550cc 33 5'6" 133 Pounds Mini Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Breast Implants - Pasadena, CA

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Hey everyone I decided to post my journey like...

Hey everyone I decided to post my journey like many of you experienced everyone's profile helped me through my decisions. Maybe my journey can help someone. Going to try to keep it simple...

5 feet 6 inches, 133, 34A I posted a screenshot of my current stats. Coconuts means bootay. Fit build.

Goals: I am happy where I am I have reached my weight, waist and lower body goal with religiously working out 5 days a week and nutrition. Looking to improve my midsection, mother of 2, and getting breast implants I have been always flat chested.

Surgery date 11 21 2016


I have been debating with sizing for quite awhile looking at pictures, asking other girls what size they got, just doing a lot of research. Did not want to look "top heavy". What I have concluded is that a 500cc will look huge on one girl and look great on another. So trust your surgeon they will know what best fits your frame depending on what look you want. I was scared of the number 500 but after sizing and trusting my surgeon I am in between 500 to 550. I have one more sizing to go. I sent pictures to one of my bestest friends with the sizers and she didn't even notice.

550cc done and done

1 day post op. Word of advice stay on your med schedule the first few days. I tried to skip on Norco dose and man oh man pain central.

Day 3 post op feeling much better

Day 2 and 1.... Pain was at a level 9. Today 5 to 6. Took my surgeons advice and went with 550cc. From what I notice right now I believe that I am happy with the size I know that it's too early to tell but we will see. So far getting plenty of rest, taking my meds, using my compression Garment, taking Arnica and Bromelain. Happy healing everyone.

Grand reveal

Off pain meds day 6

I decided to not take any pain meds and try to deal with the pain. It's actually not that bad. I did laundry, ate, wash dishes, took the dogs for a walk blast goes on. Pain is bareable I just feel tired, well my body.


Only remove my bra when I see my surgeon he's very particular on how it is placed back. He says it is like a boob splint.

Right now in this compression garment it was a bit uncomfortable at first but as the swelling subsides it gets better.

Measurements 2 weeks post surgery

Hello everyone. So every month I do a weight in. This month I was thinking of not doing it since I was under the impression that I was going to be hugely disappointed. (eating like a piggy and nor working out) well I was wrong. I kept my pre surgery weight even with my 550cc implants. I lost 1.5 off my waist and an inch off my belly area. So far I am loving my results! Wait until I get back to the gym. Wooooooeeeee

2 Week Pictures

Before and After 2 weeks

3 weeks post op

Very pleased with results. My extra skin would have totally showed through this dress. I don't have to wear gel inserts in my bras anymore. Hey as a matter of fact I don't have to wear a bra at all. I wasn't wearing one in this picture.

5 and 8 week post op

I am back to full work out mode errrrrrday except weekends. They look and feel so natural. One is bigger than the other oh well I'm still happy with my results. They are just the right size.


Upside of having breast implants you get to wear cute bralettes :)
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