24 Years Old Removing 600 CCs Implants - Pasadena, CA

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I got my first surgery on March 2015 600 CCs . I...

I got my first surgery on March 2015 600 CCs . I felt remorseful about two weeks later , feeling like I should have never inserted a foreign object into my body . Shorty after I noticed one of my breast was not softening up. Turned out I had CApsular contractor on my right breast . Had a full capsulectomy Jan 2016 . Shorty after I developed hidradenitis superativa down the center chest wall . For those who don't k ow what that is they are pimple like cyst that leak out fluid (my boobs would sweat too much ) & my boob that was revised was now too "loose" and would hang lower than my left could NEVER be without a bra . I've had a bad experience through what I thought would be a one time surgery . I don't want to keep going through this not do I want my skin condition to get worst (which I got due to my implants ) now I am scheduled for a implant removal I am so scared and don't know if I will look the same

Ex planting any recommendations?

4 weeks until my explant I was wondering if any of you ladies that have previously ex planted have any reccomend actions of any creams or supplements I should take before or after explantation . Any advice? No lift just removal

Implant Removal

2 more weeks till my explant I'm getting so nervous I kind of want to get it over with . I miss the feeling of being able to grab my own natural breast. Or feeling the relief feeling of coming home and taking my bra off . Having implants is like wearing a bra 24/7 . Not to mention the sharp pains I get every now and then . Or the awkward way they look (one is lower than the other ) I'm worried of how I'm going to look but hopefully all is well staying positive .

1 day till explant

I don't know ow if maybe it is all in my head but lately I am noticing how uncomfortable these implants are and pointing out every pain rather than shoving it in the back of my mind and ignoring it like I always do. Or that uncomfortable feeling of sweat running down the middle of my cleavage in between my breast yuck!

They are out !

Had my surgery yesturday 8/31/16 and I handled it pretty well . I did cry of course I knew I would but now it's done and over with . Time to heal . Still a little nervous at how they will look . I try and sneak a peak but I'm wrapped so tight I can't . PO appointment Friday so that's when il see the girls :(

3 days post explant

So I am on my third day post explant and today I finally got to see the girls . & well they don't look pretty but for some odd reason I'm not depressed I am more relieved to not have implants . I am hoping for a miracle and hopefully they tighten up

Before & after

3 days post op explant

Just wanted to keep a diary of my progress . Today is day 3 and I am in no pain but I have to remind myself that I need to relax . So far I am not depressed as they say people get after explant I guess I am more so relieved at the fact I don't have that phycho logical worry about implants . Still very much flat . I started useing this cream hope it works says its for women 45 and older welp! My breast sure enough look around that age range lol
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