50 Years Old, En Bloc Breast Implant Removal with Mastopexy

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I am French and want to appologize if my English...

I am French and want to appologize if my English is not perfect but I want to share my experience because I think it is very important for women to be aware of the consequences of breast implants.

I used to live in L.A. and worked for a plastic surgeon in B.H. He did a breast augmentation on me in 2004 and placed Mentor silicone implants in size 275cc. In 2007, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto, a thyroid condition, and my health went down hill. I felt like I was 80 years old and suffered from articulation pain, asthma, weight gain, early menopause, depression, difficulty concentrating, fatigue. In 2013, an MRI showed some silicone droplets in the right armpit but no rupture.

In 2015, I started to experience numbness in my right breast, tingling and pain in the right arm and hand and fingers, and some burning sensation in the right armpit that was, at times, very painful. I even called the emergency doctor once because I thought I was dying. I also suffered from sweats, insomnia, frequent urination..... I did another MRI that showed no difference with the 2013 MRI and no rupture.

Although the MRI showed no rupture, I knew I needed to take them out asap. I consulted with 3 different surgeons and went with the one who recommended an en-bloc removal with a lift.

The surgery went very well BUT the right implant WAS in fact ruptured. No wonder I had this burning sensation in my right armpit !!!! I stayed overnight at the clinic and it was very beneficial. The nurse came in every hour to check my drains, blood pressure and temperature and changed my bandages. 24 h post op my drains were removed and I went back home. 2 weeks post op, I developped an unpainful hematoma on the left breast and I think it was due to vaccuuming so I had to rest more and take it easy.

1 month later, the hematoma was still there and my surgeon said it would take about 2 months to resorb and there was nothing to do. I decided to apply heat, apply arnica gel and use my ultrasonic device on the hematoma and it really works! It has reduced in size and I will keep doing this until gone. My scars were quite red and my surgeon recommended Kelo-Cote and it works well.

So I am now 2 months 1/2 post-op and I am so happy I got rid off these implants. Immediately after the surgery, the numbness in my right breast disappeared as well as the pain in my arm, hand and neck, no more tingling and burning sensation. I can sleep on my stomach, I have more energy, the pain is gone, no more sweats, my brain is working better.... So glad I did it.

I forgot to upload a photo of my breasts before the surgery, with the implants

Dr J.M. Faivre

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