24 Years Old, 128 Lbs, 5' 6 Ish, A-B Cup to Full C Cup Registered Nurse - Paris, TN

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Hey guys I am 24, 128 lbs, 5' 6 No kids!! I'm...

Hey guys I am 24, 128 lbs, 5' 6 No kids!! I'm getting my breast augmentation on June 13th, 2014 by an amazing doctor! I have an A and sometimes B cup depending on how my body feels. My boobs fluctuate so much its ridiculous and I hate it. I can never fill out a bra/ swim suit/ cute shirt... it sucks. I have wanted breast implants for as long as I have remembered so I can feel more like a woman. If you are reading this i'm sure you understand. I am doing this for myself! Finally worked up the nerve. Two of my best friends have Breast Implants so that really helps me to hear their stories.
Okay, so today I went for my consultation. My doctor and the whole staff was super nice. He looked me over and measured me. Told me I was going to look great and make him look good. lol. I paid the down payment to keep my date (June 13th). They gave me a folder full of information regarding how everything will go and how to take my medications, blah, blah, blah. I got my prescriptions for Norco, Somo's, and my antibiotic but I will not fill them until a few days before the surgery. (my friends with BA said they used all of their medications and were so thankful they took them around the clock and not just "when they needed them"). I have never had surgery or have been through anything very painful so I am terrified! I have bad anxiety :/ I asked the doctor if I could take a Xanax the night before and he said if I had to have one that was ok but it would work against me the next day? So well see if I need it.
Very nervous, anxious, scared... cant stop thinking about it! 28 days until my surgery. Excited to have new boobies!!! They are going to be so beautiful. I just have to try not to think about the pain and unknown. Keep myself busy! :)
Ill try to add some "before" bikini pics up so we can compare before and afters! See yall soon!

12 Days Until Surgery

Only 12 days left!! Most of the nervousness has left me. I am super stoked about it! Im sure i'll be overwhelmed with fear the day before though :/. i'm sitting at work trying to go through my list and make sure i have everything i need! Got one of those cool pillows with the arm rests, coco butter for stretch marks, soups to eat, someone to take care of me.... If im missing anything please let me know!!! I still need to fill my scripts! My fiance and best friend are going to take turns taking care of me. My PS will give me a bra to wear for a while (I call it a granny bra lol). After he lets me take my granny bra off i'll go buy a few comfy bras until it's time to go bra shopping for real!!! :) and I really cant wait for that!! I should have a full C/small D!!! AHH theyre going to be perfect! I have wide "baby birthing" hips and a small waist so it will make me look great.

I'll be off a whole week from work! It's going to be very weird. I will get so bored,so i'm worried about that! I am reading The Faults in Our Stars, so hopefully that will entertain me. Does anyone have any ideas of things I could do?? We dont have a tv in our room so that's out.

It kinda doesnt feel like it's going to happen. I'm mostly worried about the surgery part, never been under anesthesia or been in serious pain.... If they can just get me in the building i think i'll be okay. But i'll be having a panic attack walking in there im sure.
I (kinda) know the things that can go wrong but I dont want to research them and scare myself! Pray I dont get the rippling!! Other than that, i've researched and read everything relating to breast implants. Im a big reader.
I paid for the rest of my surgery a day or so ago... I'm officially ready to go!! It's really happening!!
Still have to upload pics for y'all and I promise I will! (when im not at work!!).

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY

Really getting nervous/anxious and 100 other emotions right now. My surgery is tomorrow morning at 830!!!! At first it didn't seem real, now i'm kinda scared and thinking too much. Need to just take my mind off of it! I know I wont be able to sleep tonight. I have a good book to read though (Safe Haven Nicholas Sparks).
I got my prescriptions filled. Have to take my antibiotic tonight at 8pm. nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Have to wake up early and shower before I go. cant wear deodorant, lotion, anything.
I have a pajama set im wearing, the shirt buttons in the front. Theyre super easy to get on and comfy. They told me dont wear a bra they will give me one. Victoria Secrets Semi Annual sale is going on right now and it takes AALLLLL my will power to not go buy a bunch of pretty bras lol. My boyfriend Bryan will be taking care of me all weekend (we live together). I will definitely be milking it so I can get waited on ;) that'll be nice lol. Still need to get easy foods to eat. I have two cans of vegetable soup.... but that's about it. Ill make him run out and get some stuff! Does anyone have any suggestions on food and drinks??
I guess I am going to watch some movies and try to relax even though I am scared! Any ideas on how to stay calm?? ha
alright im finally uploading some pics guys! two are of me in a bombshell bra that i wear almost everyday! ha. The pink bra has no padding really, just enough so my nipples wont show. everyone pray for me and wish me luck tomorrow. Cant promise i'll update tomorrow. Im sensitive to medicine and will probably be knocked out most of the weekend! I will update when im in my right mind and post some new boobie pics!!! :) so scared and excited.

Day of Surgery and After

Sorry I didn't post the day of my surgery.... I was pretty out of it. I knew what was going on but so tired and my whole body felt like jello. So here goes
Day of surgery:
Woke up really early because I couldn't sleep!! Took a shower and scrubs my chest and arms really good. Found some comfy button up pjs to wear. I remember I was soooo hungry. As we were driving to my surgery I felt so nauseous. BAD nervous stomach. Well anyway we got there and my boyfriend forced me out of the car lol. Immediately when I got there they were ready so I followed the nice nurse back, peed in a cup and put on a robe. She layed me down on the stretcher bed....so comfy:) the Anesthesiologist came in and numbed my hand then started by IV (which I thought was very nice and considerate). They made me not as scared and kept my mind off of things. She gave me an IV Push of Versed (Good stuff:)) and all I remember was her raising the rails to the bed and wheeling me in the OR. I had to get on the OR table and I remember the metal rail touched my butt and it was super cold. Then I remember waking up from the best sleep of my life! Wasn't really in any pain just felt my chest was kind of heavy... and I didn't even look at them!! That's how doped up I was! lol just wanted to sleep.
Well they wheeled me out in a wheelchair to bryan and he drove me home which sucked!! Ride home hurt like a mother!!
Took my meds like I was supposed to but couldn't really move on my own. not even to scoot over in bed. couldn't pee on my own..... I could hold my phone or change the tv channel if the remote was right in front of me.
My mom and best friend hooked up a dvd player in my room thank god! and mom brought me a back scratcher wooden stick thing.... best invention ever! You will love it.
Day 2- They say day 2 is the worst because the soreness really sets in! It sucke im not going to lie but it wasn't excruciating. When my muscle relaxers started wearing off my left boob would start to twitch and cramp up!! That made me cry. just an uncomfortable day. barely ate..... couldn't poop
Day 3 Today!!
I feel a lot better but still sore. I got up and bryan gave me a shower which felt awesome. fell asleep. woke up again lol. I tried to get up and move around and it actually helped with the soreness. still having some muscle spasms in my left boob and im almost out of medicine!!
I put a shirt and pants on by myself and made it to the couch with a pillow.
My Post op appointment is tomorrow at 9! Hope I feel much better. Feels like ive been bench pressing and fat guy all night and my back really really hurts. my boobs have also made some weird noises but It is normal, its just the fluid im hearing from the swelling! Anyway ill post pics later!!! Im sleepy
Dr. Boyd

So far my doc is very nice and well trained. He has done many people I know personally! I'll add more after the surgery!

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