Tummy tuck incision issues

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Just to set some context, I'm 5'2" and weigh about...

Just to set some context, I'm 5'2" and weigh about 120 lb. I have 4 kids, 9-2 and they were HUGE, which meant I was too. I went from 112 to 174 with my first. I breast fed all of them. I'd like to say that took its toll on my breasts, but the reality is in ever had much to speak of. I look like my boobs melt into my stomach, which melts into my hips then into my thighs. Sexy, right? I'm 3 days from having a tummy tuck and breast augmentation and have thought about hip or thigh lipo, but am nervous about the money. I also think I own some of the physique ( although. I'm open to reconsider this position ).

I'd love to say I've considered it seriously for a long while, but the truth is, that except for a few months after my first child when I realized the extent of the damage, I never seriously considered doing the full makeover. The boobs have been a want for a long time, but with college, a mortgage and a job on Wall St ( read sexist male dominated industry ), it didn't really seem like a good idea. Then, I got a very lucrative job offer and I'm contractually obligated to wait 60 days to start and I drove past a surgeon's office and BAM realself here I am. I've seen one surgeon, but the office was phenomenal, he is clearly bright and gets very good reviews from his patients. Several of his staff have had TT or BA so I booked the same day I saw him. Jeez... Reading this I sound mental!

I'm nervous about the recovery... More about the emotional than physical. I'd rather give birth to a 10 lb kid than have baby blues. I'm nervous about immobility, I am active and get bored if I'm penned in. I'm nervous about the impact on the family.

What I want is to get my stomach back, I used to be so petite and trim, and I've always wanted boobs. How fun are they!?! I'm something like a 34 aa and would like to be a large B or small C. Do you think 350 cc would be a good fit?

OK, so I'm lying about the pain. I just stubbed my toe and it hurt. Now I'm freaked about the pain too!

I have my last 3 days at my current job, then I have surgery in Friday. I have the attention span of a goldfish right now and the nerves of a devil in a church. Any tricks to help the time pass?

What low sodium foods did you eat?

I'm 2 days and a wake-up from the big day and I'm...

I'm 2 days and a wake-up from the big day and I'm starting to question the implant size I want to go with. I picked 350 cc with my husband, but looking at more pics, I'm afraid it will look too big. I loved my breast feeding boobs and they were a 36 b, but I felt a little bigger would have been OK. Any advise? I'm going to be brave and post some pics today. Thanks to everyone who is putting up reviews, it helps to see others' experience... It also gives me new things to stress :).

My two girls have mild head colds and I'm treating...

My two girls have mild head colds and I'm treating them like they have small pox. Did anyone else do that? 2 more days at work - yippee!

Less than 24 hours to the knife. I went for...

Less than 24 hours to the knife. I went for another sizing and I think I will go with 300-325 instead of 350. My husband admitted 350 seemed too big to him too. i wonder if 300 will be enough? aaaah! i guess this will be the final freak out. My doctor wants me to specify the implant size, but everything I've read says doctors should make the final decision in the OR. I wonder if he'd actually do that.

Now both my girls are little pus monkeys. I feel so bad since they want to cuddle since they're sick and I'm totally dodging them.

What did you guys do to distract yourselves?

I'm 24 hours post op amd am loopy, so this will...

I'm 24 hours post op amd am loopy, so this will have typos and no plot. Waking up was fine.only a little pain. Islept and missed a pain dose and that SUCKED! It was a 9 on the pain scale and,of course,that's when I had to get up and dressed. Iamalmost at a 90 degreeanglewhen I walk and mygirlbits are swollen and achy. I can't keep my eyes open and my mouth is great, and yet... Imhappyididthis.

End of day, PO day 2. I had a really really...

End of day, PO day 2. I had a really really swollen day, and I'm having some gas pains. The swelling is causing my girl bits to throb and my thighs are ridiculous. I called the doctor and was told to loosen the CG. I did and it feels like I can breath again. I guess that's why they make them adjustable. My pain has been 5-7 today, even with the pain meds so I'm pretty beat. I think I"d be better if I could sleep. I"m hitting ambien shortly so the super healing can happen. I haven't peeked at my results at all since I really don't want to see something I don't like and start obsessing. I'm supposed to go to my PO tomorrow and I"m not looking forward to it. I suspect the transportation and general movement will really wear me out. I"m not sure how much folk were able to stand up, but I'm just barely beating 90 degrees. Fortunately, I have my electric lift chair so I can get up and down with very little fuss. I NEVER skip showers and I did today. I don't have drains so I'm allowed to do whatever I want with that, but I'm just not up to it. My spirits are good, however, it's just the bod that needs time.

I am so unbelievably swollen its comical. I've...

I am so unbelievably swollen its comical. I've been huge before but this is crazy. No matter what the final result is, it will look fab next to this. Has anyone seen anything like this? On my way to see the doctor, holy sexy look

I just left the doctors for my first PO. He said...

I just left the doctors for my first PO. He said everything looks good and he seemed pretty pleased. Cynically, I wonder what it would take for him to say anything else. However, in my case, the scar looks good, boobs are the perfect size. The fact that my swelling makes me look like a snookie aside, he has done a lovely job. I'm being very good in recovery. Moving around, but not too much. Eating oatmeal - high fiber, low sodium food. Nothing artificial or tasty.... And I normally suck at this part. I've been switched to Vicodin since Percocet makes me too itchy. Apparently it's a better med anyway, just addicting, so they try to steer clear. They must have been wowed by my mental stability since they gave it to me. Soon I will be hot and clever !

I'm at the end of day 3 post op and my drug fogged...

I'm at the end of day 3 post op and my drug fogged mind wrote, but didn't post updates. Excellent.... So, I'm off percoshit because I got itchy. I'm on Vicodin now, which seems to be better. The doctor said it causes dependency, but there doesn't seem to be any foggiest, so I'm not sure why anyone would take it recreationally. My incisions are painful, in a burning sort of way, but if I stay still I'm OK. The swelling is epic! I had a 10 lb baby plus 2 lb of delivery stuff, and only lost 6 lb, and was so swollen afterwards I could feel liquid sloshing on top of my feet. This is very nearly that bad. My best friend is Cuban and I'm now an honorary Latina :). If I could only dance right now, I'd be set. My doctor said I have to work on standing straight, but I'm pretty sure that's not possible right now. I don't think I'm going to split open like a piƱata, but I also don't think my muscles will stretch that much right now.

Things I've learned...

1- gas is worse than surgery pain
2- whoever invented the electric recliner is a kind and wonderful person
3- Percocet removes pain by distracting you with itchys
4- my children are the sweetest, most wonderful people on the planet
5- cold boobs are happy boobs

It's amazing how much every day makes a difference...

It's amazing how much every day makes a difference with healing. I'm much more upright and even went out to breakfast. I decided I should nap - even though I wasn't really tired.. 3 hours later I'm up and itching to pick up my room. I'm not because my doctor said so ( how long can I work that excuse?), and I'm a compliant sort of gal. The swelling is still outrageous and its making me nuts. I only have 1 pair of pants I can get over my hips. Disgusting. Oh, I also did a sit down shower by myself today too. Yesterday my husband had to help, but that was mostly because of my boobs. My PSsaid I can start doing stretches to help me straighten out. I don't like it when I stand, so I've been putting a towel under my butt to make me flatter in my chair. Any other suggestions ?

Some new pics and a question... My most painful...

Some new pics and a question... My most painful bit are my mons. If wind blows across it it burns. Yes, I'm swollen, but I don't hurt like this elsewhere. Thoughts?

So, not a pretty 24 hours. I woke up feeling...

So, not a pretty 24 hours. I woke up feeling great yesterday and went to breakfast with hubby and was able to stand a lot more upright. I responsibly took a nap and woke up feeling yucky. I felt guilty for not being around my kids enough, leaving the house a mess, and not keeping up with basic stuff. I know in my head this is textbook recovery stuff. So I went downstairs to address holiday cards and spend some time with them. After about 2 hours I had to sit back since my back was shot. The kids staged a coup! Screaming, whining, yelling... The works! They very very rarely flirt with death to that extent. My husband was at his wits end and it was then that constipation hit and I started to feel bloated and crabby and I ended up sending him out for an enema. Then, the unthinkable...... He rolled his eyes! Gah, death to eye rollers! I got bitchy, he got snarky, and by the time I realized I couldn't bend enough to use the enema, I didn't want him near my butt and he wouldn't have gone near it anyway. Now, picture a bound, swollen woman with pants down, trying to put a small bottle in my butt. Sexy? You don't know sexy. I managed to get it done with some - ahem - manual intervention. I was left bloated still, but less poopy. I of course, had the follow up explosion this morning. I feel so HUGE! I never weigh myself, but I can only wear one pair of underwear and one pair of post preggers pants. When does this end? I also think my tits may be a bit overdone. I know I will get used to them, but there is value in my first impression since its similar to what others will see. I know, I know, I should follow my second rule "no one is thinking about you, they're thinking about themselves the same as you are, wondering how they look in their pants". Still! I also want to stand upright so my back doesn't hurt. I look like Quasimodo recoiling from the villagers flames. My doctor suggested I could try some stand u exercises. What do you think? Too soon? I'm very tight and sore. Plus, my incision hurts... I'm done for now, I promise to grow up a bit next time

I woke up today feeling out of sort, like I might...

I woke up today feeling out of sort, like I might be coming down with a cold. This was, of course, traumatic. I don't have vitamins or anything useful to combat nature's most potent WMD - the common cold, so I took a shower and decided to ignore it. I haven't gotten worse, so I'm hopeful it nothing.

I weighed myself - not because I'm worried about weight, but because I wanted to know how much I was still swelling. I haven't really looked at myself from a 'results' perspective since I figured if I'm packin' 10 lb of water weight, then I'm not going to see anything good or finished. So I was within 2 lb of my surgery day weight. I'm sure that will change, But it was a good time to do a status check. HOLY COW my boobs are big. Why didn't any of you tell me?? This is crazy! So I immediately started looking for something that would look sexy so I could have an ooh la la moment. The best I came up with was a stacked hunchback. Not bad. One thing I don't understand is why my waist is so thick! I was trim before and I'm pretty round now. Does this go away?

So then, I decided to ask my PS why my bob looks like there is a cruddy black ball in it. I sent over pics and they said its fine, it's a scab that will fall off. Ewwwww! So I guess it's like when a baby's umbilical cord falls off? Did that happen to anyone? I asked if anything could be done to help with the incision burning a bit, she said that's not normal and I should come n so she can look. Now, my doctor did some markings with red marker. She saw it and wants me to go on antibiotics. I can't do that. I will poop fire and vomit if I do that. I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow and see if it gets any better. Honestly, it's just some dryness and marker.

Please tell me about your belly button drama and your thickness changes. Then PLEASE tell me my boobs aren't ridiculous!

I slept like crazy last night, and felt great...

I slept like crazy last night, and felt great today. Much more upright. I may have overdone it though. It was my first day watching my 4 kids and they crushed me! I have a question today. My breasts (the absurdly huge ones) are feeling very strained and painful. If I push on them or do those massage moves, it feels like my ligaments at pulling or my implant is going to pop out. Is this normal?

Also, still up for marginally solicited reassurance about my boobs. They were the hook to get this surgery and I'm stressing I overdid it. The tummy is fine, btw. No meds needed :)

I'm 19 days post op and its been 10 days since my...

I'm 19 days post op and its been 10 days since my last post :). In that time I've had a near miraculous recovery every day until about 4 days ago. Then, and I'm not sure what caused it, i kind of backslid. I started swelling a lot and my incision got very puffy, and red and kind of oozy for about 3 inches in the middle. On the incision, I thought it was just general irritation from wearing non-pajamas so I blew it off until I had a regular doctor visit. Nurse Hatchet looked at it, freaked me out with wound necrosis talk, then the doctor said it was fine, change pants and dressing types. I guess we shouid trust our guts on this stuff and not someone with pancaked concealer. Not charitable, I know, but the last thing I wanted to hear is my belly is toxic. I'm not sure what the swelling is about, but I've spent all day in bed and its much better now. My mental health may not be up to task, however.

Some highlights you might be interested in:

1. I had sex about 4/5 days ago. It was good and didn't hurt at all. I was afraid my muscles wild cramp or hurt when I came, but it was fine. A different position last night was harder on my abs, so I'm going to try and stay prone next time.
2. I pulled a small muscle in my upper left torso washing a pot. It sucked for about 12 hours, then got quickly better.
3. All the glue washed off two days ago and most of the incision is about as wide as a paper cut. It's amazing!
4. My boobs have dropped a ton, but they seem really wide/round to me. I was measured at Soma and I'm a 34b/c so it can't be too bad, but without clothes they look totally fake. Does this stop? It's not getting better. I am still swollen and stiff.
5. I walk 95 pct upright, but when I sit for stretches, my muscles tighten up and I have to stretch out before I can walk. Very annoying. My doctor told me to do some stretches against the wall after week 1. I don't do them as much as I should.
6. I've been PMSy for the past week or s and I'm making everyone nuts. He long does this last? I've had no depression, but I'm very short.
7. I still get tired around 4-5 pm, but naps result in freakish nightmares about being trapped half asleep in pain, unable to wake up to get relief, so I've avoided them.

Things I need advise on:

1. When/ how much will my boobs soften and look more natural? They're like ripe avocados in firmness.
2. When will I not be all emotional?
3. Why oh why am I surprised by the swelling? I want to see results!

I thought I'd add a bit about the wound healing...

I thought I'd add a bit about the wound healing process I've done through since I didn't see much on incision issues on this site when I was looking. I'm now 8 weeks PO. At around 3 weeks, some very irritated sections of my incision started to open and they bled and oozed. They started about 1-2 cm long and began to spread. The doctor looked and realized the area under a very superficial skin layer had opened and he could run a probe about 4 inches long. So we did aquaphor and gauze and waited. It got worse, so we tried gauze and dry packing. After nearly 4 weeks of the closure steadily getting worse, we finally excised about 5" x 2" along my incision, leaving me a new open wound which we did wet packs on for 5 days. After that I went back in for surgery, where he essentially did a mini tummy tuck to clear out all the bad tissue down to the muscle and separated the dermis from the muscle and redid the close. I ended up tightened an additional 2" or so in that spot. I had stitches out yesterday and most of them came out clean. One of them (predictably in the spot that won't heal) is bleeding and hurts like hell so I'm back again Friday.

It's a bit of a saga, but I haven't felt at any time my doctor was responsible for the outcome and they gave me plenty of time and attention to get this addressed. We dont know why this happened, but its apparently very rare so probably no worries for you guys. Also, my stomach and boobs have been healing up so I don't feel like I'm starting from scratch. I am looking forward to bitching about swell hell and wanting to go back to the gym but I'm not there yet.

I was extremely lucky, I had 2 months off and I have a full time nanny, so on days I couldn't wear underwire it was so raw, I didn't have to :). I still think the scar will heal nicely and I will be a rockin mom soon!

I have pics I can post if there is demand, they're nasty so let me know!
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