I'm 41 with 5 Children , Size 9 Clothing Size 10c Bra and 5'7 in Height - Parramatta, AU

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I'm having 520 unders on Monday I'm so excited and...

I'm having 520 unders on Monday I'm so excited and butterfly's too xx I'm counting down and want Monday to hurry up lol xx I'm only going 520 as my surgeon said I don't have enough skin for 615 cc so I listened as I don't fancy the rippling xx I'm open to any blogs on 520 cc or high profile implant input x eg where to get bras x how to get in and out of bed ect xxx


Hi girls x well yesterday I did a two week shop to save hubby doing it x brought more awesomely soft girly hoodys x got my mammogram done x office will call today for fasting details and yippy two days to go x I've got two pics as my wish pics x the topless one is 800 cc which I wanted x the other is what I'm hoping to come out with having 520 cc x hope everyone that's pre op is as excited as me and all post op girls best wishes and speedy recovery xxx

One day to go

Well girls I woke up this morning and it was 9 am and said to my husband ongoing this time tomorrow ill be half way through surgery yeeeeha aha aha aha I'm so excited and a little nervouse but don't know y the nervouse lol


Ok it's lunchtime yeha x I've straitened my hair x had eggs on toast x talking eggs on toast goodbye to my eggs on toast lol

Got my girls

Hi girls well I got to surgery and the crew were amazingly nice x they no sooner said just a little scratch now and I woke up in recovery lol x I didn't feel sick at all x I walked over to a chair they gave me a lolliepop water and some bickys x then they called my husband x we sat for a bit then my surgeon come to see me and when I said de Wong y am I in more pain than the other girls he replies with BECAUSE u went enormouse lol too funny x I then went for a walk I felt good so they let me go home x it was so cold comming out if theatre my well all our teeth were chattering lol x the ride home was sore mainly going around corners x I could hardly talk so my husband th aught that was funny x breathing was very painfull the first two hours x I'm in bed and very tight x the nurse explained that when u first look down its like they've done nothing and she's right x but I tell u these things r up to my collar bone x she said it takes about six weeks min before they look like boobs xxx they r very high very tight and I took a pic as soon as I got home x but can't tell much x good luck all girls it's all worth it x I've always said where there's beauty there's always pain x and this is pain x only because I went enormouse as dr Wong said it xxxx

2 days post op

Day two I can walk around slowly x I can't move my arms from my elbows to my armpits lol I didn't even get nauseouse x I've had two lots of scrambled eggs and kept them down x I'm really tight accross the chest but can handle it x I can actually breath deeper breaths today not too much but little ones x I feel better that I'm sitting in my kitchen not payed up in bed x I can't wait to have my boobs relax n start looking like boobs x other than that I feel great xxx

Day 2

Hi everyone x I had another crapy sleep but not so bad as I've gone back to my waterbed as the spare rooms bed made my bum numb lol x I had my first shower and my husband was awesome x he had this idea that worked when he seen me shivering x he wrapped the towel around my shoulders and blow dried me lol it worked great I got dry and stayed warm lol x then he moisturised me and I went and sat in the kitchen x I'm still sore and my top part of my backs starting to hurt x I've been eating scrambled eggs and keeping them down but haven't really felt sick at all just strait up sore x hope all girls r doing well and I'm so glad I've got u all x pic for today not much difference xx

Topless pic

Hi girls I'm now 2 days post op still looknig like a frontriwxforwars forward in the footy lol but here's a pic of my 520cc high profile under muscle x can't wait till they drop n look like boobs lol xx have a magic day girls xxx

Day 3 post op

Hi there girls ,well I'm now 3 days post op and went to the mall today to get my nails tidied up lol x I feel good actually x I stayed in bed the day ofy op being Monday midday but by 10am the next say I wanted out of bed lol so I have lol x I'm not pulling pushing or lifting just walking around drinking my cuppas and kicking back in the dinning n loungeroom x I has a pork chop for dinner yummy xx I have my 1 week post op checkup on Monday a d all going well and I'm sure it is lol ill be able to start massaging my girls into place z I can't wait xxxx I'm day 3 postop today and feel great except sleeping siting up getting a numb bum xxx any tips for the numb bum thing x I've tried pillows but nope x I'm so tired xxx can't wait to go bra shopping x I wouldn't even know what size yet lol xxx hope all girls going in and gone in r happy healing xxxx

Day 4

Hi all I woke up with the most sharpest pain in my right boob this morning ouchy wahwah x it feels like its under the edge of the implant near my sternum , I called my surgeon and its probably because as I figured out I slid down a bit in my sleep lol no numb bum though lol I had my last endone the best pain killer and now I gotta go cold turkey gggrr only nurohen plus now xx but I'm ok it's all good x the girls r nowhere near dropping x but that be because I'm petite and 520cc high profile unders lol going to out tonight as our band is playing x I just can't clap or yell whohoo x hope everyone on and going well x mwah love tinka

5days post op

Goodmorning ladies x I'm day 5post op and lay ugh went to our bands gig lastnight x 2 hours driv getting there a d two home x I could dance I couldn't clap while he was on stage but I managed to get 4 woohoos out after songs x then some idiot biatch attacked Sam our lead singer verbly and my mouth flew lol other than that alls good x I can nearly lifts arms over my ears lol they have dropped and rounded a little but sti high and tight but hopeing that on Monday two days away my surgeon says I can take off my compression bra and start massaging yeha xx hope all u girls pre and post op r feeling magical and enjoying everything mwah lo e and best wishes oh and a ton of glitter tinka xxxx

Day 6

Hi girls well it's day 6 and the girls are still very high lol go tomorrow to see my surgeon fort 1 week review and hoping he says I can start massaging x then these girls can start getting into place lol xx hope ur all doing well pre and post op xx love glitter n best wishes mwah tinka xxxx

Day 6

Day 7

Well goodmorning all x I woke up and it ft like someone got a hammer and smashed me in the sturnam ouch is not even going to cover the pain factor x the girls don't Hurt just my cleavage xx anyway go back and see my surgeon today xx the girls r still very high but I'm sure over the next few weeks if I can start massaging they'll fall into place xx hope ur all feeling awesome and if ur not ur the only one that can change that and start by messaging someone or all of us on here x I'd be totally alone n lost without u lady's especially shell50 xxxx

Yaaaaay massaging day is here

Hi girls well today I went back to the Instatute for my 1 week reviews Nichole was so pleased with my healing I have been givin the go ahead to massage vigorously x so no alchole or cigs and following instructions has lead to faster healing yippy x then I asked about bio oil and my Instatute is against it because it forms a film over the scar and can cause bubbles n lead to infection x they swear by and sell a cream called STRATAMED cream x jus a smidgen each side on my scars in 3 weeks xxx no pushing pulling or lifting still and between massaging n relaxing my arms is the key to dropping quicker x yippy xxxoh and I asked about my bed activities n I'm all good for that too thank god xxx 6 weeks minimum before my girls get to their full size x time n patience is a virtue I've learned with this xx u can't rush beauty xxx good luck pre and post op everyone and I'm so glad I've got u all ESPECIALLY my SHELL50 xxxx


Happy to say that I asked my husband if I sat between his legs would he massage my boobs for me and he has for the past 20/25 mins x yaaay I'm on my way from high boobs to dropping them today aha aha aha aha x I'm a proclaimer xx love that song x I sang and changed the words a few times now x like when I had little titties I sang x I'm on my way from tiny tittys to bigger tittys today aha aha aha aha lol xx I just with there was a boob massaging machine so when our arms get tired it can take over so I can keep massaging to drop quicker like Nichole said xx anyway sleep well girls x or have a magic day wherever u all r xxx mwah much love wishes n best luck to u all xx

Massaging like crazy

Mwah goodmorning girls x finally got some sleep x but woke up at 20 to 2 wide awake so watched telly for an hour and got on rs of course lol then went back to bed xx hubby's job is now massage away these front row forward pads lol xx now we got the go ahead for bedtime partying he's fine with it lol xxx I feel great just a little tired from no sleep for the first week and let's face it I hate sleeping sitting up x I'm not a mummy oh yes I am hey lol minus the bandages lol xx can't wait to wear some cute tops but patience and time xxx I'm glad I get to heal in winter x by summer look out town dolly jr is here lol xxxx hope u all r happy shiny glittery girls post and pre op xxx mwah xxxx

8days post op

Hi girls well today I decided I'd shower n wash myself without my hubby's help x and wash my hair x all good and I cut some of my fringe off x not all of it as I've been growing it and its under my chin trying to catch up with the back but just a little fringe as I get bored quick lol xx look out hubby I forgot to tell u I bore easy xxx lol pml xx so after my long tub n shave n shampoo x I got hubby to do my boob massage xx then yep he couldn't take it anymore ,9 days of no me and he finally realised he wouldn't hurt me x I was ready day 3 post op lol xx still rockin the hoodys n Trackys as its easier than tights and my belts still swollen from the op gggrr I don't do looking like I'm pregnant when I'm not that's y I work out x lol xx any who I've been putting my girly singlet tops on under my hoodys with my zipper open teasing hubby lol xxx I have total feeling in my girls thank god xxx I'm hoping by the end of the week with this vigorouse massaging my two girls start dropping xx but I'm doubting it as I've gone big n high profile unders x so it's going to take a whole I imagine for my muscle and skin to stretch xx going to have dinner back ASAP xx I LOVE REALSELF it's been the best boost and to be able to talk to girls who know what we go through x I never feel alone xx thanks all for being a major lifeline with this op x love to all xxxxx

9and10days post

Hi girls x well been showering myself for 5 out of the 10 days and doing everything else myself because my selfish husband has the nan flu and suddenly I get pushed aside to do everything x fk this shot men r so selfish x I said u have a cold I've had surgery x but nope he's worse off x so sitting in silence x I feel like walking out xx I've felt depressed for days because of him x anyway just like my pregnancy with rose who's nearly 4 she hadn't dropped 17 days overdue and my girls haven't either x so probably just like I was told at the institute it'll probably be 6 weeks before I see results xx he's even stopped massaging as we had a fight over my girls yesterday x he's freakin parramoid now I've got my boobs ill leave him for someone else x oh yaaay 9 weeks of wedded bliss yeh right x he's been a prickly since day one x he said he heard me in pain the night of surgery and struggling to get up but said sorry hon I was too tired to get up x omg I drove to the appointment went to the gym come home n sat on ur ass xxc anyway still really high and getting sick of massaging xxxxx

18 days post

Hi all haven't been on for a whole x just been too upset to do anything x I did all the housework with the shits then went out n got drunk xx I was in a FTw mind x yep all because of another fight with hubby x anyway I'm able to sleep on myegt side for a bit oh the bliss lol x it hurts when I wake up still but hey that's part of the healing x so here I am 18 days post and only dropped about 2 centermeaters but I don't car I look at it like the longer it takes to drop the longer I won't need a lift in years to come xx I'm glad I haven't dropped quick now that I figured that out x ill put up pics from yesterday x there's not a great deal of change x I will get to all my emails x got a gig tonight x hope all pre and my post op family r doing extremely well x I love u all and shouldn't have stopped checking my phone and emails but I felt like crap xxx

20 days post

Hi girls x well only dropped about 2/3 cm lol I can sleep on my left fine but don't even ask about the right side x so sore x I always feel tight n full x massaging shits me to tears lol x I've as shellysmall worded it perfect snoopyboobs lolx I'm loving the look in a singlet x went to my husbands gig as usual lastnight and standing at the bar a guy turns around looks at my boobs and says right in front of my husband HOLY WOW LOOK AT THEM xx I tried so hard not to laugh lol xx love my boobs xx it's going to be ages before my girls soften up n drop but hey all good x I've got more than I started with x patients time and rest x yeh right for the rest lol xxc

27 days post

G'day girls mwah loads if glitter to all and to all a special colour xxx I'm 27 days post today x I've dropped about 5/6 cm yaaay but underneath is still my old boob gggrr x totally abnormal looking topless but loving the look in a singlet and sports bra xx size 18 to 20 sports bra ATM lol xx not much pain at all still wake up a but sore if I've slept laying flat by accident in my sleep lol but other than that all good x I can't pl the boot on my vann down as it pulls n feels weird lol I'm doing all my house by myself gggrr at my own pace lazy good for nothing hubby n kids xx can't wait till my 6 week check to see if I'm in the clear to work out again xx I had 4 guys hot on me at our gig lastnight x funny how they walk up while I'm dancing in front of the stage in front if my hubby and say can we dance I'm like nope sorry I'm dancing with my husband x they're like I don't see anyone and I'm like the 6 foot mouri built like a bring in stage singing with the band lol pml so this idiot walks up to cann shakes his hand walks back over to me and says x ur husband said I can have a dance lol I'm like I know my husband would never say that x so he tried to put his arms around me and I grabbed him by the chest n shoved him accross the dance floor ggggrrr xxxxx my hubby said later x I'm glad u only have eyes for me and don't dance with other guys x I'm like get I'm urs y would I xxx anyway that was my night xx can't wait for my girls to finally fluff and go round on the bottom x mrs snoopy boob for sure xx anyway girls post and pre op love best wishes to all xxxxx

31 days post

Good afternoon all u glamour girls x mwah well woke up flat on my back again and the pain was 7 outta 10 xx but dissappeared quick xi was amazed that today after days of not liking as it was getting to me that my girls have finally got a bit of rounding about them xx I was talking to the nurse at the institute the other day winging that everyone in REALSELf has dropped and in four days x anim said well ur only in ur 4 th week hon I promise by week 6 they will start to soften up and you'll start getting results xx and yaaay I looked today and they have rounded finally no more massive snoopy boobs xxx I'm off to Erina now lookin for new cleavage tops lol hope ur all doing extremely well pre and post and will catch up this avo in every one xxx love glittery issues to all xxxx

5wes post op today

Hi girls well I was wrapped the other day my girls started to get pubs yippy I tend not to look at them too much now as I want to see change xx was suppose to go to our lead singers bday party sat night x but didn't go as my hubby posses me off x firstly he said to me the othe day can't u wear kneck high tops I'm like wt actual fk I don't own any and I'm wearing the same style if clothes as u did when I was small busted gggrrr so I went to ice clothing and found three knitted tops high kneck but slits along bothe arms x sexy as actually black one white one and lilac of course to match the purple in my hair x so I put the lilac knit on with a pair of fake leather look tights with slits up the sides of them plus thigh hight boots x hubby walks in and say R U wearing that I'm like I'm yeh y x he's like all the wives will hate u and all the guys won't stop looking at u xi don't have to flaunt ur body around at my friends ggggrr I told him off repeatedly for over a flat out hour easy all the while packing my overnight bag and walked out on the idiot x grabbed the babysitter and went to the bottlo and Tabacconist and maccs lol and went away for the night to a motel to kick back no kids no housework no men no asshole husband gggr mind u I told him as I walked out the door u jelouse prick what about last gig when that scrubber was flashing her ass n gash at u boys on stage and ur eyes went stray WHErE dickhead ggggrrr but u can't handle someone looking at me idiot xxx I came home yesterday alls good lol xxx anyway still massaging and got my 6 week check next Monday x my stery stops r still half on so I just figure ill let them come off on their own x some mornings I wake up a bit full n tight but nothing to stress about x I'm glad they have finally rounded and look better naked x I'm so sick of massaging but has to be done x I sent some pics to the hubby today ill show u lol xx hope ur all doing extremely well x glitter kisses n sparkly hugs to all xxx

5 weeks 1 day post op

Goodmorning ladies mwah glitter sparkles to l pre n post op xx I'm so glad for the past 3 weeks I'm sleeping on my sides but have to have my arm up under or beside my head lol xx but it's comfortable x I was told to sleep on my back for 6 bloomed weeks nope I'm not x I've read other woman side sleeping in here and alls good lol xxx I massage all day in n off x but better when hubby does it as he's stronger x he hasn't for 3/4 days gggrrr xxx I still wake up a tad tight in the morning but I'm putting that down to the fluffing trying to come out under my tight little pec muscles lol xx I can't work out drs orders gggrr it's been 6 weeks now and I'm feeling far n sluggish ggrrr xx other than that on top of the world xx can't wait to wear some lace bras but I'm not going to waste money yet as I've already spent 200.00$ on 10 sports bras and in a week the first 5 being 16 to 18 got small x now this 5 r 20 to 22 and fit good x my boy turns 2 tomorrow yaaay so today going decoration shopping xx I'm so glad I'm healing in winter so ill be bikini ready for summer xx yeha xx have a magic day all and smile chins up to its out and have fun x. Glitter the world oh yeh xxxx

40 days post op

Goodmorning girls x I as usual been missing lol my boy was 2 on wed so party planning shopping up a storm and yesterday BIG hangover lol I still wake up with sore boobs and I've worked out y they went back to snoopy boob lol when I over do it in the housework area the muscle tightens but when I had the 34 hours off cleaning just cooking and doing mikeys party I'm round again x so the culprit I worked out is mopping the whole house every day and wiping all the walls everyday lol xx still massaging to the point when I drive I'm massaging at the red light pml got my 6 week on Monday and hope I get the clear to at least do light workouts xx hubby and I had a fight x he talks about zoo mag this zoo mag that so I said fk u ill apply with pics now I got boobs dhead and one day in summer bam you'll turn the page and ill be in there lol x just watch xx anyway all went well at mikeys party I ended it with me on hands and knees in a unicorn onsey chasing my 2 year old mikey then giving him a unicorn ride lol xx he loved his day xx hope ur all doing sensationally post n pre op xx ill catch up on here today x I just caught up now I'm behind again lol x glitter sparkles spread throughout REALSELF xx

Pics didn't load

Pics didn't upload for last update so try again

6 weeks post op today

Hi girls well I had my 6 week checkup today n dr wings happy with my girls x but I'm now stuck wearing a strap to help them drop lol 6 weeks stuck solid in it plus massaging a different way x so when hubby got home I'm like u get ur thing of me wearing high kneck shirts look at this thing lol but as dr Wong said just like I have if they need help dropping they ain't gonna drop to anywhere their not meant to lol xxc the STRATAMED gel I've been using for a week has already lightened the incision hubby says taaaay xx and I'm allowed the low level workouts x crunches squats legs slight arm workouts yaaaaay for me wrapped x so I'm joining the strap down club who's doing this now xxx feeling great x hope all u post and pre ops r feeling on top of the world x glitter dust for magic times for everybody xxx

Flipping strap

Omg so I go to my 6 week check up two days ago and bam need to war a flipping strap for 6 weeks solid till my 12 week check 24 freak in 7 x I'm only allowed to take it off in the shower ggggrrr my pec muscles r so tight n strong these girls can't move lol xx they don't even wobble when I walk lol xx so ugly strap n thirst here I am xx otherwise I'm allowed to go back to my workouts yaaay x toned up body is on a return yippy xx other than that I'm feeling pretty good xx planning rises bday now shell be 4,I'm 3 weeks as her n mikey r 14 mths apart xx anyways uploading s some pics from this morning morning two of strap x happy healing and happy countdown to post n pre op girls xx here's a big glitter bomb to keep everyone happy comfortable and relaxed xxxx

6 weeks 4 days post op

G'day girls x well I'm adapting to my strap and now just going with it as its going to be part of me 24/7 for 6 weeks x I cut a bandage the length of from my wrist to my fingertips folded bothe ends into the middle so they met then folded that in half then put it halfway under the strap to stop it cutting into me x I'm feeling great x and I'm addicted to Star Wars lol x received my red bling corset in the mail today and I love this one thatuch I'm going to order one in each colour xx hope all u girls out there on REALSELF post n pre op r feeling nothing less than ultimately and totally sensational xx glitter gun blast bomb going off to all for comfort relaxation rest a d erase any negatives x mwah love and glitter wishes to all xxxx

7weeks post op today

G'day g'day good afternoon all girlies lol xx glitter last full throttle today xx I've done ally house work like I'm record time FLATOUT as I always have lol even shaved bobby my 2 year old maltese , being back on pain killers is a blessing as I feel great not dealing with the pain of this strap lol x got up at 5 am as usual caught up on REALSELF and the news x got dressed about 7 am as usual nothing sexy because if the strap lol took vannah to school came home to workout x I put in my half hour workout and it pissed me off I wanted hard out exercise lol so I put my 15 min hard out FLATOUT core workout on x did some crunches on the bench and 15 min on my arroyo machine x I feel fantastic with a capital F lol x my ribs n torso r ready hurting from not working out for 7 weeks n going in hard out lol but I feel fantastic x cooked a coconut chicken curry on rice lastnight mmmmy was it delish lol to ight marinated mid wings on rice x I also figured out how to get the cables right to get channels in bothe rooms on bothe tells and yaaay I'm tha man x I had a lol at the girls today and they look bigger thank god x I've got picks from yesterday so ill put them up then take some after my tub tonight ok xxx the r itchy so the girlies must be stretching lol yaaaay about time x bigger bigger bigger bigger please lol anyways again feeling Fantastic alls great x happy healing to all post op and quick countdowns and glitter for no nerves lol xx glitter megga bomb last going off x mwah x love to all best wishes n magic moments to everybody xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1 week today with strap

Ell a week with the strap and I ain't seen nothing change x on well maybe by week 6 I will xx

Bandage fold for strap comfort

Hey worried nancy this is for ur request xxx

Me the unicorn like requested lol

hloloi girls number one I'm happy I'm 3 rd on the confidence list yippy so happy x number two I think my girls r On holiday lol xx number 3 here's a pic of me being unicorn in my 2 year old mikeys birthday lol xx love unicorns x yep he got chased nudged by this unicorn then got to go for a ride lol x I'm feeling great x I've learned to just wear what I want and if my strap showed then so be it I'm not bothered x hubby's been great and he knows it's a time thing more than I do sometimes lol x the girls r as soft as and I'm still massaging but still empty underneath gggrrr x come on girls drop in will u please xxxx hope all post op and pre op ladies r feeling nothing less than sparkly magically sensational x mwah xx get ur confidence on no matter what xx love hugs n kisses to all x glitter blast for magic days xx my hubby's never paid so much attention to my girls n I'm loving it x sex is better as I'm not parramoid about my eggs on toast anymore x they just sit up x hubby's says lastnight I LOVE how they r at the sides xxxx

8 weeks today

Mwah goodmorning girls x miss u all x had a pretty FLATOUT weekend we get up at 4 am every day hubby goes to work I spend two hours in my water bed with a cappuccino the today show n my REALSELF family xxx but Friday when hubby got home it was strait into a shower get dressed and drive for two hours to Penrith panthers to our gig x huge place x every room is different x it's like ten places under one roof x by the end of the night I wanted to rip about three chicks heads off gggrrr but I can't or we don't get that gig again gggrrr x got home sat morning at 2.40 am got to sleep after 23 hours awake and yep woke up with the babies at 7.30 gggrrrr so tired x then headed off at 5 sat night to matti ill rsl for our next gig x lovley place just not many per x which I love after the packed do the night before x so I have the weekend off my REALSELF and now catch up with u all xxxx I was naughty I didn't wear my band bothe nights a I wanted a break and wore a very short little black dress with low cut back n front so no bra x the front cuts nearly to my belly button lol wore with fishnet thigh high stockings and my thigh high boots with a long black jacket to cover my ass when I bent over lol gold accessories and my hubby's eyes fell outta his head xx the next night I wore leopard skin tights with a gold glitter knit top but there's no back in it x thigh high boots and obviously gold glitter in my hair x my hubby stared at me all night off stage and told me I was the most pretty girl there x got home at 2.30 am sun morning x then I got up at 7.30 with babies he slept in x rose n vann went to church as usual me n mikey watched how to train a dragon x then me n hubby had a massive fight x guess we were bothe tired x he yelled in my face fk off x he was cooking me eggs and yells do u want these fkn eggs or not I'm like jam ur eggs up ur ass buddy I'm outta here x so had a shower washed my hair as usual for Sunday and walked out x I can only be told to shut up fk off so many times then I do it xx went and got my nails done x I go to the nail shop at the back of the plaza they r Vietnamese and lovley lovley people x I've got to know them all x by name x and I want to knock their customers out as they treat them very Rudley gggrrrr I said to Anna u need to let me put a sighn on ur door that say MANNERS R WELCOME lol x Anna laughs x when I walked in yesterday in tears the owner T asked me what was wrong x he's lovley x I only went in for one repair as I broke one dragging the bin and throwing it in front of hubby's car lol but T was worried about me and deliberatly laquired all my nails to make me sit for a while x he's a gem x he wouldn't let me leave untill he thought I was feeling better and wouldn't let me pay for my repair x so I drove to the cemetery and sat with nan pop and kell my besty that left me 3 and a half years ago xxx by then I was still in tears took my wedding ring off and cried my heart out x got home and he started so I lost it x asked for a divorce again telling him I'm over his controlling fkn ways x then he walked up and apologised x he noticed my wedder missing and put it back on x anyway x my girls have changed they lol rounder at the sides still empty underneath and taken an ugly shape x they go round then dip at the front like a steep snow slope gggrrr x I cried the other night about my boobs x he just said deal with it move on n get over it ggggrrrrr yep that started Fridays fight x if ivwakecup on my side oh the pain x they r very sort but not filling out much x feeling pretty empty n numb but not as much as yesterday xx now to catch up on over a hundred reviews and catch up with all my lovley lady's xx I would be lost without u all xx I love u and especially those I talk to on a very regular basis x u know who u r xxxx glitter rain falls upon us for a shower of everyday happiness xx hugs kisses n best of wishes to u all xxxxxxx????????walked in yesterday with my small tiger skin singlet bra top on girls sticking out and hubby's like even though we were fighting u looked sooo sexy and when u walked in u looked sexier x I have to admit I even thought so lol xx these girls in clothes have it going on I swear lol xx good luck to all post and pre op ladies xx alls great xxx

8week ski slope boobs

Ok so I just had a shower n my girls r looking really weird x they look smaller today n r looking like they r pushed in x what do u girls wrecken xxx


Hey girls just want to say RIP to one of my top actors of all time xx robin Williams u will always be my mork from ork and my Peter Pan xxxxxx

Ugly to me

Hi girls mwah I'm sorry but I feel ugly xx I'm 8 weeks 3 days I'm still massaging vigorously as told strap religiously as told now they look flat n ugly when naked x I know it takes time but really I'm still empty underneathe x no I don't want to drop as such I love the fullness up top but when I feel underneath I'm empty still so the plant hasn't dropped into the bottom of my breast like it should have xx I've been working out as I've put on a little over 7 weeks I found some bikini shots lol very little the girls from last summer lol xx thank god I got this done in winter gives me a reason to Hide theses half emu egg shaped things x upside down emu egg actually x large up top small n empty at the bottom gggrrr x another 4 weeks and go for my 12 week check up x thank u to all my girls on REALSELF ur all sparkly gems in my life that ill cherish always xx I've had time off too try to get outta my boob brain frame of mind lol x now gotta catch up xx FLATOUT every day as usual x hope u r all doing well and feeling nothing less than sensational post n pre op x love hugs kisses full of glitter x ill put up some last years bikini shots lol xx

Looking for someone

Hi girls I'm looking for someone who's had around 450 550 cc without a lift x just strait out implants under muscle 8 weeks min post and started off with small cup size please x I need to talk to someone like me to see how they r dropping fluffing or not ect as I'm starting to feel really depressed about my girls x I'm aware about time patience ect but need to reassure myself something's going to give and yes I know we've all different but need to talk to one or many the same xxxx

Thank u

Hey girls I've been keeping off here latkey x and I'm so far behind now x but intend on catching up xx thank u girls for checking in on me I need that x ur the only ones who know how I feel and what we go through xx when I'm not on here with u girls on REALSELF I feel down n Linley with this xx I still get shooting pains but that's normal I'm thinking as my unders r healing muscles ect xx been off the pain meds again for a week now xx I love the look at the top of my chest but the have takin on that ugly square look I had from the start gggrrr xxx full on top empty on the bottom and when I look down they look like my old boobs still xx they have dropped about 5 and a half cm if that x so not up around my collar bone I like the tops of them and the sides r round but they have this flat look happening like the start ggggrrrr u girls have been great x when I'm not in here as I said I feel Lonley n down xx anyway scars looking great due to STRATAMED every evening x strap always on ggggrrrr massaging vigorously like instructed x I'm bad but when we go to gis n I wear sexy tops I take it off x as I see it what's 4 hours a wek without it xx lol been working out so feel a bit better xx I'm hopeing in 4,weeks at my 12 week check I've dropped into the empty bottom noob fluffed and looking like propper boobs x I was walking to our bedroom topless the other week now I won't show my girls at all as I think they look hidiouse xx glitter bubbles to all for a magic weekend x ill catch up with u all over the weekend x I'm so far behind lol xx happy healinvrelaxed times to all post n pre op irks xxx mwah mwah xx

10 weeks post

Hi all I've been off for a whole as the noob things getting me really down x I try not to look either x I'm so sick of this blooming strap x not much change but I e got picks x thanks to Beth n all girls for lifting my spirits u know who u are x happy healing and best wishes full of glitter to all post n pre op girls xxx

10 weeks

Well girls my depressed state isn't due to the boobs I'm guessing now as its roses 4 th birthday today and we just found out this morning WE R PREGNANT too lol there goes summer with the new girls x imma gonna have big boobs and a big tummy lol ill get my 800 cc after all pml hope ur all doing well x mwah xxx

5 weeks pregnant 10 days post

I girls x yep I'm 10 weeks post op n I'm 4 weeks 3 days pregnant and I think it's twins or three x look at my tummy x I got it flat again now my working out is no use x thre goes summer parading around in front of my hubby skinny body big booked like planned x now big boobs big got big bum lol xx I'm going to my dr today to get a firm to get an ultra sound as apparently if u think u got more than one bubby like I do they can ultrasound to see how many sacs xx at 5 weeks they can do this so gotta wait till Monday x oh yaaay another waiting game lol x I've sent a question to this site about what does pregnancy do to ur ba so waiting for that too lol dam I'm glad I got all u lovley ladies on here or I'd be a melted sparkly mess where I'm sitting xx hope ur all doing magical post n pre x if ur post happy healing n lots of sparkly dust n pre go big or u will regret it lol xx love hugs n best glitter wishes to all xxx

10weeks post n pregnant

Goodmorning girls . Yep I'm 4weeks 5 days pregnant , get an ultrasound tomorrow called a WEEK check to see how many sacs r in me xx yippy we r hoping I'm right with two s x triplets would be awsome crazy busy but wed be wrapped xx so will update u tomorrow when I find out at about 10.30 am xx my boobs r really sore x if I rep on my side like I e always done lately I wake up in so much boob pain xx hope everyone's doing really well x I e been off for a bit to try to get rid of some boob brain lol xx glitter wishes to all post and pre op ladies xx mwah xxxx thank u all my girls to help me get back up and get it togeather ur gems to me xxxx love hugs n glitter all round xxx

Pregnancy n ba

Hi let's girls for letsdoit here's what I found xx


Hi girls so paid the 45.00$ fee got the ultrasound and she tells me it's too early ggggrrrrr so another 3 weeks and well see xx at a gig tonight belly popping out lol and boobs xxx have a magically sparkling weekend all xxxx

11 weeks post

Hi girls I'm not the only one who's been Mia lol x not much change in my girls x but will put pics up and see what u think xx I can't find out how many bunnys for another 3 weeks so more on this waiting game n more patience xx I can't win lol xx I'm doing well it's like this strap is just part if me x it annoys me I have to wear it x obviously I don't wear it to gigs lol x go for my 12 week check on Monday but like jomins surgeon said to her wait till the 6 month mark and I think mine will be the same x just hopeing I get rid of this strap xx I want to feel free again xx how u r all doing well ill catch up today I swear x glitter luck to all post n pre op girls xx mwah glitter dreams to all xxxx???????????????it's cold today xxxx

Happy to say

hsaysi girls well I'm happy to say these girls r finally doing something x 5 weeks in a strap and im finall having the day off while I go shoping NO STRAP it's in the wash lol xx they have dropped some and rounded x now I just need the bottom to fill out n whallah the big size should start to show lol xx they r perfect on top I don't want that to change x now the bigness should start x yaaay x I'm still trying to get round wanting this since I was 16 and now I've got big boobs this summer ive also got pregnant lol x oh well things happen for a reason hey xx all those corsets I ordered r arriving and now bam can't wear them lol xxx hope ur all having great thoughts magic days n comfy sleeps mwah glitter dreams to all xxxx

12weeks today

htoday's girls all post n pre op ????I'm 12 weeks post today and been wearing the strap for 6 of it x I see some improvement and also found a drs view on dropping n fluffing so it'll be in my pics and for those girls worried about dropping n fluffing this read makes complete sence xx I'm over obsessing now x I believe by 6 months ill be fine x actually my tummy at 7 weeks is doing more than my boobs at 12 weeks lol I am still massaging in the shower every night and I do take the strap off for a bit during the day to stop my depression comming lol I go back for my 12 week review on Friday and I'd say he may tell me to wear the strap at night for a while maybe xx will let u know x some pics the girls look bigger some like this morning look small lol must be the lighting xxx I only look at my girls 1/2 times a week now I'm too busy with trying to home into my tummy n see if there's twins lol x went to meditation on sat then my nails x me time from now on xxxx a few of my rs sisters r Mia live to all post n glitter to all post n pre op xx talk soon xxx ????????????????


Ok so go to my appointment and get told another 6 freakin weeks in this freakin strap x basically my pec muscles r megga strong and I need to wait for my skin n tissue to expand n make more tissue to accommodate my large implants x so now 3 styles of very visiouse massaging and 5 times a flipping day gggrrr another visit in 6 weeks x so the more visiouse the massaging the more they will come along xx she squeezed the top and showed me how they r suppose to be I'm like sorry but I already know that that's t I'm upset xx so another 6 weeks 24/7 strap gggrrr xx anyway big game in a minute my team the mighty eagles r about to make bunny soup xx hope everyone's doin sensationally well xx time patience and a fkn strap still ggggrrr glitter stars n sparkling bubbles for another magic weekend xxx

New massage that helps the drop

Hi all x now for pre op just go god dam big ok or you will realiZe that if u go smaller you will live the swelling but when it settles you want it back because if the size lol x all post op happy days we got there x now calling all stubborn boobs lol x I'm 12 weeks post 6 weeks in a strap 24 /7 gggrrr I'm not dropping for anything x guess my girls r as stubborn as I am lol x so went back to my surgeon on Friday n yep another 6 weeks 23/7 strap n very vigorouse massaging x apparently as it goes me being a small noob to start with going large my pec muscles r a lot tighter than most x so yep my theory I told her I'd like a cotton ball being squashed between two thick books for a week and see how long it takes to fluff back to shape x the nurse is like that's awsome can I borrow that for the pre op going post girls I'm like yep I wreckin that'll explain it and be understood completely lol xx so I've got a new massage and I swear it's better than the strap and other massages all togeather x she grabbed tightly at the top n squeezed n I had the implant drop strait into the pocket yaaay but it goes back up so this massage 5 times a day in small amounts but very visiously I was told lol xx now I've tried this makes the strap feel like it ain't doing shit other than keeping it in place sorted lol and being pregnant should just help the tissue stretch more yaaay x so I'm wrapped mine won't dropping so I won't as far as I'm concerned need a lift after baby hubby and I wreckin the milk will help drop n fluff x so don't fear oh min dropping n fluffing ones at least if u not dropping to quick u ain't going to dropp anywhere u don't need them ok xxx glitter everywhere oh yeh went to meditation. The other day and a new woman took over x I introduced myself and said I'm cindy married 5 months today just had a ba and now I'm pregnant she's walked over stopped n said ohhh u have a little girl then put her hand in my tummy n goes wow and a big boy omg ur got twins and she's very petite and probably won't be detected untill after 12 weeks and probably end up in a humidity crib when born to build up her strength onfg I said all this two weeks ago to my hubby n Besty xx oh yeh I'm a born empath and only 1, in a million r born with it u can't practice ur ur get rid of it can be good but bad x like the guy in the green mile basically xx anyway I want angel for a girl and cannon jr , keanu or tuma a Maouri name for a boy xx so my friend n sister miss 500 gone 800 ill join u soon with the big guns I wanted but Cosby fit lol love u honey and my wifey n all the other girls that r here for me and who I haven t yet met xx glitter rains to cover u all with the ultimate wishes and magic days x mwah love this site xxx I'd be lost if I never stumbled accross REALSELF xx happy healing to all post op and go big all pre op xxxx

Fitted today lol

Hi girls so it piontless getting any bras now as I've not dropped n fluffed but was and have been wondering what size I am atm I'm a 12 dd lol so I'd say e or f by the time I drop n fluff as the 12 dd fits snugg and a 16 bikini top woohoo xx hope ur all doing well oh and my hubby's gonna spack tomorrow when he comes home and finds my new 2 year old mastif cross Great Dane in the yard lol her name is Bronty yippy big boobs and another big dog as my mastiff past away at 9 from cancer xxx

My new puppy

Hi girls how's things just a quick update as I picked up Bronty she's 2 years old n fits in well xx yaaay for Bronty

Massage n strap crap

Hi girls well as far a I'm concerned since that lady surgeon showed me how to squeeze my noobs as a massage I put my fingers underneath n it's hard n the implant is where it needs to be x now when I have the strap on even as tight as I can handle I don't feel shit under there x so I think the strap stinks personally x yeh it holds them down but not a great deal x ill still wear it but I see it as pointless x as for the other massages compared to what she showed me I can't feel anything under there either like the squeeze one either x ill do them but I think it's pointless xx woke up to my Bronty in my face x hubby wouldn't let her sleep in our room for reasons lol so she slept at the bedroom door xx she's awsome x tummys getting bugger by the day xy middle section is actually round lol I'd say pregnancy will help my girls drop properly x gone back to cronic morning boon though x milk ducts getting ready n when u wake up feels like someone cut my boob off n poured lemon juice on it hardout x only when I'm in my side n I'm a side sleeper x so ouch x hope ur all doing really sensational post n pre op xx glitter bubbles to all mwah hugs xx have a magical day more than yesterday xxx

New Zealand herei come

I girls well just dropped hubby at the station as he came home from work early yesterday as nan in nz is in hospital with hours maybe a day to live x I don't have a passport but found out today when the nz hospital sends a fax on NANNA emergancy condition I can get a 2 days appointment and hopefully get a passport for me n mikey x my 19 year old will watch rise n vanns fathers got her x cross ur fingers girls I get that appointment for an emergancy passport oh right now gotta go call them x lots of glitter wishes to me and sparkling prays ill get to nz to say goodbye to nan xx ps boobs still haven't dropped gggrrrr oh and we had a fight on the way to Sundays gig 5 hours from home I got outta the car walked my pregnant ass for an hour n 57 mins to closest train station n 3 hours after that I got home lol he was worried all night he said but I wouldn't ansaw his calls xx assface lol xx

Back from nz and still no drop gggrrr

Hi ladies x been in nz as my hubby's nan passed away xx amazing place x well nope my girls still haven't dropped and it's 16 weeks gggrrr this strap I pissing me right off too xx had a miscarriage scare the other day but works out I bled from no sex for 11 days of nan passing n the funeral then hardout at it lol x hope ur all doi g well xx got some catching up to do too xxxx glitter rivers for constant magical days xxx

Tummys growing faster than my boobs gggrrrr

Mwah glitter goodmorning to ya xx well my girls still ain't doing anything and for 530 they look very small still x I'm sick of the way they look and I've just about givin up in ever looking good xx it's been 17 weeks I've ditched that freakin strap as I don't think it's doi g anything at all x I massage all day n still nothing xx it's hard to be positive with ugly looking boobs gggrrr x 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow n ultrasound d on Monday xx mwah love to all my REALSELF sisters x happy days n healing post n pre op xx go big or u will regret it I swear xx

No dropping and ultrsound

Goodmorning girls post n pre op x so still no dropping at all ggrrr xwent for my ultrasound yesterday n sad to say no twins ggrrr but one big ass baby x I can't believe how big it's got in 5 weeks already x couldn't tell the sexy as like the rest of my babies had its legs completely crossed lol I swear it's a boy so does my hubby x go for 18 week xheck Friday n I'm in with my surgeon for the first time since week one x as for the dropping I'm going back to the day of surgery when the first nurse said because I'm going so big it'll probs take min of 6 months so I'm not listening to this other idiot telling me review crap xx oh and again me n the patron was r bothe due in April lol we had our last pregnancy togeather to xx so me n princess Kate due at the same time like we did with the boys lol hope everyone's healing n resting sensationally x ill put picks but the only thing getting bigger n dropping its my tummy lol xxx glitter balloons popping everywhere for a sparkling shower of wishes xxx

19 weeks gggrrrr

Mwah hi girls x fort thing I want my deepest wishes for glittered healing to my friend miss 500 gone 800 please be safe as I hope to all girls with complications x so I went to my 18 week check and dr wings like how r u I'm like these r fkn ugly and not what I wanted I'm still empty n try look nothi g like 520 cc x I hate my gap n cry every time I get in the shower looking at this x he's like ur pregnant and ur breast r going through changes this is not ur final outcomeaybe after the baby u can get a nipe lift or go bigger like u wanted now u have the skin gggrrr I'm like what I paid good money n wanted one op and now they look ugly I'm stick like this till after the baby he's like ill wave my fee and u just pay implant cost ggggrrr I was so distraught they brought Jess the financial girl in after I'd spoke to dr Wong and then his nurse and she made me feel better and said she got 400s and took her 12 months before she looked any good x nothing about a nipple lift or more surgery just strait out waited x thank u Jess u helped me feel better than my surgeon n his nurse xx so I'm going to get my 800 s after my breast feeding is over yeha but that's a freak in year away x oh well hubby has begrudgingly agreed to topping up my loan to make me boob happy lol x ultra sound bubby had legs crossed just like tradition of the other 5 lol x I think it's a boy x ill get another ultrasound in 3,weeks as I'm hemoraging inside oh yaaay anyways time patience n hope to us all xx as crazy chicken said in a post once we heal in months to come we won't remember the upsets of complications x hear hear xxx glitter sunshine on all u girls xxxx

5 months today

Hi all well I'm five months post today n 15 weeks pregnant xx there r a little change in the girls xx milks comming through so they e back to sore and right but that I can handle xx been feeli g really nauseouse still but u get that in pregnancy lol xx hope all is well all round especially my friends with complications please get ell miss 500 gone 800 xxxx

12f fitted bras

Hi girls well the boobs r slowly doing something and I'm glad it's not happening too quick as with my milk comming through they may stretch n look funny so yep I'm happy that my slow n steady results will win the race against total dropping lol x tried on liars of bras n kayser wins they r comfortable pretty n not bad for 20 bucks I've gone from a 12 dd to 12 f in 3 weeks lol yaaaay I love my girls and love the high poleage xxx milk comming through is taking me to a pain that's ok and the tightness is back but bare able , found a sal rest pussy spit on my right breast tried to squeeze it but too sore and got parramoid it's get worse so leaving it alone it has gone over the past two weeks xxid say I had twins n lost one as I bled for 6 days like a period but no explanation and still hemoraging but they don't know where the bloods comming from x the baby that's left is healthy so that's great x couldn't see the sex as like my other five its legs were crossed x so next week ill go for another ultrasound for the bleeding n take a peek to see if it's a boy or girl xx well girls post n pre especially my fave girl miss 500/800 I pray every bloody day u get better xx my heart is with u honey x do t give up ur a true fighter and u will get past this x they always say things get worse before they get better x it's at it's worst now u start to get better x love glitter hugs my friend ur always in my thoughts xxx mwah xxx go big or go home plus you'll regret not going big

5 months 1 weeks post

????????????????????????????hi girls firstly glad to know my dearest real friend miss 500/800 is on the med xxx lo e u lady so much ur a gem x as for me had an ultrasound and yep list a twin that's what the blood sac is that's left x and I'm having another BOY yippy mikeys got a playmate when rose goes to school not next year the next xx so I'm 21 weeks post n still not much change but he all good and man do they hurt with the milk comming through x I wiped my left nipple the other day n felt like I ripped it off yeowch xx three were some cute corset like black n red bras the other day and nope no big ones lol xx still get that pearcings pain in the boob now and then but not much else happening x I've learnt not to look unless I've got a top on so I don't get upset with the look if the girls x hope everyone's doing really well post n pre op x go big or go home xx I live having boobs x oh yeh my daddy's in a new add x big bad presso doing a sandwich add lol xx had a fight with hubby as he got up me about the platsyation being broken x got so bad I picked up his washing machine dryer computer everything electrical n kicked his ass out x a day later he walked in with flowers n fried rice and a huge sorry for being a selfish brute apology x we learnt how to be nasty to each other x so now we r starting at the beginig with remembering it was love that got us to here xx glittered wishes n hope n sparkling dreams n calm days full of magic to all xxx

5 months 2 weeks post op

Hi girls well haven't been on for a while x I'm now 21 weeks pregnant n 26 weeks oat op x I've been in hospital hemoraging with baby but ok x the girls r finally taking shape x dropping a tiny bit at a time but I'm ok with that x I get upset as the bigger the belly looks the smaller the girls look lol big glittered wishes to my friend miss 500/ gone 800 as today is surgery day for the repair of the llong haul she's gone through xx mwah I'm with u hon xxx still don't like my girls they rnt big enough and rnt looking how I want them x good luck all post n pre op merry Christmas to u all ????????????????????????????????

28 weeks post op and 23 weeks pregnant

Mwah ????????hi girls been off for a while x stopped bleeding yaaay and 5 and a half months now x I've convinced my husband to call bubby after him CANNON seen as he doesn't like keanu but alas I'm having keanu as a middle name lol as for my girls they r dropped finally I'm just wondering if they will join togeather now without being pushed togeather lol so more fluff needed x the bigger my bump gets the smaller they look so it's a bit depressing x the nurse told me I look like Dolly Parton the other day I wish x they still don't look like I want them to and a little Rounder would be ideal x had a magic Christmas even my 16 year old son turned up after living with the ex for two years xx happy new year to all post n pre op x and if ur gou g under soon go big or you'll regret it xxx just saying xxxx don't worry about the numbers of cc just put the size rs on and go with the look xx love to all n magic wishes all round xx how r u to all my ladies I've been in here for 6 months with xx u know who u r xx miss u all xxx

37 weeks post op 32 weeks pregnant

Hi all been Mia latley x still don't like my shape of girls x and with only 9 weeks till bubbys due my landlady gave me an eviction notice on the grounds she's demolishing the house dafter 4 years rent x so bubbys due 1 st may n notice is 1 at may oh yaaay x I haven't really benifetwd from my surgery as my tummy gets bigger boobs get smaller x one great thing is this time I have a baby the weight will drop but the boobs will stay yeha xx my son moved home after two years living like shit with the ex x so now it's pack pack pack x hope all post n pre op r doing well ill catch up today xx love to all go big or go home xxx

I'm back

Hi girls x r there any of my girls on here ? Ok well been off for ages bubby came 5 weeks early I called him keanu x so the girls haven't changed much in my pregnancy xx I'm still not happy with the shape x I thought the milk may help them round or soften but nope x I still have snoopy boob x I hate the shape and they ha rnt changed much I. Pregnancy or birth xx good luck all post n pre ops xxx

I want bigger as planned

Now when bubby is 6 months old and I'm not feeding I'm going to go back n get bugger like I wanted from the start xxxx but didn't have enough skin xx actually not much skin now either xx

12 months post n ugly

Hi Beth and all girls x well been out of action here for ages x had bubby 7 weeks early and he's now 13 weeks x keanu cannon x my ba never dropped and they r ugly x I'm going back Monday and hope they fix the problem that I believe he over sewed the pockets x how is everyone x mwah love light and glitter to u all xxx


Hi girls been ages x bubbys now 6 months and 10 kg x so my implants never dropped and went back to my surgeon and he's offered to do the surgery free of charge as he's oversewed my picket x really another surgery and more pain due to his fk up x so I'm trying to convince my husband to let me add $4000 to my loan to go bigger as I've list 2 bra sizes since no breast feeding x I've gone from a 12 f to 10 dd gggrrrr x they r ugly x they r like two big peck muscles stuck to my chest x hope to be getting surgery over the next 8 weeks x I want to get it done before keanu starts crawling and summer about to hit xx anyway ill catch up now with all u girls I've missed and thought of xx

Review surgery

Hi girls well booked in for my review surgery on January 16 and nope hubby won't agree to sign for bigger gggrrr so I'm stuck with these little shits lol keanu's is now 8 months old 2 kg and in a size two comfortably lol hope ur all doing really well x can't wait to have boob looking boobs lol not droopy looking peck muscles xx

No review now

Ok so been waiting for a year to get my oversewn pockets fixed x 2 weeks to go x anyway 9 weeks before Christmas end up in hospital with a severe blocked bowl x 3 days after Christmas go back to hospital with nausea bloated tummy ect x they said yep bowl still clogged and I'm pregnant I'm like nooooo I've been so carefull x 2 freakin weeks to my boob fix n bam now pregnant again x yep number 7 x hubby's wrapped x we were going to try again after my boob review but bam baby on the way x 5 weeks and 6 days today x funny I got pregnant 5 weeks after my original boobjob now 5 weeks before x I'm looking at the bright side x I've got a year and a half to conn hubby into those bigger implants I want lol x now I'm stuck with thee few akin peck muscles gggrr x at least they look ok with sexy tops x hope everyone good xx hopeing for a girl this time x got 3 girls three boys now but just did two boys stuff last two babies x time for some pink and glitter xxx happy new year all xx
Dr Charles Wong

My consultation was comfortable x strait forward and very pleasing x

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