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Hi everybody, I'm Louise from Paris, France, and...

Hi everybody, I'm Louise from Paris, France, and thanks to Frenchmilitary, I got to know this website. I'm 23 and already around 15 tattoos that I love. But the last one I got was a huge mistake! It was done exactly one year ago (january the 4th 2014) and I tried to cover up some parts of it last summer, in July 2014. The tattooist I went to see seemed not very interested in doing my tattoo (like some tattooist just need money so they do stuff they don't like and it's a real mess...). I should have canceled my second appointment (filling my outline with colors).. The thing is I had no idea which colors the tattooist had planed to use, and as you see on the pics I've posted, she changed some colors while she was tattooing me, and I think the turquoise blue has nothing to do with what's on the previous design: according to me, it just doesn't look right on my thigh..
Very soon after I got my second session with this tattooist, I just couldn't see myself with it, and even before it got healed I went to another tattooist and tried to change some parts of it. But it got worse! I had the snake colored in black, some flowers got some other black outline added, and the dagger some more colors added. I had two sessions to get the whole thing "retouched". Ho and btw, I was so embarrassed and sad about the whole story that I did not take a pictures of my final "cover up attempt", so you can only see that the snake is all black on the pic I took after my first 2 treatments.

So, talking about laser treatments, I had a first one in september 2014 with Q Switch NYag laser, which showed very encouraging results only on the black and red inks. After some research, I contacted another center where they use Picosure laser. So I had a second session with Pico on the 19th of December. I've been reading many reviews on this website, and many people seem to respond very well to the Pico treatments on colors, except from the black and red ink. If I saw a lot of fading on the black and red ink after my first Q Switch session, I saw none with the Pico because the doctor treated almost only the black and red ink... So I think I'm gonna have a talk with this doctor!
Forgot to say I'm always using a numbing cream, otherwise the pain is absolutely unbearable..

So today, what's happening? Well, I think I will probably undergo Q Switch for black and red and Pico for the other colors. I tried to book and appointment for a 3rd session with Pico before the end of january (I am traveling abroad for 3 months on january 30 until april 30) but they had no availability, so I booked up with Q Switch for the 23th of january and I will probably keep you updated a few days after I got this 3rd session done!

Finally, I would like to shout out a special thanks to Frenchmilitary and EvaG --> even if I don't know you Eva, I've been reading your review and you gave me SO MUCH HOPE! I know my tattoo is huge, and the colors are bright and the black ink is intense, and I'm not expecting a miracle. But if I manage to get this tattoo faded enough, then I'll get a great cover up.

That's all for today guys, thank you for your support :)

Onl one week left to spend in Mexico, soon to get my 3rd Pico treatment in Paris!


I haven't post anything for almost 3 months, and that's because juste as I told everyone in my first post, I had to go to Mexico to do some work on the field for my Master's degree.
Well, I only have good news so far!
I'll be back home (Paris) on the 29th of April, and I already booked at the laser center for my 3rd Pico treatment on May the 22nd. I couldn't book any earlier because my doctor only works on fridays and 1st and 8th of may are holidays in France and they had no space on the 15th.
Let me first say that this journey to Mexico cheered me up like crazy, I did not even think one second about my tattoo, even if I would have loved to go to the beach but as I already had 2 treatments it started to fade away and looks weird and even though I don't feel depressed at all because of it I still don't feel like I can show it off on the beach, but still, I am feeling great for the moment and I do hope nothing will get me down as I get back to France.
Maybe the only thing that worries me a bit is that summer is coming, temperatures are gonna rise and it's gonna be hard for me not to wear shorts or skirts and I'll have to find something to say to my family in order to avoid going to the coast and that's probably gonna be the worst part of this whole summer but anyway!

Also, I don't have much time to spend on crying for this tattoo since I have a thesis to write and finish for the 12th of June, and there's no way I'm doing/thinking about something else for the moment!

I forgot to add that I found an awesome tattooist downtown Mexico, and I am starting to get kind of a full traditional and colorful sleeve on my right arm and I am absolutely loving it. That's probably also helping on the tattoo removal process. You know when I started to get very depressed about my thigh tattoo, I also started to tell myself 'ho, maybe all the choices you've made so far according to tattoos are also crap and you screwed yourself', but actually I think that's my story, and I can't change it. I am starting to accept myself again and being proud of who I am, I know I'm not a fool person, and most important of all, I am starting to see my body as a great canvas, that can be modified in order to create something really beautiful and even greater each time.
Tattoos are said to be for ever, but with this removal process I am kind of understanding that even tattoos can be modified, just as an incredible painting. And that's my idea: getting pieces of art all over my body and all the tattoos that I did when I was too young are probably not a fatality and can certainly be enhanced.

That's all for the moment folks!!

I'll post something new as soon as I get my 3rd Pico treatment. Moreover, I can definitely say that I am starting to strongly believe in laser treatments as I could definitely see it fading away even 3 months after my second treatment I and feel it's really encouraging!!

Thank ya all for the support, WE CAN DO THIS!

PD: have you heard about this soon to be on the market tattoo removal pomade inventend by a Canadian or something like this? Does anybody knows if it's a hoax?? That would make many of us save a huuuuuge amount of money.. But who knows if that's true or not..

New tattoos done in Mexico!!

So, since some of you asked me to post some pictures of my new arm tattoos, I am going to please you guys :) I have this fan tattoo as a memory of my love for Mexico (I know this country since I am 9, and go there almost every year, and speak an almost perfect Mexican Spanish that makes me feel very proud haha), with a pyramid and a cactus (thos two symbols where chosen by my tattooist and I think it's very original and funny!). Then you have this biiiiiig traditional and colorful rose on my shoulder, which has no meaning to me, I just really liked the roses my tattooist does, and thought it would perfectly match my other projects. Then you have the small pink, red, black and yellow Mexican heart, which I love!! And finally you have my perfume bottle (done for one of my grandmothers), I think it's the prettiest, it's even prettier than I imagined before getting it on my skin!

That's all for the moment guys, I will get my 3rd Pico treatment on the 22nd of May, and will keep you updated for sure. I have many tattoo ideas in mind, and probably a good idea to get my thigh covered up nicely when I am done with the removal process... But for now I am waiting, I have a thesis to write :)

Tell me what you think about my new tattoos!

See you!


Hard to find a GOOD dermatologist...

SO DISAPPOINTED!! SO ANGRY!!! I had a very bad experience yesterday while going for my 3rd Pico treatment at a laser center in Paris.
I prepared myself for this session very meticulously, I was kinda excited to get my 3rd Pico treatment.. Well, I'll have to find another place..
That's what happened:
I get to the laser center and I check in at the main desk "I have an appointed with Dr K****** at 3:30 PM". I sit in the waiting room. I see the Dr K****** running to the laser room, which is very very close to the waiting room, she leaves the door open. Another Dr comes to her and they start talking. And it's precisely at this moment of the story that everything goes wrong. She starts telling the other Dr (in French.. sorry about the bad translation) : "Oh my god look at this! That's a huge tattoo. I don't want to treat this, I really don't want to, I hope she forgets about the session today, I don't want to do this I hope she won't be coming. I don't understand what she wants, and it's impossible to remove it anyway. That's totally fucked up". The other Dr makes a random comment about it but I don't really listen, because I know she is talking about me, she hasn't looked at the waiting room when running to her office so she didn't know I was around. She made many mistakes: I was there at the exact time I was supposed to get my session, so she should have been cautious and have looked around if I was there, plus I checked in at the main desk so she should have known that I was around. She left the door of her office open: she knew she could be heard.
I get to her office, and I say:
- "So you think it's all fucked up and you don't want to do this?"
- "Didn't your parents tell you it's disrespectful to listen behind the doors?"

Hard to find a GOOD dermatologist (2)

I don't understand why the website won't let me post the second half of the story... here it is:
- "Didn't your parents tell you it's disrespectful to listen behind the doors?"

Incredible news everyone!!!!

Dear you all,
My previous review never got entirely posted, I don't know why, so sorry guys!! But to make a long story short, I had a big argument with the dermatologist who was supposed to give me my third Pico treatment. I left the laser center before getting the treatment and paying. So the boss of the center called me to apologize, blablabla.. Well, surprise!!!! He called me again today to apologize again, and I guess he found out that very very bad review that I typed on google about their center... I actually don't know, but I just guess.. And he offered me a TOTAL FREE treatment from now on until we are done with my horrible leg tattoo. I just couldn't believe it! Wow, I already spent something like 2000 euros in total for the tattoo, the shitty cover up, the first Q-sWitch treatment and the second Pico treatment, it's a huge amount of money. I didn't call him back yet, but I will definitely do it next week or so. I just couldn't believe it. Can YOU believe it??? I hope the treatments will be effective at least hahahaa !
I just wanted to share this with you guys.

That's all for the moment, I'll keep you updated!!
Many thanks to everyone supporting me here :)

Take care!

Soon to get my third Pico treatment (for FREE!!)

Hi guys,

quick update to tell you this tuesday I will undergo my third laser treatment but first time for free! They also told me I will be given free EMLA topical anesthesia this time, awesome!
I will post some pics right after when I get home. Ok, it's gonna sound weird, but I really hope I'm gonna blister like crazy, because in my opinion that's a great indicator of an effective treatment. What I mean is that before I had the second Pico treatment (for which I switched from one center to another, thus from one professional to another) I couldn't really see anything like a fading, and know that I think of it I am pretty convinced that the fading through the months was due to the very first treatment I got with Q-Switch. I first decided to quit Q-Switch treatments because of scaring, and I read so many good things about the Pico removing all kind of colors, blablabla.. Well, that is to say that I had no blistering after my last Pico session, only a burning and itching, it was red and that's it... Like a big and very painful sunburn but nothing spectacular. Soooooooo, I hope I will blister a lot, be in a lot of pain, and experience a real difference!

That's all amigos :)

I'll keep you updated... very soon!

Third Pico treatment done (for free)


I just came back from the laser center and I am actually very happy about the treatment : my new doctor really knows what he's doing !
He used both Pico and Alexandrite lasers to try on some colors I have and see what's gonna be most effective and adapt my treatments accordingly. I am not paying a single dime for this (I am sorry I am repeating myself a lot with this, but it is a huge amount of money saved), and he told me it's gonna be free until I decide to stop. He's being very professional by giving me another appointment for the next session in exactly 4 weeks in order to have quicker results as unlike Q-Switch it doesn't take 2 months with Pico in between two treatments.
He also told me something very important that I have verified through the past 4 months: effective results with Pico are seen only 3 months after the treatments. I actually could see some fading while I was in Mexico (for exactly three months) on the blue rose, which hadn't fade at all with my very first treatment with Q-Switch. So, Pico IS effective on all colors, and everything fades away pretty well across time.

I really hope I'll be able to keep on with treatments every single months in order to be done faster!

Here's a pic of my leg, just a few hours after my laser session (sorry for my panties!!). I have very little blistering, which is "comfortable" compared with Q-Switch post-act reactions, but I my doctor told me blisters are not a good indicator for effectiveness for Pico. If there's too much blistering with Pico, then it probably means that the doctor pushed the settings too hard and the skin could be damaged, although very little because Pico is very safe even on maximum settings.

That's all for the moment, I'll post some pics in a few days!

Bye bye :)


Day 1 after 3rd Pico treatment

So, here's a pic of my leg only one day after my 3rd Pico treatment. I have a lot of blistering!!!! It doesn't hurt that much, and I don't know if that's just my mind being too positive or a light effect or a real progress but I can already see some fading on the black of the snake and some parts of the red as well as the blue rose. SO HAPPY!
2 blisters already popped out, I know I told yesterday that I wasn't supposed to blister but maybe the heat here in Paris (40ยบ celsius) didn't help! Whatever happened, I am happy and I can't wait for my leg to heal up and see what's going on.

What do you think??


4th treatment down!!

Hi everyone!

Almost forgot to update my review ! I had my 4th Pico treatment a week ago (last tuesday), and once again I can definitely see more fading. I am very happy, even though I know I still have a long way to go through! The blue of the flower is almost gone, I hope I won't be able to see any blue within two more sessions, the red has almost turned into pink, but most importantly the big pink flower of the bottom has changed a lot: 50% of the thin black outline is GONE like... GONE GONE !!! I can't believe it! That is so encouraging.
For the thickest black outline I'll probably have to go for Q-Switch, but for the moment I'll keep on with Pico treatment as I can definitely see a change on all the vivid colors. I had a lot of blistering just as for my last treatment, I didn't think about taking a picture because I had a lot to do last week, but the blisters were very big and annoying, so I decided to squeeze them. I know it's not the best idea I've come up with but I feel way more comfortable now without the blisters, moreover I thought: if blisters explode on their own when you sleep for example, why shouldn't I squeeze them to feel more comfortable during the healing process? Maybe it's dumb, but so far I don't see any difference or any problem while I'm healing.
My 5th treatment is planned for august the 31st, and as my doctor told me 3 months are necessary to see a big difference in terms of fading, I'm pretty excited to get my next treatment down, heal and see the progress of the fading.
My doctor also told me that new wave lengths will be available for the Pico in September, so the Pico will be even more effective on colors such as red, black, yellow, orange and purple (if I remember well...), and thats awesome news! I am likely not to have to go for Q-Switch, I don't know, it will depends on what my doctor think what's going to be most effective.
Here are a few pictures a few days after my 4th treatment, blisters 3 or 4 days after, weird orange liquid suppurating out of the blisters (gross!), and a picture from today.

Tomorrow I'll be in London to visit a good friend of mine who's living and working there and I'll get some more tattoos on my right sleeve this thursday!! Very excited!! And also very pleased with the healing as I won't have to struggle with my leg in London since I don't have blisters anymore and I don't experience anymore pain. Good thing I had my treatment a week ago :)

tell me what you think guys!! I'll post pictures of my sleeve next weekend if you wish to see my in progress tattooed arm :D

New tattoos on the way!! Happy so far

Dear you all,

I haven't been able to update my review lately since I've been on a trip to London and busy visiting some old friend of mine who's been living there for quite a while now, but most importantly I had the chance to book in with a fabulous traditional tattoo artist that I admire so much, and got two new additions to my right sleeve! As some of you requested a picture, here you go!!

So the spider was done around a month ago by a very nice mexican tattooist based in Cagliari. I met him a the Brugge tattoo convention (Belgium). I had a blast there, Belgian beers are to die for, the city is beautiful and I feel really happy to have spent a weekend over just on my own, visiting museums and getting a cool traditional tattoo by a cool guy who even offered me to stay over at his place if I ever wanted to get more artwork done by him in Cagliari.

Even cooler, two weeks ago I got an incredible snake head (I guess I tried to compensate for the ugly one I still got on my stupid leg) that perfectly matches my spider, and I also got my little candle that I love sooooo much. The square candle holder was inspired by the one that I got at home which was given to me by my lovely grandmother.

So now you know the whole story guys!!

I won't post any pictures of my post 4th Pico treatment healed leg because I am really looking forward for the 5th session on august 31st, hoping for some more fading. I will then post something and hopefully you guys will be able to tell me honestly what you think about my whole process.

lots of love to you all, thank you for being so supportive, I am so glad I got to know this website, I got to learn to be more self-confident, even if I still don't feel like showing off my leg, but my arm kind of compensates for it now, so I'll just be patient :)

PD: already booked a few appointments with lovely tattooists for 2016. I have learnt my lesson: do some research about what's getting done in the tiny tattoo world, point out what you like and what you don't, get inspired, and get to catch the perfect artist even if you have to travel a bit sometimes :)

5th Pico treatment down!

Hi everyone!!

Didn't have a chance to surf on realself lately, but will do next weekend for sure! Just a quick update to tell you guys that I just had my 5th Pico treatment yesterday, and I feel the more I'm going through this, the happier I am: I can definitely see some changes, some fading, even though it takes time and I still have a long way to go. As some of you who have been following me (maybe) from the beginning, I am not seeking a total removal, 1st because I'm not a fool, and I know even if I undergo a hundred treatments a "ghost tattoo" is the most optimistic result I can possibly and eventually get, and 2nd because I am really looking for a great cover up, thus an "average" fading of my leg tattoo might be acceptable for the cover up idea I have so far. I've heard many times from professionals that feathers, for example, are the best for cover ups. I was thinking about a French rooster which feathers are kind of reddish, brownish, well, let's say very dark, and some grapevine leaves, both as a reminder of my French origins, since many of the tattoos I already have and I am planning to get are related to my love for Mexico and Africa.
Anyways, let's get back to my 5th Pico treatment. I decided to get to the laser center 2 hours before undergoing the treatment because it isn't close to my house, I have to take the subway for 45 minutes, and putting the EMLA at home exactly an hour and a half before the expected hour of the treatment, having to wrap up my leg with cling film and walking through the city, getting on the subway is not confortable at all, the cream moves all around and some areas of the tattoo do not get anesthetized. Long story short, I applied the EMLA exactly an hour and 15 minutes before my appointment at the laser center. BUT, my doctor showed up earlier than scheduled and I had the EMLA on for only 1 hour before my treatment... LOT OF PAIN!!! It was really hard to get through the whole procedure, it hurt so much!! But I did it anyways. I didn't want to leave with half the tattoo treated, so I swallowed the pain and went through it... I will definitely leave the cream at least 1h30 before my next session, maybe even more.
So far, as I said, I am quite satisfied with the results: even my friend Frenchmilitary got pretty impressed by the changes. My next treatment will be on October 13th, no appointments available before that day with my doctor. Plus my leg will have around 2 weeks (added to the minimum of a month in between 2 Pico treatments) to rest a little more.
So here's a picture of the next day after my 5th treatment. I asked the doctor if he had changed the settings and he told me he had changed the wave length of the machine, resulting in a greater fragmentation of the ink cells (or something like that.. I can't remember the exact scientific words he used). While he was treating me, he told me my skin was responding very well to the laser: the tattoo got very very white, and apparently that's a good sign! And as you can see on the picture, I don't have as much blisters as I used to, I am not experiencing any big big problems with the healing, like pain, or not being able to move my leg too much. It's more like a not so so big sunburn: I can totally walk without being handicapped too much (I wouldn't dare to run though hahah), it's not painful when I shower, I can sleep without too much trouble and thank god in almost any position I want in my bed!

So yeah, that's pretty much all for the moment guys, I'll try to post another picture this weekend to show you guys how it's healing!!

Thanks again for your support :))) keep the faith!

My first BEFORE/AFTER picture!!

Hi everyone!!

I know I had promised to keep you updated very soon after I got my 5th treatment, but things got crazy here for me, I went on vacation and did many things so I totally forgot to update my review.
So I just stumbled on Alex912's comment and I told myself I owe you my first before/after treatment picture :)

I am sorry I don't have a picture of my freshly done tattoo without any treatment, the only picture I have to compare with is my after 1st laser treatment picture. But I think you can still get a good idea of the fading.

Here's my montage, please let me know what do you think about my removal process, because you know, as it's myself judging myself it's harder to tell if I'm doing well or not. So far I'm very happy but I don't know if the results are optimal or not!

I have an appointment for my 6th Pico treatment for October the 13th, but I might have to cancel it and get another appointment for November. I had several treatments in a short period of time, I guess my leg needs a little rest in order to catch up even better with laser treatments :)

Have a great day everyone!!

a larger picture :)

a larger picture :) 2

I have to wait for my 6th treatment ????

Well, today I was supposed to get my 6th pico treatment, but i will finally get it on January the 4th instead :(
Booking for it has been a huge mess: I called around two weeks ago to postpone my next treatment as I was supposed to go through some medical testing at the hospital (nothing bad, my doctors just wanted to make sure my health was good and I had no major problems, just a complete check up), and for a test in particular I needed to have my body clean and no "wounds" in the process of healing) and as I wasn't given the day of that test, I thought it would be safer to postpone my next treatment. That being said, my laser center had no appointment available before next January, so I sadly had to accept it.
Well, what a shame for me! I got told at the hospital a few days later that I won't be able to get tested on MRI since I have a few tattoos done in Mexico like ages ago and the inked used might not be clean of some "dangerous" components.. Yeah I was 18 and i was quite dumb.. I got worried about whether I'll be able to get an MRI in the future of my health condition really needs to go through it, and the doctors told me that I had nothing to worry about since many people have the same problems with tattoos and doctors will always find a way to have my tested if I can't have an MRI. I was also told that for my health check up (which is now) it won't be that much of a problem to know if something is wrong so I could easily calm down.
Thus, I called back my laser center to ask if I could still have my treatment on October the 13th and they said it was taken since I canceled.
The real mess begins here: last week I was called back by the laser center because they had a problem with their agenda: they had lost all the appointments with the patients. As I was given an appointment at the hospital to keep on with my intense health check up on October 13th in the meanwhile, I gave them my new appointment for January the 4th. And surprise!! Their agenda system got back to normal, and I was called back yesterday on October the 12th by the laser center : "you have an appointment for tomorrow the 13th, are you still coming?"
Bbrrerrrrrraaaaaaa my blood was boiling!! Haha I could've get my 6th treatment today if I hadn't booked another appointment at the hospital for my check up, if I was told earlier i won't get an MRI, and if the laser center hadn't have this agenda problem...
Anyways, I will be calling my laser center back just in case somebody cancels his appointment with my doctor, and if I can't get an appointment before January, I'll just give my leg some more rest until I can catch up again with pico treatments.
Even if the fading is still far from my "ideal" fading, here's an incredible cover up done by one of my favorite artists (maybe the one I'll pick up for my leg cover up) that gives me so much hope and makes me think about maybe not waiting too long to get my cover up.

What do you think guys? Do you think I should keep up with treatments for a while, or should I consider a cover up in the near future?

Thanks!! Lots of love for you

Would love to share with you my cover up ideas

Hey guys!

As I have to wait a few months for my 6th pico treatment (my blood is boiling I feel so impatient but what can I do?), I would like to share with you some of my ideas for my cover up. Here are a few pictures of a rooster with pretty dark colors, this rooster is known as the "northern french fighter", not that I like rooster fights, not at all! But many things made me think it would be a great symbol as well as a good cover up design:
- this rooster is famous for being very strong and big, proud and pretty. Decades ago, when it was still legal (good thing it's not anymore!), this rooster was raised in the north of France for fighting. I had a tough life story so far: both of my parents brutally died 5 years ago, when I was 18. Now I have very little family around me and it's been very hard for me to catch up with everything, classes, friends, and life in general. I got raped by an ex boyfriend 3 years ago, I know that sounds weird, you wouldn't ever think your boyfriend could be that kind of person. I had many bad thoughts for many years. My horrible leg tattoo was supposed to represent my anger against all I've had to go through, being smashed by the dagger, like a revenge symbol. I guess it was not the best idea I've ever had in my life.. But lets move on and blast this stupid snake and dagger with a beautiful rooster, what do you think?
- the second reason is that I've heard many times feathers are great for cover ups. I've seen many times incredible artists covering up awful tattoos with different birds, and it always works great. Plus the rooster I've chosen has dark colors as you can see. So I guess it's my best option! Again, what do you think?
- my last but not least reason for getting a rooster cover up is that the rooster design will never look as agressive as the stupid snake and dagger, the colors are more beautiful. I don't want anything agressive anymore on my body, I want pieces of art, not pieces of anger and fury!

So guys, in the (very long) meanwhile, what do you think about my cover up idea?? Do you have any other suggestions for me? I would love to hear your suggestions and consider them, I still have pleeeeeeenty of time :)

By the way, I am getting a microdermal piercing next week on my lovely orange mexican fan on my right sleeve, and I will get a little olive branch gap filler tattoo on my right sleeve as well. I will post some pictures if you wish so!!
I am also trying to book with a great French tattooist to get my elbow tattooed in January but this guy is aaaaaaaalways traveling everywhere so it's hard to catch him up, I'm crossing fingers!!

That's all for the moment folks, thank you for being so supportive! :)

cover up ideas 2

Forgot to add something important!!

As you might have noticed I'm a huge fan of traditional tattooing. But I don't think it will be possible to get a traditional cover up tattoo as this tattoo style very often uses negative space on the skin to create a good traditional design.. And I need to cover up every inch of my disgusting thigh tattoo... So I was thinking about getting a neo traditional cover up rooster, which wouldn't be too weird with all the work I already have on my arms for example.
So I am currently torn in between two artists, both from northern european countries (I don't mind making the trip as long as I get something really awesome on my leg), you can probably check out their work on IG or any other social network, I've already asked them if they would agree to do cover ups and they do :) I just need to send an email to talk about my project and see if they're up for it!

- Fruduva
- Karigrat

I think they would both do a great job, but even if they both do neo traditional tattooing, their tattoos are very differents. Fruduva does some darker stuff, but she does incredible birds, and Karigrat has some very feminine and bright designs, delicate and refined.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to lately, thinking and thinking about my tattoos and my cover up!

Looking forward to hearing from you guys, take care :)

New small additions to my sleeve !!

Hello hello :)

Today, Saturday, I didn't plan to go to the Montreuil Tattoo Convention in Paris, buuuuuuut I had nothing better to do and a friend of mine, a tattooist, was there so I went to say hi. AND... Many awesome artists were there, so I couldn't help myself and got some tiny tattoos! Such a great feeling not being afraid of getting new ink on myself :)
Some of you wanted to see the progress on my sleeve, so here it is! Tell me what you think!
Actually the little ghost was a tattoo a already had but I got it covered with the spider on my wrist, it was more coherent this way. But I always loved this little ghost (it's from a book of my childhood so it had a strong meaning to me) this I decided to get it as a gap filler! The girl who did my tattoo also had some cute black cat flashes and I picked up one because she said she would do it for the same price! I liked the black cat because it reminds me of the cat my parents had before I was born, it was precisely a black cat, we never got friends but I know my parents loved their cat. So here I my black kitty :)

Can't wait to add some more cool stuff to this sleeve!!

Hope you have a great weekend folks!

Close up of my spider tattoo!!

As requested by Eva, here's a close up of my spider tattoo :)
If anyone wants a close up pic of any other tattoo that I have, I'll be glad to do so! Just let me know!!

New additions to my sleeve (always!)

Hey everybody :)

So as you might have noticed I'm always adding stuff to my sleeve.. I feel like I have entered a bodmod phase that it's hard to stop! I have new ideas every months and since I am not in college this year (taking a year off, I needed to take a break), I am feeling an intense need of pursuing something, completing myself and accomplish some stuff that I have been thinking about for a while now.
Sooooooo yesterday I went to my local piercer and got this little cutie on my forearm! I didn't think about getting it for a long time, as we say in French I felt like going for it "just as if I wanted to take a pee" (don't know if that understandable but it means I didn't think of it for too long and wanted it quickly just as the willing came).
And today I went for another small gap filler tattoo: an olive branch. This wasn't an idea I came up with the night before, this was planned a few months ago. I did it for my grand parents who are currently living in the region of France where we produce olive oil. That's the only reason why hahaha not a very strong reason for getting a tattoo right? Well, I think it's cute anyways.

Here are some pictures of my most recent body mods. What do you think guys?

Brrrrrrr I still have to wait for so long until I get my 6th treatments :(. Good thing my birthday is close now (2nd of November) and Christmas is also on the way!!

Hope you're all doing well guys, see ya!
Doctor Mazer

Working in Paris at CLIPP centre, very professional, gives good information of before/after treatments, knows what he does and takes care of his clients. If you're living in Paris, he's definitely the doctor you need to contact for your laser removal!

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