Downsized from 450cc to 220cc and feeling like a normal human being again. 5'1 and @115lb

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I am a bit nervous posting on her but reading...

I am a bit nervous posting on her but reading other peoples stories, seeing pictures, it's been very helpful so I thought I would give it a try. I am 35, 5'1, 113 lbs, and currently unable to fill out my old 34 B's without it leaving a empty gap at the top. I have nursed 2 children, both for just over a year, and am now left with 2 deflated breasts. I have always wanted larger boobs but just couldn't get myself to do it. Worried about being judged, didn't feel bad about my breasts (before kids) and couldn't find enough reasons to just do it. Now, I'm done with having kids and tired of looking at my sad and non feminine flat chest. I had my first consultation a few weeks ago and loved the Doctor I met. I was there almost 2 hours and he answered all my questions and concerned, tried on sizes, and sent me home with lots of information to look at as well. I am still up and down on size...I am scheduled for 450cc moderate plus silicone gel implants right now...a little intimidated by the number but when they are on they seem to balance my body just fine. I don't want to look like I have enormous fake boobs though so I am going again a week before to resize once more just in case I should go down to 425cc. Worried about not being able to carry my little ones for a while after too...anyone have an experience with a 3 year old and how soon you were able to carry them?? Here are some before pics...can't wait and also a bit nervous for my new pics!

13 more days to go!!!

I had my last visit with the PS before my surgery and still undecided whether to go 425cc moderate plus silicone or 450cc. Not too much of a difference but I don't want that little bit to push me over the edge of looking too fake...but also don't want it to end up thinking I should of got that little extra...we will see. I can decide the day of so at least that's good. Trying to keep busy and hoping the days fly by before the 3rd!! Lots to do to get ready...maybe I'll even exercise! Hoping my kids will be ok if I'm out of commission for a few days.

Obsessed with information!!!

I can't stop reading everyone's BA stories...every one is so different and it's interesting to hear about people going through the same thought process as myself. Just finished a little vacation so that was nice to make the says go by faster. 9 more days!! Lots to do with family, work, and getting stuff for me before next wed.! Wishing I would have exercised more...oh we'll. I'm happy with my weight, just wish I would have toned up. I think I will try and do yoga this week...I can't wait till next wed.!!! Wondering if I should be nervous about going under...hoping my pec major muscle doesn't get totally messed up from being over stretched! I was talking to a massage friend and she was saying how getting a BA can mess up the muscles that are being affected...muscles that get over stretched use other muscles to compensate causing all kinds of pains in the body, lack of range of motion with arm movement, things like that. Anyone having problems with full range of motion with your arms??

7 days away!!! As it gets closer boob greed is setting in!! 425, 450, 475cc oh my!!

So I've been testing out different sizes using the water baggy method...450 and 475 don't really seem to be any different. I'm thinking if I am only going to do this one time (and hopefully not for a very long time to revise) I want to make sure I get it just right! Wondering if anyone switched from 450cc silicone to 475cc and if it really made a difference? I don't want it to be those last 25cc's that push me over the edge into looking fat for my body size or like a floppy bimbo...or maybe they will just look hot?! From the pictures it's hard to tell. I think I will have to call my PS tomorrow and just see if I can have all 3 sizes in the room and let him decide what looks perfect...a good PS should be able to do that right? Especially after seeing pics of what I want and meeting twice! No yoga today, just stretching. Feeling a little crazy and excited like I want next week to already be here so I can get this done!!! I had to tell my hub tonight just how excited I am to do this!!! I think he's fine either way but I'm sure he will enjoy them...more to love! Ha!

6 days and counting...500cc's here I come!!

Less then a week away!! I called my PS today and they told me they would have 425s-500cc's plus available to choose from on the day of surgery. Yeay!!! I am pretty sure I'm going with the 500cc's after reading all the different comments on here of people feeling they didn't go big enough. I think I will be totally happy with that size, again, not going for the super fake boob look, just the nice big boob look! Ha! Hoping by this time next week I will be looking down and actually seeing some nice breasts on here!! I don't feel nervous about going under, I just want to make sure I wake up, but I'm looking forward to a nice 2 hour nap. I have a crazy next couple months after surgery...hoping I will heal quickly and try and keep my self peaceful and calm in the midst of busyness.

What to bring to surgery and after...

Did anyone bring anything to surgery that they found helpful having right after?? How about at home?? Any favorite things that you felt helped you recover a little easier??? Getting excited and still haven't got the house ready for next week!! I have to get through the weekend birthday festivities for my kid and get any things I need before Wed., I can't believe it's almost here!!! I want to walk around the house with my sizers on but there are too many people here this weekend!! Ahhh!!

3 more days!!!!

I have only talked to a few people about my surgery...thinking I should tell my sister before Wed. as she lives with us...I just wanted it to be private but I'm thinking I might need to tell her and it will probably help with support after. I just don't want to hear any negativity and I'm pretty sure that's what she will give me. Ah well, it's for me and it's my own body...I'm 35 and still feel like a kid with my big sis, ha! I pick up meds and do lab work tomorrow...pick up random stuff and I'm set!!! So excited and nervous at the same time...I'm trying not to freak out about anything going wrong...normal right? What if my boobs come out lopsided? What if they look ridiculous, what if the look too small...I hate what ifs!!! I will try and do some yoga and chill out the next few days!!! I will post right before...need to get some sleep the next couple nights and I am always on here late and night for hours!!! :) Thanks for everyone's stories and for sharing the goods and bad!!!

A possible reschedule!!! NO!!!!

My doctors office just called and said they are having a hard time trying to get a anesthesiologist for Wed., totally bummed! Praying it works out as my schedule is very tight and I need all the time I can to heal and the days off my husband has for my recovery. Ahh! Frustrated but I can do nothing about it! Shouldn't this already have been taken care of??!!! Sad...the girl said there is a possibility or we have to reschedule for husband works on Fri. but my sister is off. I'm usually pretty flexible but this has been in the works for a while...I was so excited for Wed. :(

A little confused...rescheduled for Friday

So my apt. has been switched to Friday. It took a bit of juggling but hopefully it's going to happen. I told my sister and it went about as I thought it would. I respect her opinion...but I don't see it the same way. I am and have always been a self confidant person. I've never been one to worry much about what other people think of me and have been pretty happy with my body. I think wanting to like what I see, and my husband sees, when my clothes are off is just something that is a personal preference...I guess I don't see it as changing the person who I am on the inside. If I wanted to do that I would go to counseling! has me I not do this because my sister thinks it to be shallow, conformist, superficial?? Could I spend this money on so many better things than myself?? It is so awful to spend money on ourselves sometimes?? If someone spends thousands of dollars to travel to other countries to have an experience, and I spend thousands of dollars to have a "personal experience on my own body, is it so different? Too tired, confused, and wondering if my surgery was changed to Friday for a back out? I hate this...I hate second guessing myself...anyone else go through a mix of feeling right before???

Postponed for hopefully fall...

Well I canceled my appointment, uncanceled it, and canceled it again. Talk about the end of the day, a few more months won't kill me if it will give me some peace in my home and help my sister out. I am still planning on having it done, I think I will just have to wait until my sis and I are not sharing a home anymore and my life is a little bit slower. Until then, I hope everyone having their surgeries done this week well and happy healing to all!!! Hoping October will work out for me!!!

Rescheduled for August 7th I hope!!!!

So after talks with my sis, hopefully she will be fine, I have rescheduled for August 7th. I'm thinking most people get over it even if they wouldn't do it themselves. I'm still thinking 500cc moderate plus silicone under...just hoping I don't end up looking wide and fat!! If we really do lose about 50cc's from going under the 450cc size on me looks just fine I think. Here's to a couple of weeks hoping all goes well!!! Going to try and shed a few pounds and get my body fit!!

20 Days to go if not sooner!!

So I'm scheduled for the 7th but trying to get in on the 5th or 6th of August if I can. I was only a day from getting it done at the beginning of the month and decided to postpone it...kicking myself now but oh well. Has anyone else felt like going braless before your surgery? For some reason I have been going out different places and not even really caring about wanting my boobs to look big or pushed up knowing that they will look good all on their own in just a few weeks...I am small enough I don't really need to wear one anyway with a lot of my clothing. Excited, nervous and just wishing it was the day before already! Here are a few more pics of before. I am still waiting to buy some new sports bras, afraid of buying the wrong size and then having the hassle of having to go back and exchange them...wondering if I should just suck it up and get them so I don't have to do it after. I've been reading some good and bad stories on here the past week. I think I only read the good ones at the beginning and now reading both's very scary and informative all at the same time. Praying that everything just goes smooth and trying not to over think!

7 more days and getting nervous!

Since my BA was postponed a month I feel I have had a lot more time to prepare for this to happen. At first, I think because we are so excited, you think what's the big deal its pretty common and normal. The more time I have had since actually booking the date I think, wow, this really is a big deal! I think I remember waking up in high school hoping that my boobs would have grown, only to be disappointed. Then growing comfortable in my own skin through college and after that being happy with my small perky boobs...only to have them get huge through pregnancy and nursing, and now to their sad deflated state of pre pubesence. All this to say, I'm excited for this big deal to happen! I went and had a mammogram done just to make sure everything is good, I'm not getting any younger so why not. Results come in the end of the week and then just getting ready for surgery next wed. I took some pictures of before in a regular tank top, I like seeing pics of how people look in just regular clothes. I'm glad I have this site for support, tips, the goods and bads! Thanks everyone out there in new boobieland!!!

5 more days!!!

Excited and to be expected right? I'm glad I have a few days out of town to relax and get rest before the big day on Wed. I'm thinking I should stop browsing the site for the next couple days as it just gets to your head about the whole sizing thing. I will just trust my PS that he knows what he's doing and leave it to him and what fits. I seriously can't wait and wish I had more people to share this excitement with!! I only told one of my closest friends as I just don't want it to be a topic of conversation or for friends or family to stare or feel uncomfortable about it in any way. I don't want to be obvious so I am hoping they won't be that noticeable or easy to play down with clothes on after. Glad all you ladies are here and understand!!! Hope everyone is healing well this weekend!!!

1 more day!!!

My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow and I think I am ready. I am posting early so I don't stay up late and look at anymore reviews tonight!! I figure getting extra rest might help with recovery tomorrow. My surgery is at 11am and just hoping and praying everything goes smooth as can be!! I hope I will be able to post right away after but if not I will try as soon as I am feeling up to it! Good luck to all you other ladies who are having this done in the next few days!!!

They r here!!

450 cc mod plus on both sides. Yesterday was ok, lots of pressure and a little nausea but no throwing up, yeah! Taking meds regularly and go back to doc today. I hope the straps come off as I think that's what's causing most of the pain. Was hoping to feel a little bit better than this but is manageable. Not hungry at all but making myself eat fruit as least so I'm not empty. More later


More pics to come

I hope when I get the straps off I can take a look under the granny bra. Surgery went smooth I guess. I got there st 1030am, marked up around 1115am, talked to the anesthesiologist, and was laying on the table by 12noon. The drugs worked quick and I was out like a light! I woke up and don't really remember what I said, had a sip of something, hung out for a bit and they wheeled me out to the car. I think I slept most of the way home. Traffic was a bit bumpy so I recommend having a pillow for support. I felt sick every time I tried to eat so I have been taking my nasuea meds and that helps. I tried walking around every so often just to keep my body moving but that makes me feel sick as well. Sleep was ok, did anyone else have to go pee like 7 times through the night? Myb all the IV fluids? That was a pain as my sleep was ok on my back. Halfing the pain pilla but using the muscle relaxer more, seems to work better. Drank coffee in the morning, cantaloupe and waiting for more fruit to come, it's the only thing that doesn't make me sick. Pressure on my chest and my ribs feel like someone kicked me real good but doing ok otherwise! Hope everyone is doing good!!!

2nd day post op

Well today was better and worse. Still nauseas whenever I tired eating real food so I stuck with fruits and veggies again. Walked around more and interacted with the kids so that was good. I still got to lay around all day and was helped with whatever I needed so really no complaints there. After I woke up from each nap the pain and tightness was definitely worse, not sure if its from the bands around the top and bottom or just everything but very uncomfortable. I can't say any of the pain has been horrible pain as it really hasn't which it is what I was praying for. I feel the cleavage between my breasts and am totally excited!!! I can't say I have felt that in a very long time and can't wait to see them!! Not sure what else to write about, my stomach is bloated just like everyone else has written about. I've been drinking prune juice and eating a ton of fruits so hoping that will help move things along. I went the day of surgery so it's really only been 2 days of not going...hoping it happens soon though as my tummy just feels tight!! I have work tomorrow but thankful my husband can come with me to work, it's my own business, and help me out with the entertaining. I'm just going to say I threw out my back and am on muscle relaxers...hence the slow speech! Ha! As long as I can project my voice over 20 kids I should be good!! I'm pretty happy so far that I did this, trying not to think I went to small as I really can't see the final result, I was just too afraid the 500's would make me look to big and fat. I think I will be happy in the end. I am feeling weird tingling sensations running around the sides of my breasts, guessing that's normal. So happy for this site again for all the information that people share to make the rest of us feel normal with what we are feeling!!! I will try and share as much as I can in details to help anyone else who has questions. I was also able to walk around outside with my kids, look at the watermelons growing on the vines, sit and watch them play in the grass, and tuck them in to bed. I think I am doing pretty good for the 2nd day out. Going to have my hubby sponge bath me tomorrow so I doing smell funny for work!! Putting on makeup will be interesting...I can't wait to take pictures and show you all my results on Monday!!!! I don't want to cheat and take the bands off till then so I will be good and wait. Take care to all you wonderful ladies going through this process, it is definitely a journey!!! Blessings!!

Stinky Peas!!!

So I didn't get any proper ice packs to ice the girls throughout the night and decided to use frozen peas...well I fell asleep and of course they thawed out and by early morning my bra and strap band were damp and smelled like stinky peas!!! Needless to say I can not go to work smelling like stinky peas so I took everything off and washed them and in the process of drying them. Not so awful as I got to see my new additions and I love them!!! Perfect size and super happy!!! Heres some pics to share...I had on the same green cami in one of my earlier posts to compare but I love the way I fill it out. I have never been so excited about boobs before in my whole life!! I am praying the healing continues well and just so happy with the outcome!! (minus the bloated tummy but oh well)

4th day back to work

Well I survived working yesterday from 1:30pm-9:30pm thanks to the help of pain meds and muscle relaxers! I can't say it was easy though. Being on my feet and walking around was really tiring and everything just felt super tight. I did get a break for an hour in-between so my husband brought me food and had me put my feet up for a while. I don't recommend it if you don't have to do it for as long as you can. My next gig is not till Tues. so hopefully I will be feeling a little better my then. Woke up with morning boob but not really any pain. I think the only thing that is uncomfortable and bugging me is the strap that pushes into my skin under my arms and back. I will keep it on though until tomorrow as I don't want boobs up to my chin!!!! I haven't really seen the incision site so wondering how bad those looks, nervous for the scars but hoping for the best. I heard the weird gurgling sound people have been talking about when I lifted my arm...very weird. This goes away right? It's creepy. I don't need any pain meds yet this morning but I might take Tylonol just to keep it away. So thankful right now that things have been going ok...praying it will continue and my implants don't fall out or anything totally weird happen!!! :) Have a boobtastic day!!!

The bloat is no joke!!!

I have drank 3 cups of prune juice, eating fruits and veggies...and my belly is like I am 4 months pregnant!! I can't even suck it in it hurts!!! I have used Miralax as husband is suppose to bring me something else that will work from the's to hoping!!


After trying many different things...I am feeling a lot less bloated!! :) Bummed I still have to keep the strap above and below my girls on until wed. I can't wait to try them on with clothes and see how they really look not all smooshed up. I will take pictures after Wed. In the mean time I have been surviving with Tylenol during the day and a muscle relaxer at night. Feeling pretty good, just tight with morning boob every time I get up from sleep or a nap. The doctor said they are looking good and I think so too!! Pretty excited and still can't believe this actually happened!! It's a bit unreal right now. Work for a few hours tomorrow and then all day on Wed. I'm hoping I won't be in too much pain and going to try and sit as much as possible. My job keeps me walking around a lot and talking to people and moving my arms around...might need some drugs for that. :) Take care everyone and thanks for all the tips for my belly!!!!

Feeling pretty good for 1 week out...

I got to go in today again to get checked out and everything is looking good so far! I hope I hear that every time I go in until 15+ years from now!! I am feeling a little nervous I went to big but trying not to worry about it too much yet. I am hoping they will relax up top and maybe that will make me feel better that they are not so huge!! Here are some after photos...I think I will post more later when I am feeling better about them. I think they came out beautiful...just hoping for them to relax and shrink a little.

Upper shoulder pain

Did anyone have major muscle stiffness on one shoulder over another?? My left shoulder area hurts when I just raise it up, not even raise the arm up, and hoping nothing is too weird. My left looks a bit bigger than my right as well and seems more swollen. I'm 8 days out...anyone have this? It's top of my shoulder and down that side of my back. Muscle relaxer time...

10 days Post Op

Well everything seems to be going ok besides weird pains here and there which Doc said is normal. Collar bone area pain is weird but when I called the nurse she said it could be my nerves waking up or I might be tensing up too much without realizing so trying to relax my shoulders and be aware of how I'm holding my body. Plus I had a long day at work yesterday. Morning tightness is still there but today it went away pretty quick so that was good. Still feel numb and way too full on top but I will be patient and let things settle. Feeling ok about size today...I think I will just focus on being patient and not worrying about it for a while...I don't want any negative energy in body slowing my healing process down!! :) Here are my 10 day pics.

Itchy boobs

Did anyone else feel like their boobs were itchy around 10 days out??? They just feel itchy around the sides and especially when I was taking a shower...maybe nerves??? I am still having restricted movement on my left side shoulder and back compared to my right. I'm still taking muscle relaxers and tylenol to help with the pain at the end of the's really annoying that I can't move properly with my left side. I am a lefty as well and I've been trying to take it easy to not over work that said but maybe I'm still over doing it.? Anyone else had/have these kinds of pains 10 days out?? I still haven't stepped on a scale but can tell my body has gained weight, especially around the mid section :( boo. I can't wait to just be able to walk the fat away!!! I guess I better ease up on the pasta! :) Tried on dresses and clothes in my closet tonight and love the way I look in my same's like a whole new look!!! I won't have to really buy anything new as everything fits...but just looks sooooo much better!! I can't wait to lose the upper pole so I can wear my tank tops again...I just don't feel comfortable busting out on top in public. Funny thing about hugging people with new not so soft just feels awkward!!! I'm not sure if they woman could tell how hard they felt and I tried not to hug her too close but was just weird feeling...I guess I have never hugged anyone with fake boobs right after their surgery so I wouldn't know what it would feel like. Stitches come out Thurs....nervous to see what the scars will look like...hope I won't freak out or feel like Frankenstein!! Happy healing everyone!!!

Feeling good about my size...

Well I am finally starting to feel more comfortable with the size of my new big boobs...however I have been having this horrible neck, back, and shoulder pain on my left side the past couple days that's messing up my pretty "easy" recovery experience. I am back on my muscle relaxers every 4 hours per the doc. He things I'm hunching or holding myself too stiff or tight to be causing this kind of pain. Maybe it's from all this upright sleeping...going to trying sleeping on my side tonight and see if that might help. Still tight but waiting for it to relax...I'm hoping my left side will feel like my right side tomorrow and all will be good again!!

Stress, emotions, and neck pain!!

Well I still have my neck and shoulder/arm pain but it is starting to feel better with my regular dose of muscle relaxers. It's slowing me down with my kids though and I don't like that. It my left would just act like my right side it would be great!!! Took it easy today and got a babysitter to watch the kids in the afternoon so I could medicate up and try and sleep and rest a bit before a long day of work tomorrow. I'm left handed but will try using my right as much as I can instead and see if that helps. My breasts have no pain, a little tightness here and there, definitely not soft and squishy yet like some girls seem to be...but I will be patient. Almost 2 weeks out and not feeling 100%. I don't want to lie and say everything is great when it's not...yet. Tired faster, uncomfortable tightness if I'm on my feet too long, and the neck back pain issue. Besides that, I really do love my new boobs now and happy with the size. I think they are starting to feel more normal and even settling down a little bit. I will have to take new pics tomorrow to compare 1st day to now. I still feel it's all worth it, just wanting this pain to go away.

4 more days till stitches come out... my doc removed the tape and said the incisions look a little pink and want them to just air dry for a few more days before he removes the stitches. He said they just look a little irritated so he wanted to wait but nothing to be concerned about. It's hard not to be concerned when something like this doesn't go as planned but trying not to over worry or freak out. The pics look scary to me but I'll post them anyway so people can see what they look like after 15 days po. I think mine look worse than others I"ve seen but not sure. Was hoping they would look not as scary...

forgot to post pics

So my pictures without the tape are not loading so I will try and do it again tomorrow. Anyone else's incisions look scary at first???

18 days and feeling pretty good!

Well as far as my boobs go no really pain at all, occasional tightness if I over do it walking around at work all day. My left side neck and back are doing better, I think I just can't figure out how to sleep comfortably yet but still a little upright so gravity does its job and helps them drop faster. I get my stitches out on Monday and hopefully will get some answers from my doc on what to use to help with scar healing. I still have to wear my special granny bra to help with my shape for 4 more weeks, I just wish the bra wasn't so itchy! Did anyone have a weird tendon or vein or something pulling at the bottom of your breast?? I will take a pic tmrw and show but its like whe I stretch a little to a side there is a tight tendon or something that pops out a little and I can feel it running down my abdomine....weird??? A little worries because its a little tender to the touch. I will show my doc Monday and see what's up. I have seen my PS every week, and a couple extra times since my surgery, is that normal?? I take a muscle relaxer at night to help with back and neck pain, I think it's kicking in. I will post new pics soon. Liking my fuller boobs just waiting for them to drop a bit.

Mondor's Cord...

Anyone else have this after their BA?? I have googled my weird popping vein under my left breast and this is what's coming up. I'm not as worried anymore but wondering if anyone else experienced this and how long it took to go away??? Thanks!!!

Stitches out and Mondor Vein gone!!!

What a difference a day can make! So I got to go to my PS today and he removed my stitches and stretched and helped my Mondor's vein go away. He said it may come back and he can work on it again but it happens and is superficial so nothing to worry about. The stitches came out, it was a little bit painful, in a weird tugging at your skin sort of way. No tears of pain or anything like that. :) Getting used to my size, still a little bigger than I think I would like to look without clothes on or in a bathing suite but with clothes on I feel totally comfortable!! Still waiting for them to relax and drop on top so they don't look so full, but I'm only 3 weeks out so I guess I have time and need to be patient. My PS said I was still really tight but it will relax with time. Here are a few pics

Comparisons in same clothing

Here are a few pics of the same Tshirt and tank top I had in my before pics. I delete all my pics after so I can't put them side by side but you can scroll through my pics above to see. My neck and back are still out of whack on one side...trying to figure out how to sleep upright without my neck being strained...I need to buy a new tankini but don't have time to go try anything on. When it comes to bathing suites I like to try them on rather than online but might have to go that route. Why don't they ever offer up mommy shopping hours once a month from 11pm-2am...I would totally go!!! I might get my left and right sides a little mixed up but you get the idea. :)
I wonder if it's the new weight on my body that's hurting my back as well...over the back pain. Does anyone else have a hard time still putting on and taking off clothing???

The opposite of boob greed...

a little boob regret. They look really great, are healing up well, and my same clothes fit...but they just feel too big for my body. I hate regret and looking back but can't help and want to turn back time and just go smaller. I think I would have been more comfortable at 350cc instead of 450's. They are just too big and make feel more self-conscious in my regular clothes. I always felt fine wearing fitted tanks and shirts with my small padded bras but now I feel embarrassed, huge, and so obvious that I don't want to wear anything but loose shirts. They are still achy and tight in the mornings, feel heavy in the afternoons, and not as squishy as others seem to be at a month. Nothing hard or anything...just not super soft yet. I went from a small deflated B to a small D and the jump was just too big. I wanted a C and should have stuck with the original 400's I first tried or I should have started trying on sizes in the 300's so 400 would have been my max. I can't even think about revisions as it was such a ordeal just having this done as far as juggling my life, let alone the cost. My PS was great and really did a great job, I really thought they would look smaller in and must have just been crazy to think I would want to look this big. Maybe I just feel fat so everything feels too big, maybe I still need to drop and everything has to not feel so tight and sensitive...just hating that I have to feel like this after being so excited about it for so long. Bathing suite pics...I don't even feel comfortable wearing a bikini let alone the halter tankini...I choose the straight across top so I didn't look and feel so huge. Some people might like the really big look...and that's's just not me. I have always been a smaller girl with height, weight and overall size...I just feel short and big now and not in a nice way. Trying to take it each new day and give it time...just wish I felt better about them. :(

Getting my BA has been a roller coaster of emotions...feeling better about my size.

So it's been just over a month since my BA and I am slowly starting to feel more comfortable with my new body. It's crazy how insecure I have been feeling on having too big of breasts! This past week has been better for me, I feel they are softening up, squashing together more, and either looking smaller or I'm getting used to them...or both. I am still having back pain which is really annoying but I'm still sleeping propped up a little so that's probably the cause. My breasts hurt or feel like they are pulling on my sternum when I try and sleep on my sides so I just shift back on my back and they are fine. My PS said the pulling feeling should go away eventually...I hope eventually is soon. He said I need to give it a couple more months and I will really see the final results...I've looked at pictures of everyones progress and breasts do look so much more natural 4 months in...I will try and be patient. Thanks everyone for your kind words, I hope I continue to adjust to my new body and come to love the way I look with my bigger boobs :) Here are some new pics...I will try and take pictures in clothes soon as well.

7 Weeks right side has the occasional zinging pains

Has anyone else had shooting pains 7 weeks out? I know I had them earlier on but didn't know if I will still be having strange nerve pains. My right side feels bigger and just heaver than my left but when I look at them they look about the same. Does anyone feel that, one side feeling bigger but not much difference when you are actually looking at them?? I am always just aware of my right side, so I told my PS and he is just having me massage it a little and keep an eye on any changes. I know I started out with a little asymmetry but it wasn't too bad where I got different size implants. I haven't posted pics in a while but will have to soon. I haven't gone out and tried on any bras yet, bought any new clothes, or done any of that yet. I am thinking I should soon as wearing sports bras all the time is just getting old!! Once I'm not so busy I will have to have a fun day out with "girls" and treat them to some new bras and cute tops!! Hope everyone is healing well and enjoying their BA journey.

7 weeks and some new pics

Overall they are doing pretty good. Hoping my right side will shrink up a bit and not feel so full. I love my left side, if feels and and looks smaller and I don't really have any pains or problems on that side. If feels really natural when I squish it and much softer than the right. I think I might start massaging the right again and see if that might loosen it up a bit. I just don't want it to get bigger if I massage it too much!! Happy healing everyone!

Opps one more pic

3 months post op

Here are a couple new pics. Feeling ok about my boobs...still feel a bit too big but trying to get over it. When I wear clothes it seems fine. They are feeling more balanced and squishy and all that so overall I'm pretty happy. I just have to get used to the new me and start excercising, myb that will help!!!

Downsized from 450cc to 220cc and feeling like a normal human being again. 5'1 and @115lb

It's been a few months since my revision and I hope others can learn from my experience as they look into getting a BA, downsizing, explanting, etc. I had my BA done in August 2013. I got 450cc's silicone on both sides. I am not a tall girl or a very big girl. This size was totally wrong for me. I felt like my doctor got it wrong by letting me think they would look natural or good on me...they didn't! They looked like giant grapefruits on my chest, the scars were awful, and the healing felt like forever. I was always aware of will read some peoples comments about not even feeling they had them after a few months...I always felt them there sitting on my chest like heavy bowling balls. I went through over a year with them in, hoping they would shrink, losing weight to see if they would shrink, gaining weight because they didn't shrink and I thought at least I can just tell people I was fat. I wanted my BA to be un-noticeable to anyone else but me...but it's kind of hard to hide 450's on a 5'1 short person who was only a 34 flat B before. In Dec. I decided I had to have them changed...either total explant or go much much smaller. I was afraid after having such large implants that once removed, I would look totally concave and even flatter than when I started this whole I ended up doing an exchange and got 1/2 the size and went down to 220cc silicone. I chose a doctor in La Jolla, CA who was amazing, was able to downsize me perfectly, and improved my original scars by 100%. I had horribly thick ugly scars and now it's just a very thin line that's hidden just right in the crease under my breasts. She did something called a Neopocket to place the new implant in. Overall it was a great success...I still feel I could have gone smaller but I feel normal and myself again so I'm super thankful for that. I recommend anyone petite looking to go larger, remember they will settle after time, spread out and completely change how you look in clothes. Don't get swayed by peoples stories of boob greed and think you have to go Large just because you are spending so much money on this procedure. Get the size you want to live with for the rest of your life, know that you always have a hidden worry that something bad could potentially happen to them, and make sure you are going to be ok with that. I didn't need to do this to feel better about myself, it actually did the opposite, I changed and didn't like who I was once I got them. I feel more normal now that I have downsized by 1/2 the size, I look more normal and proportionate to the rest of my body. I will probably post pictures of my revision in the next month or so. I wanted to share my story in case it can help someone who is trying to make the right decision for themselves. Be true to yourself if you really are going to get your BA done and make sure you are comfortable with the size you choose, not comparing your boobs to others, but decided what's best for your body and shape. Good luck on your journey! Mine continues...

9 Month post op revision

I've had a couple messages to see pics from my revision. If you compare the last pics I posted from 3 months post op 1st surgery above to now you can see how crazy big they were to how they looked now. I feel much more normal and not freak like anymore. I still have perky round breasts without them looking like giant cantaloupes on my chest and my body feels more proportionate.
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