27 y/o mother of one with zero to none boobies - Los Angeles, CA

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So i have a daughter and I really don't plan on...

So i have a daughter and I really don't plan on having anymore kids but if I do, it won't be for another 4 years. Anyways, I went in for my first consult with Dr. J in Pasadena. He is a physician through Beverly Hills Physicians. I read no bad reviews on him so that's why I decided to give him a try. My consult went pretty good. He recommended I have a crescent lift on my left breast because it's slightly lower than my other breast. I want silicone so he will be inserting them under the muscle and through the nipple since he is already going to be in the nipple area doing the lift. I told him I wanted a full C and he is going to give me that but said he recommended a small D so I don't have that "I should've gone bigger" playing in my head after.

Now because my breast sit far apart he said he would insert them in a pocket so that I could have cleavage. But I read somewhere that I could possibly look like I have a uni-boob. So should I say no to the placement so they sit closer together???

Also I do have one breast that is bigger than the other. I don't know about this whole 250cc's 350cc stuff. So we never even touched base about that. He explained everything else. But I want to go back for another consult to talk about that stuff. Any insight?

So I scheduled my surgery date for October the...

So I scheduled my surgery date for October the 10th that way I have enough time to prepare myself with work and my own emotions. I'm so nervous and scared. I'm one of those people who think worst case scenario always. It's really a bad habit. I won't post another update til I go in for my Pre op.

So I'm actually doing it now

Okay so I was suppose to get the procedure done a long time ago but I chickened out. But I'm finally going through with it. My surgery date is May 6th which is next Tuesday. I'm super nervous but also super excited. I'm going with Dr. Mukkadan we are going with understand and 700cc. My mom got hers done a month ago and she got 600cc and don't look big at all. So since I'm taller I am definitely going with 700. The thing I'm worried about is the fact that I can't take any Tylenol so I am curious as to what pain meds he's going to prescribed for after surgery. I did get my supplies last night. I got Arnica tablets at GNC and I also bough 3 boxes of non stick gauze pads, bio oil, and mederma scar gel. I haven't bought a sport bra because I had no idea what size I'm going to be. I just hope and pray that I get the results I'm looking for. I will post before sometime in the next couple of days and I will post the afters once I'm allowed to take the surgical bra off. I definitely need well wishes and good vibes my way ladies.

*update* one month post op

So yay finally got them done. I got 700cc under the muscle moderate profile plus. My doctor said it would give me a more natural look and would suit my body best, even though he said I could go HP if I wanted to. At first I had wished I had gone bigger!!! But that's all gone. I love the way they look. They still sit pretty high but they look great and I feel great. I had no pain meds not because I wasn't in pain( I so totally was) but because I have a sensitivity to Tylenol so every pain pill that helps take the edge off contains acetomenophen. I did get Tramadol but that did nothing for me. Anyways, doing my massages now which I hate doing. Finding sport bras that actually lift your tatas and fit my tatas is hard or super expensive. Any cheap places you guys can recommend????

So I have no recent pictures just yet
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I found him through the Beverly Hills Physicians website

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