28 Year Old Actor/Speaker Trying Invisalign/Braces For The First Time - Brea, CA

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I frequently work with children and for TV/film...

I frequently work with children and for TV/film and speak a LOT for my job. So, a lot of people see my face close-up almost every day! Unfortunately, I have some problems with my bite and with overcrowding on my bottom jaw (one tooth is almost completely behind the others - I would upload pictures but unfortunately do not have any).

After a horrific experience at a dentist getting Lumineers on my front top teeth several years ago (the dentist actually gave me a medicinal overdose), I finally made the leap to speaking with a dentist (outside of cleanings/maintenance) once again to pursue fixing my teeth. I chose a very highly-rated dentist who has done quite a few cases of Invisalign. He regularly attends conferences and is up-to-date on all the latest technology and findings. His bedside manner is also awesome, and he was very happy to answer any questions I had about the process I visited a few times for checkups/some minor cosmetic work to see how I liked the office/staff/dentist before I finally signed away for Invisalign. This was a BIG step for me, as I am scared of people touching my teeth after the experience I had several years ago (also on that note - one of my $1000 Lumineers chipped off while flossing after only being on for 6 months - what a waste!).

The impressions process with Invisalign was really fast and easy. They took a ton of pictures and took the molds (not nearly as bad as I expected - no gunk running everywhere, no icky taste), and I just came back in today to get fitted with my trays (top and bottom). The dentist has not put in the brackets yet, because he wants me to get used to the trays and not be overwhelmed (this is my first time wearing ANYTHING on my teeth - I wasn't able to get braces when I was younger).

The biggest problem for me is the new lifestyle change. I am ALWAYS eating on the go because of my job. I was also worried at first about how I would talk/sing (I am also a singer), especially in front of kids, but it sounds from the reviews here like this shouldn't be an issue (my dentist also told me he'd worked with public speakers and a few actresses with the same concern - it wasn't an issue with them, either). After several hours of wearing them, it feels a bit awkward to smile and with "S" sounds. This sounds pretty normal, too? I am still trying to figure out how to smile for pictures for my job - it feels like there's a big block of something on my teeth, and that I have to smile around that. Feels super awkward. My bottom two front teeth also have a space of the tray on top - I'm guessing because they will move over time to fit those trays a little better..?

Other than that - I really have no pain. No edges cutting my mouth or anything. Wondering if I will have a tension headache in the morning??

Happy to be sharing my experience and hope to have some cheerleaders along the way. I can recklessly abandon projects I was once gung-ho about and don't want to get frustrated with these things and rip them off and delay treatment...so I may need some help around here! :D

Photos, Week One

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