Tummy Tuck & Breast Augmentation with Dr Jake Lim, Parramatta, NSW, Australia -8 Days Post-op - Paramatta, AU

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At the age of 42 years, both my husband and I...

At the age of 42 years, both my husband and I decided that after carrying 5 pregnancies and birthing 4, that it was time for me to restore some of my youth. We live on the coast, so the outdoors is a big part of our life but as I have always been a very small frame, the pregnancies stretched the front of me & left me with hanging skin & deflated boobs, which had me feeling self conscience in warmer seasons.
So I did a lot of research via magazines, referrals & internet and kept coming back to Dr Lim. On 1st meeting him in his Drummoyne office, I felt totally comfortable and at ease with my decision. He was very sensitive to my situation but also totally professional. He made our decision very easy with the information supplied & ease of payment (without
Private Cover) & organisation by his staff. We booked in that day & I waited just 6 weeks for my Op. I am now 8 days post-op and extremely happy with the results already. As I didn't have private health cover, I only stayed in Westmead Private for 2 nights, with Dr Lim checking in on me. I left with 2 drains in tact, which were removed on day 6 with the stitches by his magnificent nurse. My pain has been very minimal. And I will return to his office on day 10 to check the fluid. But over all I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with the service & results provided by Dr Jake Lim & his team. The results are magnificent and scaring looks like it will be minimal. And price was also a huge factor on our decision, which were very competitive, but the end results & service have outweighed the cost by all means! I would recommend his service to anyone!

Post op - day 9 - it gets better every day!????

Woke up this morning, feeling the best so far! I'm not sure if it's the endone I took before bed or that I'm healing quickly. It seems the swelling has gone down today. My boobs are no where near as tender as yesterday & my tummy feels good! I seem to be standing up straighter too! I managed to clean the house a bit today too! And now just resting with my legs up. So it does get better. Post op check up tomorrow. Fingers crossed, they don't have to drain any fluid out through a syringe! ???? that just makes me cringe!!

Post op day 9

Boobs feel good. Still a lot of healing to do though!

Post op - day 10- check up with surgeon

Very excited! Saw my surgeon today, to follow up on the removal of drains at day 6. I have been concerned, cause for 2 days after my drains were removed, I was still seeping through the holes. My stomach didn't swell much but it felt like a water bed under the binder. By day 9 this feeling had subsided and felt a lot firmer but I still was worried.
So today my surgeon confirmed I don't have much swelling or fluid! I put that down to wearing the binder ultra tight - and he says it can never be too tight unless u can't breath! Lol.
Yay!!! Everything looks great and I'm healing very quickly. He says I'm walking upright which is great! Don't have to see him for a whole month!! Woohoo!! Which is great news, cause it takes me 2 hours to drive there!

Post op day 10- I've had enough of the compression stockings!!!

So i had a follow up appointment with my surgeon but I forgot to ask the Dr when I could take off those damn compression stockings. I've been wearing them when I sleep and around the house. I take them off when I go outside or out. Can anyone tell me??? I'm sooo I've them!

Merry Christmas Everyone - day 11 po

Oh what a day! First night I slept back in my own bed and it wasn't too bad! Had to get up at midnight to play Santa but otherwise I slept right through! Then I was up before the kidz, showered & groomed before present time! Was actually quite surprised how good I felt. It seems it continues to get easier each day. Just relaxing now after Christmas lunch as I may have overdone it but totally worth the smiles on everyone face! On that note I wish u all a Merry Christmas from Down Under!!!!

Po 13 - and I'm pumping the squats

1 day shy of 2 weeks post op and I feel fantastic!!!! Spent half the day yesterday sale shopping with my daughter & today after my shower, I've started pumping the squats!! Gee it feels good!! Can't wait til tomorrow to take off my sterri strips and just see how the scar really looks! I'll then post a few pics! C u all then

PO day 14- off with the steri strips for the true unveiling!

Just a tad excited this morning. After 2 weeks post op, I can remove all the steri strips of my incisions.
1st thought- worse then I expected- looks like I've been chopped in half
2nd thought - a bit raised & dark red
3rd thought - a bit puckered on the hips

So as u can see not many positive thoughts running through my head.
Now spending a bit of time staring at myself in the mirror, and I have perceived the results differently!

1/ I love my new shape and I actually have nice nipples- no longer all shriveled up!
2/ the scars will settle- start using bio oil then silicone strips nxt week
3/ I still have stretch marks but they are so tight, they don't worry me any more!

So on 1st glance I was a bit disappointed. But after a thorough look, I'm extremely happy. I've posted some photos and u can still see the stretch marks but they r on the under side of my boobs and below my new belly button. Remember my whole were shriveled and deflated with stretch marks and my on my tummy, they ran nearly up to my rib cage! So very very excited with the outcome! ????????????????

po day 16 - at the beach

So I started driving yesterday - no problem, all good! The weathers so nice here I'm at the beach as I write this and just want to rip my clothes off! But still got scabs from tt. Need to get a new cosy to cover up the marks but boobs look great in anything!

Po day 17- feeling good

I woke up and took all my binders off and gee it feels good! Everything looks good even when im lying down- still so much healing but im on top of it! I cant wait til my tummy gets that moulded muscular look- thats my target! And would love to start with the situps again soon- but i better wait for my doctor to ok that! And It's new years eve and we have plans for picnic and staying late into the night for fireworks! I'm dreading it- the discomfort in the heat with my binder on, then the seating! Anyway happy new year to all my mm sisters! C u in the new year !!! From down under

Po day 18 - happy new years day

It hot here and so the last 2 days I've spent mostly relaxing at the beach or on our deck. I usually take my binders off for an hour or so and sit in the sun with sunscreen on my nipples and scares. But it looks pretty good- here's a photo!

Po day 19

New bikinis !!! Yay!

Po 3 weeks and everything looks great

So everything is healing faster then I thought. I am doing most things but find I am quite lethargic by early afternoon- which if u knew me is quite unusual, as I usually go none stop for 18 hours a day! So I guess my energy levels aren't back to where they should be! Can't even drag myself into the gym- last place I want to be!
But otherwise everything is pretty good- I still get stiff and sore. & I have been ex per I ending a sunburnt feeling on my tummy and boobs- apparently it's nerve rejuvenstion! Ouch! Anyway here's some updated photos from today - it's sticking hot here- so it's time to bear all!

Po day 23- updated scar photos

Well I'm standing pretty straight now but by early afternoon I'm beginning to slouch over again. My energy levels haven't fully returned as yet - so I'll continue to take it easy. Im doing pretty much everything now except hitting the gym and training. May start back today with a nice walk in the mountains where i live! My hip scars are still quite tender and seemed quite high to me but I've found bikinis which cover them, so I'm ok with that. I may have a dog ear or swelling - not sure what it is on my hip. My hip scars are still quite intrusive but if I can just get through this summer of bbqs, beach and swimming, then through the cooler months I will concentrate on the silicone strips, etc. I'm still amazed with my transformation and so glad I did it! It was worth every ounce of pain and every dollar for me to get my quality of life back! Happy daize!

Po day 25- feeling good

Today I got up early and went for a 2 hour power work up the mountain I live on with an incline of 45 degree. Hitting the tarred road wasn't as bad as I thought- maybe my NIKE were just telling me to "just do it!" Gosh it felt to get those legs really moving again. I went with my binder- I don't think I could have done it without it! Just reconnecting with nature made me feel a whole lot better! Oh Happy daize!

Po day 25- something different

Just thought I'd post some of the beautiful things I saw on my 1st walk this morning, which has left me feeling amazing! I must do it again tomorrow! ????

Po day 26- looking pretty good

Well today is definitely one of the better days. Burning sensation on my skin is not as servere today, so hopefully it's coming to an end. I must say the nerve rejuvenation is definitely the most agitating part of recovery, having that sunburnt feeling all the time can just ruin your whole being! I'm still resting up in the afternoons, taking it easy and still sleeping a lot. I can feel the bit of swelling I had is subsiding, as I can actually feel my hip bones again ! Yay! Anyway I've still got another month of leave from work, so I'll continue to take it easy and celebrate the new me with family and friends! Ohh Happy daize!

Po day 27 - into it!

My photo says it all!
Anything is Possible

A reminder to take it easy- we need to heal

This photo says it all

Po 4wks 5days

I'm still very impressed with my results! No issues to date. Tummy has barely any swelling and my tummy is taking on the moulded, sculpted look, which was my main goal! ;-)) I have started back with 2hour power walks. I will start resistance training and more high intensity cardio after po 6week appointment with surgeon nxt week and he gives me the all clear. I would also love to start using the silicone strips but might wait til nxt week too! I put my great results down to the following:
1/ a great surgeon- don't risk a dodgy surgeon to save a dollar - it is major surgery!
2/ lots of rest for the 1st 4-6weeks- I still take it easy each day, as I'm still on holidays
3/ preparing myself pre-op by having my body in its fittest and healthiest possible state. Pumping the abs before the op. And pumping the glutes and Hammies, so they take the pressure off my abs after the op
4/ high protein diet-eating 6meals a day to keep the metabolism burning- so while I'm recovering my body is still a fat burning machine
5/ definitely no salt or sugar
6/ using arnica for swelling and vitamin c for tissue repair

With all this, my results now speak for themselves! Sooo chuffed!????

scar treatment -po 5weeks

Well I've had no open wounds since I left hospital- everything healed really well. So I got my scar fx silicone strips, which was quite pricey, (a$44 but I got a discount to $34) but if reviews are right, it should make the world of difference! U cut to size and place on scars for up to 12 hours per day. So I cut it to size and there was just enough to cover incisions. It's just clear tape which popped on last night after my shower and this morning before I walk, I am removing it. No joke but results are already showing! I'll take photos and then we can compare in a few days

feel in ripped off!!

I spent 6 months preop making my body the fittest it ever has been. I took my waist line down from 37" to 32" through clean eating and pure training. They only removed 600 grams of skin, no fat with my tt .
All that hard work was a waste of time cause I could have just got it cut out!.... feelin ripped off.... just sayin!Here's a new photo, down to 29" waist, last week it measured at 31". The swelling is nearly gone, I can feel my hip bones again!

side profile

6 week po checkup

So I saw my ps on tuesday and he said I am healing very well. I'm allowed back to the gym but still limited in the excercises. I'm able to resume resistance training and cardio but must stay away from anything which twists or incorporates the core for another 6 weeks. So I've been spinning for 3 days now and loving it.
I can start tapering off with the binder now. Just wear it when I'm at home or in the evening, although some days I feel I just need it- like today I will pop it on!
My weight is up by 2.6kilos which I'm totally bummed about, but then they only removed 600 grams of skin, then loaded me up with 900 grams of implants. Before surgery I weighed in at 58.7kilos. Now I am 61.3kilos. I am still a bit swollen, and my periods are due Nxt week, so hopefully they have contributed to the weight gain but my measurements were down. Could b that they r new scales I've never used too, so i will reweigh at fortnightly intervals.
Also, i Now I find that my nipples are now on a permanent high beam, hopefully they will go down.
I've been spitting stitches but no puss filled ruptures like some describe on here. I just spat one while sitting here writing this review. I took a photo & U can see its just like a tiny pimple head on the left! Mine have been like an open pore where they just slip through, then the pore closes up instantly!
My tummy still feels pretty tight - more some days then others! I find it a bit difficult to find bikinis which cover my tt scar. One hip seems harder to cover then the other but I found this little frilly number which covers perfectly. Just takes a bit of patience, seeing the styles are so low this season. I'm still on holidays for another 3 weeks, so I should be fully recovered by then. My challenge now is to get the weight back down- I guess the weight gain could have been worse, considering it's the silly season!

pre op photos

Wow what a difference!

Po 7 weeks

Everything is still improving, although I think I have a bit of swelling. By afternoon my tummy is ultra tight and sore. Still wearing my binder when i can, usually at night but ps said at 6 weeks po, i didnt have to anymore. I'm now back to the gym, just steering away from those things which involve the core, but i'm definitely loving the resistance training that's for sure! The scars are flatter but I have a weird lump on the left hip. Ps said it was where the loose flesh, meets the tight flesh but it doesn't look like that on the other hip! Besides that, I've had no setbacks and healing has progressed well. I still have 2 weeks off work. My boobs r just the best- totally love them and no side effects or pain. Will get fitted Nxt week to c what size I am and to get some new bras! Not much else to say but no regrets - this has transformed my life for the best!

My husband

My husband is so sweet. I showed him the pre op photos that the surgeon took and he says "why have u got them? Who is that?" I tell him "it was me silly, before the op!" He responds "Ohh! That's a bit dissapointing............did u really look like that?????" & With a big grin he says "Wow, u have been totally transformed, a hot new woman. U look really young now. I'll have to keep the men away from u!" Hehehe- I was soo happy. Totally worth every cent spent and we achieved what both my hubby and i set out to do- invest in our future together, to rekindle that fire and it sure did work. After being together since we were 16 & 17 years old and having 4 kidz together, I know he loved me before(as he didn't even notice my major flaws) but it's funny now, it feels like we have just begun again! The honeymoon period and the free love.???? definitely a life changing experience and totally recommend it@????

vs undies

I heard how great these vs undies were for covering up tt scar. And yes they are so comfy- they don't dig in and fit perfectly over scar. They r on sale here in oz, so do yourselves a favor and get some! ???

8.5 weeks- back to normal

So its 8.5 weeks and pretty much back to normal but still 2 kilos heavier. Next week I really get back into the training! My scars are now all flat and fading. I've been using the silicone strips for 3 weeks now and they have flatten and faded the scars. I can sleep on my tummy, or sides. My boobs are totally soft and they now move. I only have a small pulling sensation above my bb- this is where I still get the swelling after a long day, so i strap on my cg for the night and swelling is gone by morning. I gather I'm still not fully healed internally there. I'm back to resistance training, spin class, cardio, etc again. Although I'm taking it easy on the core work! My journey has been carefree and I put that down to a great surgeon and taking it easy, organizing time off work for 9 weeks. I dont think i could even have coped going back to work at 6 weeks, & I've had an easy journey-( it would b just physically and mentally challenging). Being at my fittest preop, with no fat and always eating clean. I'm more amazed with my results every day. It was a life changing experience and the best thing I've done for myself. I wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again.

Po 10 or 11 weeks- I've lost count

Everything is great. This body hasn't seen soo much sun and sand since i was in my early twenties but now i have the confidence to bare it all again. Although i still have some stretchmarks, they don't bother me at all, as they r pulled very tight .
I'm back fully to the gym. Cardio, resistance, pushups, situps, squats, I'm doing it all but still a tiny pull on my abs when doing oblique situps. My boobs r soft now. My tummy is starting to mould into my muscles, so I'm very happy. My scars are still healing day by day. And I'm back to full duties at work, which is very physical. The only thing I find is my energy levels aren't as high as before the op. And I'm also still numb around my incision, and especially where the drains were. The swelling only comes after physical workouts or when I have food with salt but its really not much at all. Anyway I hope u are all enjoying your new bodies as much as I am and am now contemplating using the free botox voucher my surgeon gave me. Anyone else tried botox???

12 weeks po

Wow! 3 months already and I'm swelling more then ever before. It's not major swelling but it's tight. I also popped a stitch which left a mark in my scar. I'm glad that one came out cause it was annoying from day one. So at 3 months I'm doing everything although it's still a struggle for situps. I still get a pulling sensation on my tummy but in time it will go. I'm very happy with my results, although I do know it will b over a year until my scar starts disappearing.

6 months on

Life couldn't be better! I'm staying fit and keeping the weight off. I pump 200 sit-ups a day, which has my tummy feeling rock hard and looking toned. The scars are dark and have gotten worse before they've gotten better but that's only cause I have olive skin!
My boobs are nice and soft and the perfect shape, but as I become use to them, I sometimes think I should have got bigger. Although they're a 10d or 32d, they don't seem so big anymore! Lol! I definitely recommend having both procedures done at the same time. It's given me back my life and vitality with the family!

6 months on

3 years on

I have no regrets!!! I've no issues and my results are amazing. It's funny, people are asking now 3 years on if I had a boob job and if they can touch. They're so amazed how soft they are! Lol. They only thing that's changed over the last 3 years is I've put on a few kilos but my tummy still looks lean, just a bit bloated looking instead of sculptured. But over all I am happy
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Very sensitive to my situation but at the same time, very professional. I felt comfortable from the 1st meeting and I instantly knew I was in good hands and had made the right choice.

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