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I had severe flourosis and decalcification since...

I had severe flourosis and decalcification since my adult teeth first came in, causing my teeth to appear yellow/brown. Any whitening treatment would make the white parts whiter and the brown contrast more - every dentist I saw advised veeners would be the only option for a white smile. I started saving, and in 2006 I got 10 porclin veneers.

It was an extremely painful procedure, twice in a week I had to spend several minute with no enamel on my teeth - which was very painful to say the least. Then when they cemented the veneers on, they had to "floss" the cement out from between my teeth. This was the equivilant to flossing concrete with a your mouth. It didn't matter that they had given me 12 shots of novicane - I still felt it, and my mouth was bloody.

Things they don't tell you - your teeth after veneers will be thicker than they were before hand. The veneer is thicker than the VERY small amount of enamel they shave off your tooth. Because the veneer is thicker, gunk tends to build up much quicker in my veneered teeth, and I find myself flossing up to twice a day.

This isn’t too big a deal, because flossing is much easier on my veneered teeth than my non-veneered teeth. The veneered teeth are perfectly spaced – so flossing takes virtually no time at all.

One myth that people seem to have about veneers is that they will shave your teeth down to little points. This is not true – that is caps. If a dentist says he is giving you veneers and wants to shave your teeth more than a millimeter of enamel…find a new dentist. If I were to lose a veneer, you wouldn’t notice except for the color change.

It took about a month for me to get use to the feel of my “new” mouth. Eating was different, speaking was different.

I have noticed that in makeover shows there is one part where they always cry…it’s always the teeth. If you have bad teeth, and have HAD bad teeth your entire life – there is no way to describe the feeling of suddenly having the perfect smile. People compliment my teeth all the time, and I used to say “oh they are veneers”…now I just say “Thank you”.

I do not recommend this for somebody who doesn’t look in the mirror every day and hate their teeth. It’s a permanent, no going back, adjustment that goes beyond just “getting pretty teeth”. It is not something to enter into lightly, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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