33 5'6" 133 Pounds Mini Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Breast Implants - Pasadena, CA

Hey everyone I decided to post my journey like...

Hey everyone I decided to post my journey like many of you experienced everyone's profile helped me through my decisions. Maybe my journey can help someone. Going to try to keep it simple...

5 feet 6 inches, 133, 34A I posted a screenshot of my current stats. Coconuts means bootay. Fit build.

Goals: I am happy where I am I have reached my weight, waist and lower body goal with religiously working out 5 days a week and nutrition. Looking to improve my midsection, mother of 2, and getting breast implants I have been always flat chested.

Surgery date 11 21 2016


I have been debating with sizing for quite awhile looking at pictures, asking other girls what size they got, just doing a lot of research. Did not want to look "top heavy". What I have concluded is that a 500cc will look huge on one girl and look great on another. So trust your surgeon they will know what best fits your frame depending on what look you want. I was scared of the number 500 but after sizing and trusting my surgeon I am in between 500 to 550. I have one more sizing to go. I sent pictures to one of my bestest friends with the sizers and she didn't even notice.
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