going well I have been sleeping upright every night and it has been comfortable. I think that this has helped with the swelling. I haven't seen any swelling since day 2 . I woke up this morning with significant reduction in the swelling I could almost say that I can see some of the results absolutely no pain no itching no irritation whatsoever. I have been taking my medications vitamins and eating super healthy as well as consuming tons of pineapple. I showered this morning for the first time without any complications and it felt good.


Just did a gentle warm compress and applied Arnica Gel. Wow did it reduce swelling and bruising by 60%. So amazef with my progresss

72 Hours Later

Swelling is practically diminished. Definitely no bag ;) bruising is still present but turning yellow in some areas. This has been pretty eash for me. I rested took plenty of naps because my eyes needed rest, no more than one hour of T.V. or screen time. I have not lyed down flat even once and no bending over. I always got up and did minor activities, cool meals, got drinks, made snacks a blended fruit drinks. I have not left the house yet but plan to possibly tomorrow.

4 days Post Op Time for Work

Healing still going well. Tomorrow I go back to work.

Back to Work Day 5

So today I went back to work. I feel totally fine. My vision is doing well and I have hidden my bruising with glasses.

Day 7 Post Op

All is going well. Bruising looking better and better each day. I have a consultation for some Fraxel under eye treatment for fine lines and tightening tomorrow. One little finishing touch to the best eye yet for me.

12 Days Post-Op

I feel like I have a more open fuller eye now :) I am still struggling with some bruising. I am now 12 days in and although it's fading I am growing old of the bruising ;\ patience....patience is the name of the game I guess. I still have not gone for the Fraxel under the eye yet. I still wake up every morning expecting to see those poufy undereye bags but it's so amazing not to have those bags anymore.

Side by Side Photo - Top Before- Bottom 12 Days Post Op

16 days

Day 16 and I still have some bruising and I am dealing with a little bit of wrinkling remember I did not have any skin removed I also woke up yesterday slightly puffy but I think it was due to alcohol consumption I am going Wednesday for fraxel dual resurfacing

1 Month Post Op------I think I am ready for my 40th Birthday this Sunday!

So its going to be 1 month this week. I am pretty happy with the results. I feel like I look at least 5 years younger :) I had a moment the 3rd week that I was a little unsatisfied. When all the bruising and the swelling went away it seemed as thought the transition line between the "old" bag and the cheek was uneven. I liked the look better when I had a little bit of swelling because it seemed a little plumper and less wrinkly. I will admit that this procedure is definitely for someone with very little skin laxity. One doctor that I went to see for Fraxel told me that he would never perform this type of transconjictuval (inside the eye) removal on anyone under 30. He said that it would make it nearly impossible for someone to have another procedure in the future from the outside because of the risk of scar tissue. As for the Fraxel that I mentioned in a previous post, I decided to wait on that for a little while until everything completely settles. Then I will re-evaluate. I did however get my first dose of Botox and that ultimately made my results 20x better.

Officially 40!!!

Well I am officially 40 and I have my fresh look. I am glad I did and not much from last post seems to different.

6 weeks Post Op---Everything seems to still be improving

Everything still seems to be taking on it's natural course of the healing process. Sometimes I seem to have a slight dark circle in certain light possibly from the bruising that lies deep within the skin, but it never seems to appears in photos (and I don't touch up my photos in anyway). Today I went for a consultation for some filler between the cheek and under eye to give a little volume to the area. Since the bag is no longer there the transition is a little more noticeable you can also now see that I have had some loss of cheek volume that I never noticed before. OVERALL.....I am amazed at the overall results and of my new look. Any photo I take now looks like I have wide, fuller, brighter eyes and I never look tired as I did before. So happy I made this choice. I don't know that I will post anymore photos for a while but should I get some filler done I will update my review :)

4 Month Post Op - Final results

Hi Everyone,
I thought I would post a 4 month pic. They say you reach your final results at about 3-4 months and at one year your maximum expected results. I have been religiously taking good care of my skin with Retinols and Vitamin C serum both on my face and under my eyes. The results have been amazing for me and I am still super happy I did it.

6 Month Review

All is well I have seen improvement even up until now. I have been using Vitamin C serum and Retinol products to help build collagen and tighten the skin, as well as Botox treatments for improvement in fine lines
Pasadena Plastic Surgeon

Dr. T as he is referred to is a very patient and warm doctor. He really makes you feel comfortable and will give you his honest opinion. His office tries to accommodate you the best that they can with your requests and they always answer the phone unlike many other doctor's offices.

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