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I am not the woman who spends much money on...

I am not the woman who spends much money on herself. I stopped highlighting my hair simply because of the time and money commitment. I have four small children and I'd rather take them to the zoo than spend $100 on my hair. But I have been flat chested all my life and it was sometimes hard for me to feel feminine and beautiful. I have a wonderful husband who never asked me to change anything but supported me when I brought it up. I had boobs while nursing and pregnant for the first time in my life and it was so much fun! After I was done with babies and flatter than ever it was hard to feel sexy. It was harder to get in the mood and feel confident with my husband. I did this to feel like a woman with my husband. But I didn't want to do implants. I've seen too many bad outcomes, especially on flatter women with no fat to hide the implants. And I didn't want to be huge, I just wanted to have a good handful. So I opted for natural augmentation. It only promises about a cup size difference and I was fine with that as long as I could still look natural. I am 6 weeks out and I'm glad I had it done but I learned a lot which I wished I had known beforehand. First-if you are in Salt Lake and have the money there is a clinic called Portica with Dr. Allen. She seemed great but was far too expensive for me. I'm thin so to get enough fat she wanted to lipo 3 or 4 places for my augmentation costing over $13,000 all together. I was planning to spend around $5,000. So I went to Dr. Barson who has a clinic in Park City and Logan. He planned on doing it in two rounds in order to build up enough fat and keep it alive, but that was going to cost me $9,500. Still too pricey. So I decided to just do one round and use the the two fattiest places on my body: inner thighs and love handles. With the coupon for $500 off out of Hometown Values I only ended up spending $4200. Now for what really matters - the results. I have mixed feelings. Before I couldn't even fill my bra, now I do it quite nicely, and that is great! I went from a small A to a small C/large B. Perfect! That's all I needed! But I was asymmetrical before all this and I really wanted to be the same size for once! On this point Dr. Barson did not deliver. (See my review of him below.) However my husband couldn't even tell until I showed it to him and it's not noticeable when I'm wearing a bra. And lipo is WAY more painful than I imagined so I'm not going near it any time soon. Plan on being pretty sore for about a month. Which is fine! But I have four little kids and every hug around the leg and back hurt so bad!!! But I'm fine now and I have boobs so all in all I'm happy. If you are going the natural route talk with your dr. about the specific shape you want. Dr. Barson put most of the fat in the middle for good cleavage. And that's great! But the outer edges of my breasts are where the asymmetry comes in. One side had enough fat before to look normal, the other side my nipple looks like it floated a little to far towards my armpit. Again, not something anyone would notice but me. And I may go back in and have them adjusted in a few years when I forget how crappy lipo is, who knows? But for now I'm choosing to let it go and enjoy my new boobs.

10 Weeks Out

So I just discovered the stitches were not removed under my butt... Now they look all infected and pussy. So frustrating! Not a fan of my Dr. Aaron Barson at all. On the plus side I am still a fan of fat transfer to breast. I wish I had someone else do it, but I think it's wonderful to have a more natural option. Some things to consider if you are going to get it done:
1) You will not go up more than one cup size per procedure. Some claim a 70%-80% retention rate of what was transferred, but mine was more like 30%-40%. I am actually one cup size bigger which was my goal so I'm pretty happy overall. But if you want more than one cup size, plan on doing multiple procedures over several months. Some people offer freezing the fat so you only have to harvest one time. That seems like a good option as the lipo was the most painful part. I transferred 500 ccs from my inner thighs and 200 ccs from my lower back. So I had 700 ccs to work with.
2) Find compression garments for your lipo areas. My doc didn't tell me this till the week before surgery and I was scrambling to find things that would work. My online options were the cheapest but I didn't have the luxury of time so $120 was the going rate for something in stores. I did find one piece at Ross, like a TJ Maxx store, that worked well.
3) Buy a bigger bra. Your boobs will be huge the day of transfer and you want something that gives them room to breathe. Not a push-up bra or anything too tight. Blood flow is key to fat retention. Which is why a sports bra is a no-go. And leaving them dangling allows them to bounce to much, also bad for growing new blood cells.
4) Get some Ginkgo Biloba. It's an herbal supplement that supports Angiogenesis, or the formation of new blood vessels. It is used for new blood vessels in the brain (Mayo Clinic). But I used it in hopes of supporting new blood vessels in my breasts. I don't know if it helped but with 4 small children my memory can use all the support it can get so it's a win-win.
5) I am sure I would have had better fat rentention than I did if I didn't have such an active life. There is no exercise for 2 months, no bouncing, no smashing. That's not really possible with little kids. I was as careful as I could be but you're going to run when your toddler goes into the street or comfort a teething baby as he smashes your chest. It's just life.
The moral of the story. Do it! But have realistic expectations. Pics to come...
Dr. Aaron Barson

Pros: He was nice. He let me be the boss of my own procedure. He has a lot of experience. Cons: At the beginning we were deciding where to harvest the fat from and I decided not to do my belly because there wasn't much there, maybe 50 ccs. He looked at me and said well, you need it there, but you're the boss. (Bedside manner - zero.) Then he put more fat in one breast than the other... And it was into my already larger breast. That was quite frustrating. (Attention to detail seems pretty important for a plastic surgeon - zero.) Now it's over two months out and the scabs under my butt are still not healed and come to find out the stitches were never removed!!! What? Now I have these two red/infected looking scabs on my legs and uneven boobs. Wrong guy. Go somewhere else.

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