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Hello - I have PIP implants since 2006 by a top...

Hello - I have PIP implants since 2006 by a top breast surgeon to replace my ancient implants which had ruptured. I had my oldies for over 20 years. PIP implants were manufactured in France and hyped as the most natural looking breasts. Then, it was discovered that the manufacturer fraudulently used illegal chemicals to build them to save Euros. The official news release came out in 2011 with several reports of aggravated breast cancers reappearing and lymph cancer reported. I consulted with my surgeon who reassured me that there was no risk and no need to undergo unnecessary surgery unless I had a rupture. So......I lived under the sword of Damacles until July 2013 when a rupture was discovered on my right breast.

The MRI doctor as well as my breast surgeon immediately took the position that I replace and end of story. I was taken aback that no other option should even be considered. My breast surgeon said I would have regrets if I had them removed and I could have the new ones removed in 10 years or so. I pointed out that in 10 years I would be faced with retirement and a potentially weaker body. At any rate, I new that I would no replace them but when through weeks of anger, fear and resentment over all these crap. My mother originally had encouraged and then funded my first implants when I was too naive to understand the long-term implications. Of course, wanting to gain my mother's "iffy" love weighed very heavily into the initial implants.

Roll forward to the first rupture and my French, world-class surgeon convinced me that I absolutely must replace but could replace with smaller ones. I was highly skeptical and consulted my general practioner who said "he is the doctor; he knows best". I was stupid and had them replaced with this PIP implants. Now, am angry at myself, the surgeon and my doctor.

As an aside, I have experienced significant and sometimes crippling auto-immune problems since 2009 -- joint pain, tingling in hands and feet, fatigue, twitching muscles, etc. I can't confirm that this is not a result of the implants but would like to know if anyone noticed improvement in these types of symptoms after explanation.

I have my pre-op appointment on Friday, 13 September, with my surgeon to finalize that the implants will not be replaced despite that my breasts will not look the same. Currently, I am a 34C and will go to a 34A/B. Big deal. My surgeon is a good guy and means well but I really expected him to walk me through this decision instead of coming off as "I know best". I HATE how much stress these implants have put me through but will miss that I had breasts which were really perfect for me. I guess there comes a time when all things must pass.

Surgery is 24 September in Paris and have mixed emotions due to the pain and my new look but now that I have made the right decision for me.

Just some questions:
-- how can I build my body up pre-op and post-op?
-- what are good bra and swimming suit brands?
-- did autoimmune issues clear up post-op and how long afterwards?

I really appreciate your feedback and will put up photos when I have them.

Pre-Op Photos

Photo of my small implants to be removed. Expect to go from a C cup to a full A or small B cup. Keeping fingers crossed...

Had appointment with anathesiologist

Apparently, the surgery for a simple removal will be relatively painless compared to replacing implants. Will be in surgery one (1) hour and then into recovery. I will be most interested whether this will resolved my several hip joint and knee joint pain. I know I am making the right decision. I also looked at the possibility of lipo replacement as an option only if after one year I am just unhappy and miserable. I'll gain one-half cup size (not terribly significant) but the simple fact that there are options besides plastic implants gave me even more impetus. Anyway, surgery is in a couple of days (24 Sept) and then....well, we'll see... :-)

Surgery done, done, done!

Surgery was completed yesterday and all went well. Right breast ruptured but no silicone was absorbed into the tissue and my body had already put a capsule around it. This surgery is 10x less painful then replacement implants. Spent one night in the hospital, have sore breasts but nothing terribly dramatic. Have flat upper sides of my breasts but still have breasts and...guess what....they don't look half bad all things considered. Will update over the coming weeks but so far, so good. Also, the surgeon and his surgical nurse were EXCELLENT.

Week 3 Post-Op

Week 3 has arrived and suddenly hit by a hard fatigue and was a bit too optimistic about returning to work. Am lucky enough to be able to work from home until I feel better. I ordered a Maidenform sports bra on-line and am looking forward to this. I still experience some pain in the sutures but overall my breasts look fine. My doctor told me to start massaging with scar cream in about 3 weeks when the sutures have completely healed. My advice to anyone is to drink lots of water, take immune booster vitamins and eat loads of protein. In fact, I crave meat like never before. I still must take something to help me sleep but plan to reduce that dosage by start of Week 4 post-of.
Krishna Clough

Doctor Clough is a specialist in breast oncology and breast reconstruction. He is a well-respected surgeon and considered top in his field world-wide. He did a great job initially (I didn't have breast cancer, by the way.) and I respect his work and his human approach to his patients. Am puzzled though that most doctors assumed that a replacement of implants was the only option.

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