Explant and Capsulectomy with Lift

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Hello ladies my journey has been a long one in...

Hello ladies my journey has been a long one in finally discovering I have Brest implant illness. I'm excited to say I see a light at the end of my tunnel. My Explant is October 31st and I'm counting the days to take the toxic silicone/saline bags out. Don't believe what the plastic surgeons say that there safe. There Not..

Omg tomorrow's the big day bye bye tata's

So clothes are set out ,ate dinner,and watching jersey housewives....
So freaked that I'm going to alter and have surgery on my boobs tomorrow. I have fear that they will look yucky for ever. I had the implants put in through my belly button in the first place just because of nipple scars and now I'm getting my worst fear which is the full anchor scar. I pray they come out great and pray I feel better like all the other Brest implant illness ladies on here. I pray I feel my nipples, I pray my nipples don't get infected.
Lastly I did a hair analysis to see what my toxicity levels where and uranium, copper and tin were high what ever that means so first things first remove the toxic bags.....I'll let you guys know how it goes and post pics later love you all and thanks for all the support.

4 1/2 weeks post removel

Ok so I'm not going to lie for me personally it was ruff. I could not take the pain meds because they made me nauseous. So I had to suck it up and deal with the pain which was not fun.really the drains were almost unbearable the first week. but I do want to say once there are out it's way better and manageable. They have healed nice with just one set back which seems to be quit common on my last best at the T junction there's a hole the size of a nickel. I've looked on real self to see if anyone looked like mine and could not find that. My ps said it can happen and it will heal. It just looks really scary to see a big hole in my boob. Also all kinds of neck problems because you really can only sleep on your back which gets old real soon. On the lighter side I feel a difference in my body no more joint pain and I have to say as of just recent I feel a bit more clear headed. I have no regrets getting the plastic toxic bags out and I'm happy that parts behind me.
Dr otoole

I went to several ps all who don't believe in such a thing as Brest implant illness. When I came across Dr.Otoole he appears to really listen and spent a decent amount of time with me. I felt heard and decided to go with him based on reviews and his pictures of Brest lifts (good results) and he's close to my home no fwy.I have yet to have the surgery but feel confident in who I choose to get these toxic plastic bags out of me. So to be continued

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