Explant and Capsulectomy with Lift

Hello ladies my journey has been a long one in...

Hello ladies my journey has been a long one in finally discovering I have Brest implant illness. I'm excited to say I see a light at the end of my tunnel. My Explant is October 31st and I'm counting the days to take the toxic silicone/saline bags out. Don't believe what the plastic surgeons say that there safe. There Not..
Dr otoole

I went to several ps all who don't believe in such a thing as Brest implant illness. When I came across Dr.Otoole he appears to really listen and spent a decent amount of time with me. I felt heard and decided to go with him based on reviews and his pictures of Brest lifts (good results) and he's close to my home no fwy.I have yet to have the surgery but feel confident in who I choose to get these toxic plastic bags out of me. So to be continued

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