Excited and Nervous! 34h to 34c/d (I Hope) - Sarasota, FL

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One week to go! I have been on this site for over...

One week to go! I have been on this site for over a year and it's finally my turn! I have read, laughed, and commented and just love all your stories!! I started looking at doctors last year and just was so unsure if I wanted to do this (I am afraid of looking off without my chest) and did not find a doctor that I really clicked with. So, I started the process again this year, around March, met my final Doctor, and the countdown began! My husband is still on the fence, he loves my chest, but I am so tired of the weight! And I know they will only get bigger and droopier! I have worked hard the last 4 months getting healthy, eating well, losing some weight and firming up, and mentally preparing for this. Of course, I am nervous and excited and know that no matter how much I prepare, it's going to overwhelm me! I am 5'2", 162 pounds, and am a 34 H (with left being about 200cc bigger). I am hoping for some perky small D's when this is all done, but will be ok if they are C's (so insurance covers it). Mostly, I just wanted to say thank you to all the RS women who came before me, and posted your story, the good and the bad. I know I have seen more breasts in the last year, then in my whole life, but it has guided me in ways you will never know! Can't wait to be a member of the IBTC!!

48 hours from surgery!

Just talked to surgery center, will know final times Tomm am. I think I am about ready. I have bras, some button up pj's, pads and stereo strips for under the bra edges. I have a whole bag of goodies from all the posts on here! I have been on ore surgery vitamins with clinical support for a week per my dr, and going to get all my scripts filled today! I am trying to be as prepared as possible! I am so ready to get on the other side and begin healing!

Anxious in Jacksonville ....

Well, it's almost midnight. Had lots of water and soup today, and just took Xanax. I am so ready to be on the other side of this. Nervous and anxious tonight...

On the other side!

I'm home, got in last night around 7. Lots of pain at lipo spot but the rest of it all feels ok. I have drains which I am totally freaked out about! I am so scared to get them out! Will post more Tomm!

What are these pains??

I am having a hard time getting up bc I have a shooting pain on my left side-like crazy bad. Is it the lipo? Or the drains. I can't take my wrap off till Tomm, when I shower- which I am petrified to do! Eek! Will post pics Tomm!

3 days post op...I think

I got home pretty late on Thursday, so not sure if I count that as a day. For surgery, the last thing I remember is getting Valium. My hubby said I was still awake though. I was in surgery for 3 hours, and must have been in a lot of pain when i woke up bc I was screaming for pain meds. Still really swollen- actually face, neck etx are really tender. Have been eating though, and drinking a lot. The only thing I am worried about is getting the drains out. It's the only place I really feel the pain. Have been sleeping a lot. Been drinking lemon water too, and taking arnica. Still have not showered am supposed to do that 48 hours out, but that's tonight, and i don't think I have the energy for that, or the stomach for it! So freaked about drains, but have been going to the bathroom, thank heavens for that!

I've showered...

And it was the hardest thing ever! I felt so safe all wrapped up. When they came off I almost passed out. I would recommend sitting on a bed that you can lay in when you have to do that. Still lots of numbing and drains feel weird, but off pain pills! Lots of swelling in stomach too. Neck and face have gone down some as well.

5/6 days post op- ready for drains to go!

Not sure how far I am, lol. Surgery was Thursday...feeling better. No pain meds, the biggest pain is the drains. Hoping those come out Tomm. Taking a shower again today. Have compression wrap and bra on, it feels so much better having them nice and tight! Have no idea on size, dr said a small D but they seem crazy small, lol! VS started a sale today, wish I knew what size I was so I could order some stuff! Stomach still feels swollen, and def swollen around bra circumference. I am usually a 34, but wearing a 40 right now. Will post a pic after the shower today.

Recent photos and an update

Well I showered today again, and even went grocery shopping, feeling human and it's wonderful! The pain is very minimal, just drain location. Both nipples seem to have sensation which is also great! Go to dr Tomm for a check up. Feeling small but after reading loads of posts I am finding that swelling actually contributes to feeling small. Thank you to all the ladies before me who have shared their stories! It's so wonderful to not feel alone!

Drains out!

And I will tell you, it is no joke! Of course, that's where my lipo was so I am the most sore there. But, I feel amazing! Been released to do mild walking at the gym. Cooking dinner tonight. I feel human again! What an amazing thing a week is!! He told me bruising should subside in the next two weeks. Still in ace wrap for two weeks. Can't wait to drink wine and wear a sports bra, lol!

And the old bra

I can't believe last week I wore this bra!

Let's talk about bras...

I am in ace bandage till Thursday and then I get to wear sports style bras- but the thought of it rubbing my stitches gives me the chills! What bras have you liked? What is your fave? And let's also talk about the ones that don't work and why! Help! :) a pic of the new cleavage too

Day 13 update

I can't believe it has been almost two weeks! I have talked at least 4 people into this surgery. Honestly, I am mad at myself for waiting so long! It's the most wonderful thing I have ever done for myself!
Feeling really good, still trying to be careful of arm movement, and still protective of them - if someone were to hit them, I may die!
Went and did some bra shopping yesterday for nice soft ones, and was around a 36d but went large on the band so no rubbing. Hoping when swelling is down to be a nice 34d. I am starting to get some bounce back in them and can see them starting to take shape. Posted a 5 day/ 13 day comparison.

18 days

Well I think this is where the annoyance sets in. Itching, and pins and needles feeling, which I assume is nerves coming back to life. I think, as others have said, this is the point it kind of starts to get old. I have a check up next week, and hear that's when I will get to start taping, maybe that will help. I just want my chest to be normal!! Stitches still visible and scabs too, but at least bruising is starting to fade!

24 days post op

Glue is starting to really come off, yeah! It's like getting a little present every day! Left nipple is crazy sensitive (but has always been more sensitive) and right feels a tad more normal. They both feel everything though! Getting some nerve pains, and some weird inner feelings, thinking it may be some of my inside stitches. When dr did this he pulled skin nice and tight, and I think it's starting to stretch and I feel all that! But it's like I got a chest lift too! Overall I am good. About 75%. I use my arms, and go to the gym (no heavy jumping, or running, and no lifting) but I feel best when I workout. It's like I have no pain or irritation. I have to say it's never pain, it's been more "feelings" and tenderness. But I am over it all, lol! I think I still have some swelling too, ready for that to go away!

4.5 week PO update

Started taping at 4 week appointment last week. It feels gooey, but I have to say as I have it off today, I can't wait to put it back on! I feel like it keeps everything from rubbing at the insicions.
Overall I am pretty good, nothing but irritation left. Someone said its like a sunburn, and that's a good description. I feel like when I get up in the am, and major shifts in body position are the biggest spurt of irritation.

I am allowed to do gym stuff, but no heavy bouncing, light weights, but normal lifting with legs, I can go in the pool and the ocean etc. although I did that yesterday, and when the water had my breasts "floating" I would get an odd chest pain, I am assuming muscles shifting. The minute I got out of the water, it would stop.
Someone posted that at this point that they would say their were no new symptoms, that old issues were getting less and less. Overall I feel good. Just ready to be 100% back to normal.

Will try and post more pics with better light!

7.5 weeks post op

I have waited to do an update for awhile so I could give a full overview.

Where I am now: pain is very low. The only place I still feel much is on my sides where the lipo was. I am still swollen there. I am sleeping on my side again, and at night when I shift, I feel some pulling and pain tinges, and then once I settle they stop.

Scars- I started in tape per my dr, but it irritated my skin, but that may also be the heat, so in the fall I will tape again. Using tape gave me a blister on my right breast below the nipple that is just now almost healed- going braless at night helped that heal. I am using maderma advanced, and some creams- in picture below. I am def red on the lower half of each breast. It's a soft pink color, and not sure if it's just my skin, which is sensitive or healing.

Sensation- the left is pretty great, always hard, lol. But feels better than before surgery. The right is a little slow but eventually gets there, lol. The lower half of both breast is still
Numb, and so is the spot where I had the lipo done.

How do I feel? I would recommend this surgery 1000x over! I agree with other posters that said your boobs end up "wide" I think they are the same shape as before just smaller. I go braless, and it's amazing to not have these giant heavy things hanging down! I am a 36 D ish...which is just where I wanted to be! I am hoping to get back to a 34 but with lipo swelling it may take some time. Buying clothes is a dream! I am released to work out at 100% on Thursday. I have been doing light cardio and some leg weights. Once I had the issue with tape and it pulled some
Skin off I stopped for a bit so that I had no sweat, so the wound would heal. I have a dog ear on the right side, he thinks it will go down with swelling but if not, I will get that fixed. Overall I am mad I waited so long! This has been life altering!!

4 days to 7.5 weeks

These are reversed, one is a selfie and the other is not so that's why mole is on two diff sides. It amazes me how much the shape has changed!

11 weeks and what I wish I knew....

I can't believe it's been almost 3 months! The healing went by so slow...and so fast! I would say at 9 weeks I felt really "normal". No pulling, and overall no pain. I do still get some nerve shooters, and when I sleep and move from one side to the other, I feel a bit of an "not so comfortable" feeling. But it passes in a few seconds.

My breasts are really nice overall, still have the pinch on the side, so probably will need a slight revision on the scar. Still have some swelling at lipo spot too. I have not used tape, once it cools off I may do it, it's just too hot in FL. I have been doing ASTYM on them, but more on that. I def go bra less, but it was better a few weeks ago. They def jiggle now, lol! I am a36/34 d but I don't wear underwire! Probably never will again! This is the size I "wanted" I do feel it matches my figure. But sometimes I wish I had gone smaller :) I will say I am still thankful I did it, and think it's one of the best gifts I ever gave my body and my back!

Speaking of back...pain was gone immediately! But, and this is HUGE- I ended up with shoulder pain, bc I hunched a little during healing to protect them so no one would bump me. Once I got back in the gym and started lifting, I got tendinitis. So, bug takeaway- stretch, stretch, stretch. Your pec and Lat muscles will be so crazy tight! I recommend a foam roller it will change your life, I promise! This has def been the worst part, bc I am ready to be 100% and I don't think about my boobs at all...but now the forces me back to taking care of things again. My physical therapist does ASTYM and started on those muscles and my scars (she does it for masectomy clients) and hopefully will help them stay flat and heal fast. If you have ever had it done it hurts, but on the breast it's totally different. I find the PT part to be amazing, and really helpful!

Well that's it for me! I will try and check back at 6 months and 1 year. Overall, real self is probably the best thing ever for me going through all this. You have all been amazing. Thank you to all the women who shared before me, and I hope that my review helps someone else. Best of luck to everyone!! Xxoo
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

Loved meeting him. Spent so much time with me! Will review surgery after its done.

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