Lipo and BBL with the Doctor F. Hamza in 10 Days !!! France, FR

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Hey girls ! I'm gonna get a full liposution + a...

Hey girls ! I'm gonna get a full liposution + a Brazilian Butt lift in Paris with the doctor Hamza . I hope to be satisfied , I start feeling really nervous !
I loved finding some devious on this website , so I thought I would do the same! I really want the hour glass figure and a bigger but, that looks natural though ! (Not looking for a Kim K butt).
I met the doctor about 10 days ago, took my decision 3 days later .
Anyone has done this surgery with the doctor Hamza ?
Do you girls advice me to buy anything in particular before the surgery ?

Start to Stress out ! 2 days pre-op !!

I'm getting my lipo and bbl in less 2 days ! Really start to stress out ! I go a job abroad 9 days later ! So I'm not sure wether I will be able to travel or not...
Also, I'm so scared about the pain I will have, as well as the result !

Wish list !!

It's the day !

I am on my way to the hospital !
Feeling nervous, not sure wether I wanna do the arms or not !

I did it !!!!

It's been few hours now !
I am still at the hospital . Dr Hamza said he took 4,5 liters , and injected 1 L per butt, I recon this is 1000 cc each.
It's not too painful really, I expected more. It only hurts when I move. I haven't seen the results yet, as I wanted to stand but was about to faint !
My bf took a picture of my bum ... Seems big ! I don't want a Kim K bum , I'll see how it is in a few days :) I'll keep you updated ! :)

Big butt !

I'm a bit worried ... I didn't expect such a big butt ! Really hope I will lose at least half of this ...

I feel huge

I took off my garment for the first time today ! Was so nervous ! I feel so big right now ! I can't wait to see the results in few weeks and months . For now, I think my butt is too big!

6 days post op ;)

I feel SO MUCH better today . Less pain, I'm talking very few medicine . I can walk properly , I bought a new garment today, with butt in , as the one I had was butt out , and I was scared that my butt doesn't gett a round shape .
Also, I really feel like I got a huge butt, too much was injected lol
Dc Hamza said it is the first time someone complains about this . Usually, girls always want more !
So I started sitting , so I loose a bit of it :)

12 days post op

I start seeing results ! I am still swollen, but away less !
I had a long week end of work (events ), I can work nearly normally , my back hurts and legs still a little .
I know love my butt and hope it will stay like this . I already lost some fat , so I feel it is perfect now .
I will post some pictures soon !
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