20 Years Old, Explanting 1 Year Old Implants - Parramatta, AU

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LOCATED IN AUSTRALIA :) Had 299c moderate profile...

LOCATED IN AUSTRALIA :) Had 299c moderate profile implants placed one year ago at a cosmetic clinic that at the time was booming, they were the "place to go" at the time, for their prices ($6,000aus) and their social media worthy results. However one year later, i have implants that are too big for my little frame & a very noticable double bubble :( Just want them out! Im scared of what ill have leftover once they are removed. Im looking for advice, from anyone who is going through the same thing, there is hardly any reviews from girls as young as myself & im scared!

Just so ready!

So my explant is still scheduled for the 15th of april. Im still so so scared as to what ill look like afterward. My implants feel heavy and even worse when sitting down. I feel like they are much lower than they were pre op and definatley lower than they are supposed to be. At the point i wish i never had them done :( wasted my money and destroyed my body

Feeling lower than ever!

I forgot to mention that they feel very low! Lower and lower every day! Only 299c implant and very heavy for my little body. Wanting some advice on what to do pre op. Any skin tighting cremes/ chest exercise etc?

2 days to go!!

Getting excited now!
Only thing i am nervous about is the type of anesthetic i will go under to be put to sleep.. Last time i had just an IV sedation, and that was awesome, i woke up feeling a little sleepy and thats really all. I didnt feel groggy or have a sore throat or sick, nothing!
This time around, the surgeon i am going to has changed place of surgery, they now operate in a private hospital instead of a cosmetic clinic which means GA for me :( I have never had GA and im really scared of it! Not sure why, i think mainly just the thought of having to have breathing tubes and not being able to breathe as naturally!

Anyways, a little update on the boobie situation... funnily enough, the double bubble hasnt been as bad lately, it seems to be stretching out a little and become less noticable. Nether the less, i am still so excited to remove these things!! Waaaaay too big for my frame, and they sit soooo low, if only i could go back to a year ago and not make that stupid decision :(
The cosmetic insitute

My doctor was good. He said all the right things, i trusted him.

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