Consultation review - False Hope with Susan and Dr. Harrison Lee

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Hello everyone, still going through this Silicon...

Hello everyone, still going through this Silicon nightmare after 1yr and 1/2. Scheduled a consult with Dr. Harrison Lee in New York City last Monday. His office manager Susan over the phone assured me that he will be able to help me and was so SURE that she booked surgery the next day, Tuesday! I was so excited that this poison, that was injected over 6 years, would be out of my face and then the weird eczema like reactions on my face would be gone. I booked my flight $250,paid for MRI $250 and lab work $304, and hotel for two weeks $2,000. On appointment day, Dr. Harrison took one look at me and said there was nothing he could do for me and couldn't get me out of the office fast enough! He just stated I should go to an Immunologist.... I don't even think he looked at the MRI Disk because his Mac computer was not compatible. All that expense for nothing. It was really heart breaking. I feel his office manager should apologize for all the work and expense I had to go through only to be turned away. Also, the other dark haired receptionist was very rude. Where is the compassion ladies? My advice to Dr. Harrison Lee would be to hire nurses or other women trained in the medical profession so at least the patient/potential patient would be treated with dignity, respect, knowledge and kindness.
This whole ordeal gave me false hope and all the expense was un-nessessary.
Dr. Harrison Lee

I'm sure Dr. Lee is an excellent surgeon and he probably didn't know what Susan had promised over the phone??? Not sure, but all I know is that I'm back to the same place where I was and close to $3,000 in the hole for nothing.... I sent in pictures and also a full explanation of my Silikon injection problems and was giving 100% assurance that Dr. Harrison Lee was the surgeon for the job. Dr. Harrison was very nice but he didn't give me much information about my symptoms or if he had another patient suffering like me. He just said to go to an Immunologist and that was about it. Not even an apology when I left the office from Susan. It was a heartbreaking experience.....

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