36 Year Old 3 Breast Fed Babies and my Boobies Are Very Sad Now - Pasadena, CA

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Well, my surgery day is set. I'm happy and nervous...

Well, my surgery day is set. I'm happy and nervous all in one. More nervous because it is surgery and anything could happen. I have a family to take care of and need to be ok. I know this procedure is so common but I'm still nervous. Anyhow, I have decided to go with Dr. Daniel Casper in Pasadena Ca. Dr. Casper was my first and only consultation. I really liked his confidence and found a couple people who had nothing but good things to say about him. I felt a little foolish for not getting more consults but I feel I didn't need to. Dr. Casper took his time with me and answered every question I had. Our consult last about 3 hours and I never once felt rushed by him. I also feel that even with my kids present to constantly distract me he was extremely patient.... I loved that. My sizing appt. is tomorrow and I'm very nervous. I bought the hideous bras he recommended and will take them to the sizing tomorrow.
My current stats. 5'9 145lbs
Post baby boobies 36 perky B's
Throughout pregnancy as big as 38DD
After pregnancy boobies... Somewhere between a sad 36 B or C.

Sizing done

Went in for my sizing and decided on 550cc. A full D. Pretty happy about the size because it will be very similar to my breast size when I was actively breastfeeding. I think that my height will compliment the size and I won't feel like I over did it.

Before pics

Getting nervous

So I have 4 days before my surgery and I'm getting very nervous. I have that very yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'm mostly worried about my choice to do this surgery. I'm feeling kind of selfish, and worried about not being available for my kids while I heal. I hope the healing process goes well. It doesn't help that I'm about to start my cycle and it will be in full effect at the time of my surgery. Great!! That should be interesting. I picked up my medication to take with me in the morning, so I'm just about ready for the day. I forgot to mention that I'm getting a dual plane augmentation which is under the muscle and in the tissue. Ok, well, until then I'll be back to post more in the next few days.

I've got boobies

Surgery was yesterday... Everything went as expected. The car ride home was hard. I felt everything. But as soon as I got home I went straight to sleep. Pain meds are a life saver.
I really felt like someone ran over my chest.
Ok so today I went to my post op and saw my boobies!!! I can't even explain how happy I am. Dr. Casper truly is an artist and amazing. I ended up with 550 in the right and 600 in the left. I figured that might happen because my right was always bigger when breastfeeding. Anyhow... I can't believe how perfect they look. I couldn't be happier with my decision.

Update on appt.

Went to another appt. and my boobies look amazing I'm officially a week and 2 days post op. I was given the ok to take the band off today and we discussed the numbness in my left breast, that had the bigger implant and my Doctor said it's completely normal. I'm starting to have more sensation each day that goes by. I still have to wear the hideous bra and my sutured will come out next week. But I was given the ok to fully shower. Thank goodness!! I'll post a pic tomorrow morning of my boobs 1 week 2 days old.

Sutures out

This is a late post, I had my sutures out last week. A little uncomfortable but nothing painful. So far I seem to be healing pretty well. I'm getting use to the size, I started driving last week and trying not to over exert myself with 3 children. I still have quite a bit of numbness in my left breast but I'm being patient. I know that it will take time. I have an appt tomorrow and will update after.

I need feedback

So I'm almost 4 months post op and I'm having some concerns. Without saying my concerns I would really appreciate some feed back just so that I know I'm not totally out of my mind. It's hard to get an honest answer from hubby because he just loves boobs, I could have a 3rd one on my back and he would say it's perfect. So please feel free to reply to my photo with your observations.

Living with CC

Just needed an outlet. I'm almost 6months post op and have been living with this CC since the end of July. My PS put me on singulair mid-August and I've seen little to no change. My breasts are uneven by atleast an inch and he isn't willing to do surgery until I've been on medication for atleast 4 months. Which means close to December. Not to mention I will be paying only 2K less than my original surgery to fix just one breast! I'm more self conscious now with my breast than I was with no implants. Really beating myself up for getting the surgery all together.
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