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I've always been self conscious of my breast (or...

I've always been self conscious of my breast (or lack of) but never realized until now how it truly affected me. I had my BA 6/27/16 and it was one of the best decision ever!! I did it for no one but myself! To put on a shirt, dress, a swimsuit and it FINALLY fit in ALL the right places!! Confidence like a woman should feel lol! Anyway.. No regrets!!

Before pic 6/19

... 34A.. Looking at this picture I cannot believe I waited so many years to do this!!!

June 27 ???? Day of Surgery

The day finally came!! So excited but so anxious!! Anxious because I had no idea what size implant I was getting!! My doctor doesn't use sizers, you describe the look you're wanting to achieve, along with showing him pictures of the shape and size. He does however use implant sizers during the procedure to see what size implant and profile will look best on your body. The only thing we decided before surgery was that I would be getting "Smooth Round, Mentor MemoryGel" using transaxillary incision site but that was it! ..... So you already know what the first question was when the woke me from surgery was -what size did he use??? Lol .. 475cc HP... Perfect!

These pics are from the day of and the next morning..

2 days post op

Swelling has really improved! Ice feels awesome! well I just she's bags of peas :) Feeling better at this point.

One week post op!!

The spasms began!!!! Horrible, and pretty consistent anytime I wanted to use my arms to do anything lol. It was like having stomach contractions when you're pregnant except they were in my boobs!! But I have seen my doctor so the massages have began...

2 weeks postop

I can definitely see changes!!! I continue the massages several times today, along with anytime they are spazzing. But I'm so tired of sleeping on my back!!! And now the postop bra the doctor gave me is no longer comfortable, but then again no bra is at this point?

Post op week 3

Omg- this is the week that I thought my nipples were going to fall off lol!! I woke up one morning the beginning of the third week and they were so sensitive and tender I thought something was seriously wrong. Looked it up. Very normal. I ended up having to use Band-Aids (as you'll see in one of my pics I posted lol) pretty much 24 hours a day for this whole week!! Eventually it got better :) Now onto my other issue.. I can't find a bra, not really even a sports bra that is comfortable!! I'm trying not to go invest a lot on them yet till I D&F more but I need something lol.. I have found a few bralettes (Jockey has been the most comfortable).

4 weeks/One Month!!

I couldn't believe it had been a month!! Feeling so much better!! Continuing the massages/continuing with lotion and oils-praying that I get no stretch marks lol. Definitely seeing the dropping going on!!!

5 weeks

6 weeks today :)

Wow!! Time has flown by!! Seen my doctor Friday and I officially can sleep on my side, swim, use whatever deodorant I want (for those transax patients you know what I'm saying lol) etc.. I will continue to do massages so they get squisher. But I love them!! Most of the feeling has come back already in the lower pole on each side. So hopefully in the near future I will go and get sized and get some new bras!!!


So after getting the OK to wear different bras and feeling like I've dropped enough to go get sized maybe not the final sizing but still I went anyway :) I finally got sized and finally bought some decent bras that hopefully will be comfortable longer than 2-3 hours!! I went to Victoria's Secret and Dillards 32DDD.. I never thought I would've been that size! I guess I'm getting used to them lol. Here's the four I bought however there are several more I'll be getting later .. Just not ready for anything plunging, pushing etc. Just needed some comfortable thin lined bras :)

2 months :)

Finally sleeping pretty comfortable again!! Haven't got used to wearing underwire bras yet but I guess that will come lol. Tried several different sizes thinking maybe that was the problem but 32DDD seems to be the right fit. The Lady at Dillards did a wonderful job fitting me and explaining how a bra should fit! Absolutely love the Carrie Underwood sports bras I found at Dick's!! So comfortable!

11 weeks

It's been 11 weeks and I can tell they are still changing.. I felt like at six weeks they were where they were supposed to be because they had changed so much but I guess not lol. The side by side pic is at 11 weeks and 6 weeks.

3 months Mark today!!

Woohoo! 3 months today.. and I LOVE them!! I feel like they have D&F. Actually went over the weekend and got a different size bra because the others I've been having trouble with. The new ones are a 32G.. still can't decide if this one fits right. I think I'm between a DDD and a G.. or maybe it just depends on the bra..??? I would be really frustrated with this whole bra thing except for the fact that I love my boobs and their size so I think I can deal with a bra dilemma Hahaha!!! Posting some pics to celebrate reaching that three month mark that seemed so far away pre-surgery..will try to post pics with shirts on soon because really they don't seem big with my clothes on.. still wonder what goes through peoples head when they see me --do they notice and just not have the nerve to ask or is it really not noticeable?? Humm..lol... anyway almost all of the feeling is back, still have those occasional nerve twinges but rare. Last week was having some nipple sensitivity going on but it's better again this week so not sure if that was because they drop some more or what but glad that's gone again lol!

Need bras??!

Ok seriously why do they not sell every size bras in stores ugh!! So I had to return the 32G I had just got, apparently as the swelling has gone down and things have dropped my band size (along with the cup) also had changed so I needed a 30G. Well they don't carry this size in any of the stores in our mall :( so I had to drive an hour away to the next mall this past week. Still didn't find the 30G I was looking for but found this Chantelle 30H and a Freya 30FF.. still not sure if they fit exactly right but at least I have something to wear lol ...and tried on some unlined bras that I loved but needed a 28 band in those which of course yes they don't carry in stores either ugh!!! So if anyone has any suggestions on where to get 30 band size bras I am open for suggestions??? Preferably in stores so I can try them on??
Anyway.... had date night with my husband and showed showed them off for the first time in public and let me tell you that was an experience!! Oh my I've never been more self-conscious of myself in my life lol!!! I don't know why because people show cleavage all the time I just never have though Bahaha!

Love them!

Finally figuring out which bras fit me! After as many bras as I tried on I feel like I should work in a lingerie store and size people lol!! Anyway finally have a few that I love, however not having the same luck with swimsuits yet.. slow start there lol!! I bought a few because we went to the beach and I'm going on a cruise but I'm not sure they fit very well!! Regardless of all.. I still after 7-8 months love my boobs!!!!!

8 1/2 mths post op

Still loving them!!

Almost 1yr

Always feel like they're not very big but I guess I'm just use to them now lol.
Russell Boyd

Dr. Boyd doesn't use sizers to determine your implant size. You explain what you want, the look, along with pictures of shapes and sizes to help him understand your desire. He does, however, use implant sizers during the procedure to help determine what size and profile will look best on your body. He was right on!! Staff was great!!

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