Huge Coloured Regret I Want to Erase but Feel Hopeless - Paris, France

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Hi I am Jeremy from France and I have a calf...

Hi I am Jeremy from France and I have a calf tattoo that I regret so much: it was made 3 mounths ago by a famous artist I thought talented. I am not an impulsive person usually but I now realize that I decided Too Quick. I have a flower lotus that I have made inked in thailand 5 years ago and I allways found it "Too Alone" so I d├ęcided to ad a layer and a "golden buddha" head in a japanese style. So I looked for an artist in France. I found someone who seemed understand my project and we designed the drawing together. The problem is that I didn't expext so much darkness a layer like that! Now I hate it everyday I Wake up in the morning, I dont eat and dont work out anymore : I am sad and often cry . I used to be a positive and self-confident person and now I am making my family and my girlfriend sad... I had an appointment with a Medical center in Paris which have the picosure : the problem : it is colour full and big! the woman told me that a complete removal is impossible for me because Of the red ink but a cover Would be possible. She told it Would be done in two parts each mounths for a total Of 900 $ a mounth! She also told me that They dont use "cooler" during the process and that it Would be very painfull and difficult to walk normally during healing process.. I dont Know What to do because my tattoo is even not finished . If I begin the journey I fear to fail and regret even More . I post Some pictures Of This terrible mistake on my leg.

First session : pain and patience

Hello my journey begin: I had my first session today for the Whole leg , I put numbing cream and the pain was bearable : it took 30 minutes and the doctor was very professional . Now its burning so much, I just want to sleep and eat. I Will post photos soon.

20 days after session 1st

there are some photos ater 20 days of picosure first session,
the 15 days of healing were quite difficult, the leg swollen and with a lot of scabs, the blisters were huge on the flower. It was difficult to walk normally and do sport during 2 weeks.
My tattoo is really less dark but not very fade. So I don't know if I will continue because the colours are bright. So maybe I will keep it like that because I want to be able to my boxing training. fortunately I got a wonderfull family and friends who support me. It is just a tattoo, I got the choice to continue like that during 1 year or to do other tattoos around.

After 1 mounth

So after 1 mounth I dont Know if I Will continue : the colours are less dark and I am ok with it but I am still unhappy with the design Of the face. So I Will take my Time before a second treatment decision because I want to be sure it worth it. I am no longer in a bad mood because I realized how Lucky I am : I have a good health, a loved girlfriend, family, friends and it is just ink. :-)

2nd session

I have my 2nd session on monday 17th (about 2 mounths after session 1) I am a little bit nervous about blistering but I will be on holidays so its gonna be alright.

switch laser

After 2nd session I don't see any results,
so I decided to change laser for an Nd:YAG 532nm, I will begin in january : it will be less expensive and efficient on my red and orange colours.

after 2nd picosure session

no changing, should I continue?

new tattoo and start of part cover up

I decided to have a new tattoo, this time I am really really happy with,
and will I keep erasing the buddha to cover on it.
The artist who made my new tattoo will cover the flower with a better lotus flower. the kanji will be covered too .I begin to see the light.

start of my cover up

Hello so this the start of my cover up and I am very happy with it. We covered the kanji letters with a tibetan skull head, and the flower is covered too with a better lotus flower we broke the line under the flower, we did 2 sessions, last photo was just after it was done. I will post more photos after healing. next session we will colour the skull in gold yellow and start to cover the buddha face with a better face. Thanks for watching.


My cover up healed

Hello , This is my cover up after healing , I Will do one more session for the colour of the skull. I Will probably continue to zap the buddha face to cover it up next year.

Next step : the face.

Idea for the face

Maybe a mask like this one.

after a year: new cover up

Hi, I finally decided to go for my cover up, my tattoo artist created the design: a snake covering the buddha I didn't like.
Need more work as I decided to go for a full leg sleeve in this japanese style.
I have no regrets because I hated the buddha design so much... I still love buddhas but not like that on the leg... My laser removal journey is ending : This was hell : the pain, the cost, the time, the doubts... But finnally it is over and for me this a huge statisfaction. just 3 sessions before my cover up. that was just ink there is so much worse in life: illness, hunger, death... Thanks to a strong family support I went throw this... Sorry for my english I am french.

side view

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