4 months 360 UHP

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Hello, this is my first time on this site. I have...

Hello, this is my first time on this site. I have been browsing it and ive gotten a lot of insight. I am going to be getting a BA next month. Currently i am a 32AA, very small. I want to be a small C, something that looks natural since i am petite at 5'3, 96lbs and wear a size 3. My PS recommended high profile silicone under the muscle. He told me that silicone would look and fall more natural. He said that saline would look and feel firm and would most likely ripple. Has anyone else gotten these recommendations as well? Please help, I am very confused, I have another consultation this Saturday. Also what size would you recommend?

Date is set

August 14th is the day! Make over wednesday as my best friend is calling it. So I have the date booked but i am still uncertain about the size. I know i want high profile silicone but i dont know if i should go for 350cc or 400cc. I am 5'3, 96lbs and wear a size 3. The nurse told me that once in the body they loose about 25% of the size since the implant will be under the muscle. I liked the look of the 350cc so she recommended that i go for a 400cc. what do you guys think? I am scared that 400cc will be too big since i have a small upper body. Any suggestions????


Still debating about the size, maybe 375? And I think I'm going to have to push the date back due to medical clearance, this sucks.

date is coming up!

As the date approaches i am starting to get nervous, specially since i am still undecided about the size. I went out and bout some front zip sports bras, but still have more preparing to do.

THE day!

Feeling as if there is an elephant sitting on my chest, it's so heavy and it feels hard to breath. However I am beyond happy and excited! Ready to start the healing process :). I decided on 360 silicone style 45.


Some before pictures


Week 1

It's almost been a week since my BA. Day 1 was very painful and full of pressure. I was able to shower on day 2 but needed help. This Saturday (day 3) I went to my first post op. Doctor said that everything looks good so far. They told me I can lightly press down on the edges of the implant and squeeze them together for now. I have my next post op in a week. Went back to work today, still a lot of pressure but manageable. I do her tired first when talking and walking my breath gets short, hope that goes away soon. I stopped taking my pain meds and muscle relaxers on Saturday (day 3) but I did take 1 Tylenol today after work. Hope everyone is healing well :).

Day 4

This one is from day 4. I love the size but I know it's going to go down a little since I'm swollen so I wish I would have gone a little bit bigger, but not enough for revision.


I have been terrible at updating this, I am so sorry! So I have been doing a lot better, the pressure is now gone, yay!!! And I can sleep laying down, also yay!! I still can't sleep on my side, so I do miss that.
I got my stitches removed, didn't hurt at all! I saw the scar, it isn't as big as I was expecting it to be! They are still very high so I can't wait for them to drop. Hope everyone is doing well!


Here are some pictures from week 3 :)


More from week 3

5 weeks

Hi ladies, so I am 5 weeks post op now and I am loving them! I am able to do pretty much everything now, including sleeping on my side!! I recently started putting cream on my scars, hoping that they will fade out well. Hope everyone is healing well!!

4 1/2 months

So I just wanted to give a quick update. It's been about 4 1/2 months since my BA and everything is great! My size ranges from a 32DD and a 34D. I love bra shopping now :D. They are still a bit high but it also must be because I got ultra high profile. I can pretty much do everything now. Totally worth it!!
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