Aquamid Late Complications - looking for help in the U.S - Paris, France

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In 2001 or 2002 I decided to fill my lips a little...

in 2001 or 2002 I decided to fill my lips a little bit. I was referred to a reputable doctor; Dr Bachelier. I was then living France, and that's where he practices. I do not remember the name of the original product but he injected something that was supposed to last about a year. I was very happy with the result, and it actually lasted a little bit over a year. In 2004 I decided to return to Dr Bachelier to repeat the procedure. But I asked him if he had any filler that would last longer. He said that he had something that would last about 5 years, called Aquamid. From what he explained it would be the same process where the filler is absorbed into the body over time. I went for it, and the result was amazing. My lips were beautiful and natural looking. I had no complications after the injection, aside from some bruising. Years went by and my lips were the same. I remember noticing it and wondering about it. I started researching the product just by sheer curiosity of why the volume wasn't decreasing. At this point I moved the United States. Through google, and message boards I learned that this product might be permanent, but also that some people experienced late complications, that the product was not fda approved. At this point I had no problems, but was just curious and reading up on the product. Fast forward to about 2012. one morning I woke up and felt that something on my upper lip felt strange. When I went to the bathroom I noticed there was a little pimple-like raised growth in that spot on the upper lip. I absolutely panicked. It looked a little inflamed & I put topical antibiotic on it. I wasn't sure if it was on the surface like an actual pimple. Or if this was from the aquamid. In a couple of days it seemed to go down. And then it was barely perceptible. But from that point on it has remained there. A year ago, when I was in France I decided to visit Dr Bachelier and have him examine it, which he did. I asked him questions about the product and the complications. He didn't tell me much but just that sometimes these sort of things can happen in later years. He suggested that we can inject something into the area to make it go down ( product called diprostane I believe - which is french of course, but not sure if it's a steroid or antibiotic), but after examining me thoroughly said it was so small he didn't want to risk any infection and decided not to inject anything. At that point I was actually relieved, because tinkering with my lips more frightened me.
Unfortunately, about 2 weeks ago I started feeling something in that area of my lip again. I wasn't sure if I was paranoid or if it was changing. But I'm under the impression that the little growth is changing a bit. I can see it sometimes more than others depending on time of day or lighting. I did a lot of research and couldn't really find answers. So I contacted Aquamid directly. They were actually quite helpful. They listen to my whole story and directed me to a doctor in my area in the Midwest who has done a two-year U.S study with them, and knows a lot about the product. My big fear was not finding a knowledgeable doctor in the US since Plastic Surgeons here don't know much about aquamid. The lady even went as far as contacting the doctor for me to avert him. His name is Steven Dayan and he practices in Chicago. I'm going to call him tomorrow. She said he would either treat me with antibiotics or try to remove some of the product from that area via needle aspiration ( I know from reading this isn't easy to do). I do have to admit that I am absolutely frightened about the future. I don't know what will happen with this product in 10-20 years and the effects it will have on my body and appearance. I don't know what my lips will look like after aspiration (the lady from aquamid said the area might be uneven), and how safe that procedure would be. I wish I had know this was permanent because I wouldn't have done it. She said they are working on new procedures to remove the product, or rather to breakdown the biotin with ultrasound, but have not perfected it yet. After I have my consultation I will post more info. And if you know of Doctors in the U.S who have experience with aquamid, please post here as I am sure this will be helpful to a lot of people

2004 Aquamid lip injection update

Hi all! It's 12/13 years after the procedure. My lips are still full. The good news is, that little bump on my lip didn't require further operations. Both Dr Bachelier and Dr Dayan, advised me not to touch the bump, as it was very small. I also feel the bump, which resembles more or a tiny pouch, seems to have dissipated a bit, and is even smaller now. At this point I think it is only really perceptible to me and a skilled Doctor. It doesn't bother me aesthetically that much.
I am still a bit concerned about the future, and what will happen with this product in my lips, down the line; whether it will affect my health and look. However, I feel a little better knowing that there are at least a few skilled professionals in the U.S who could offer some potential solutions .
Dr Bachelier

Ok. Skilled at his trade, but not very informative. Told me product would last 5 years, when in fact it is a permanent filler. If I knew it was permanent I would have never agreed to the injection. Also, didn't describe complications, aside from swelling and bruising post injection.

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