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Oh.....where to I start? Well I have 3 kiddo! I...

Oh.....where to I start? Well I have 3 kiddo! I have been thing about the tt for a while just was about the kids! I have done having kids now my turn to look goods as I have never ever worn a two pieces before so...maybe next year? I have always had this belly and I never owns a pairs of jeans before! I had my first Dr visit back in Aug but were still every undecided as I still need to work around the kids school. I want to have my surgery around end of Dec but the Dr said I can't due aftercare. So on 22/11/2013 pre-opt visited paid in full.

I have been very nervous and org the kids. Hubby will take 3 days off only as he truckies and very busy this time of year!

Today is the Day

Only few hours away for my surgery, drops the kids off at school and daycare. Had a very tearly morning with the kids..... Try to clean up the house, cook dinner and written the list of wht activity does the kids have on afternoon for the hubby.

I will up load pix when I can .... Jut not thinking straight right now. Thanks all for your support if it wasn't for this site I think I could of gone crazy.

Day 1 post op

I Woke up! That was one thing I worried about! Pain is not so bad I can handle it, got light headed getting out of bed. The binder is so tight I can't even breath. I had to ask on of the nurse to release it a bit but for some reason it keep going down every time I lay back down. Got out of bed twice today for lunch and dinner, not eating as much, my blood pressure is low so I have to drink a lot of water! Did someone say cough hurt so bad!

Day 1

Day 2

Saw my tummy for the first time today! Yay.... Very swollen...but it looks quite flat! Do your mon get
Swollen as well? Had a shower nothing better than the felling nice and fresh!

3rd day...


It has been a while ...

It has been awhile I haven't update...just really busy with kids birthday and Christmas. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Anyway I am nearly 4weeks! Yay...didn't think I would be this far...gosh how time files when we are busy. I am still wearing my cg...which I body just released so much heat at night I offen sweat so much...pain wise...well I never had much pain from the start or maybe it was just me...I now only pulling feeling from my MR...I am almost back to my normal duties! The area around my bb sometimes hurts if I sit in the car too long. Or my pant are too tight!
Today...we went for 3 hours drive dwn south...I didn't have my cg on for the whole day...omg...I was so swollen when I got home today..had to quickly have a shower and put it back on.... The ara under my mom are so hard and lumpy does anyone's have this problem?

Week 6

Well I have made it to week 6! Nothing has change much! Very gh g seems to heal ok not much of paid! It school hoildays and I am still very with the kids swimming and summer scocer! Oh well they will go back to school in fews weeks! It will than holiday for me..,much need rest! Anyway I am doing ok just 1part still hurt is on my left hand side on inside if I lay on my tummy in some way it will hurt and some other time it doesn't! Here are some of my 6 weeks photo..,I don't see my dr till feb. -:( will need to the room for clearance to go back to the gym!
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