55yo Having Upper Lift Lift - Paramus, NJ

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I have been thinking about haaving this done for a...

I have been thinking about haaving this done for a few years now. I am really nervous but excited to finally be almost there. I have had fillers in my lip many times and am nerver happy with the results as afterwards it always seems to puffed up and i feel like a fish. I have a long space between my upper lip and the bottom of my nose...my smile in the last few years has changed as I have gotten older and my teeth are not visable when I talk and barely visable with a natural smile. I think the long upper lip is hereditary and probably my smoking did not help :( . Ugh! Very nervous ...mainly about the scar but I do believethis is the best solution to looking younger and better. I love this site and am a huge fan of plastic surgery if it makes you feel better about your look. I'm going to do a daily log to help others who may be thinking of this same procedure.

Upper lip lift

Tomorrow is the day! Will post as many photos as possible...

More before photos

Tomorrow is the day!

Day of on my way

Day of arrived in Dr's office

Arrive 8:30. Dr Adyin came in , he spent a good deal of time talking to me and studying the area before marking the skin that was to be removed

1hr post op

Woke up...not feeling any pain! Nurse gave me a mirror ..no too grusome. Very swollen but overall i think i am going to like the results. Both my sister and best friend came to get me at 2pm and were also surprised at how you could already see positive results. Very numb still and quite swollen but its only been an hour since surgery. On my way home.....

9 hours later

I am in a bit of pain but nothing intolerable.
Dr. Aydin already called to see how I was and said he thought everything went great. I can already see the swelling coming down even after 9 hours. I have been icing the area.

Day 2

Upper lip very stiff and swollen. Much more so than yesterday but I think its normal. Only took one pain pill; did it mainly to sleep. Some throbbing this morning but not that bad:)

Day 3

Wow! Much less pain today but really stiff. Took a shower which made me feel alot better.....showers tend to do that :)
I think it looks really good....can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. BTW: my Dr. Texted me to see how I was doing yesterday. Thought that was great. I will need to make appt Monday March 23rd to go back .

Day three

Day 4

My nose seems more swollen but lips are starting to have more movement and less stiff
Going a bit crazy staying in the house!

Day 5

Really starting to come along!
Swelling down a lot this morning!

day 6

I am so stunned to see all the people who did this procedure!
I thought I was the only one...this is great! This is day 6 for me and I am still swollen- especially in the middle- I hate this pouty look- I think its coming along nicely though. One thing for sure is that I used to hate looking at my self especially saw the long upper lip in my rearview mirror now it looks kind of good! I can't wait till I can put some makeup on-still to raw.

Day 7 -

Still not loving the way I look- but its probably still too soon :(
I need to put some makeup on (lol)
the scabs are not helping- I'm nervous but hopeful

Day 8

Ok....starting to look more like myself :)
Swelling really going down and I am happyier...now I think maybe it wasn't enough :( I think we are all our own worst critics. My best friend says she can't believe how much better I look. The scar is still stiff an lumpy but I believe this is normal. I know the profile is amazingly better!

Day 9

Starting to feel much more normal! The scar on the right side of my nose is still very visable and raised. Looks like I have a bad cold due to redness.
I am over all very happy. Wondering if it might have been a bit too conservative but was not willing to chance it!

Day 10

I am really happy and I think I am healing rather well.
All stitches have dissolved and now I have this thin but very red suture line ......really red but looks like its going to heal nicely! Around the line(mostly at the corners I felt lumps but today they seem to have settled down and are definitely not as pronounced. I am still a bit too pouty but this too is flattening out by the minute! Tomorrow I have a party and I am going to try to put some make up on......Ill let you know how it goes. Over all I am totally pleased! I got exactly what I was looking for and more.

Day 11!!!!!

I have to say I am really happy with the results.
I went to a party today everyone said that although they did not notice that I needed this before they do see a difference. Still a bit sore and red but I know this is getting better daily. Somewhat concerned about a bump right at the base of the opening of my right nostril- Going to see the PS on Tues. will see what he says

12th day

Going to see the PS Wednesday. I definitely see a huge improvement in how I look...I sort of think he was a bit too conservative and maybe should have taken a bit more- Ill see what he thinks.
Scar healing beautifully- somewhat bumpy but only noticeable when I touch it not to the naked eye. Photos make it look crooked but in person it looks symmetrical.

Day 13- tomorrow 1st PS visit ;9)

Ok - swelling seems to be gone just some tenderness at the suture lines. I am so happy and what an improvement- I hated how I looked before but now I have a softer less angry look- I really wish I had been braver - I think a bit more could have been removed. I will see the PS tomorrow - I am going to see what he says.

day 14

Went to the PS today- although I am very pleased I feel I should have been a bit more aggressive.
He also agreed that I could have a bit more removed- I am going back in three weeks for a revision. This is not to say I am not totally happy, because I am but I think I would like to have a bit more teeth showing as well as more pink. Also he said that that there is some asymmetry that he will correct-
I will update after I have the revision :0) thanks everyone - you all look great!!!!

8 months later

I am going back for a revision.
I think the PS was a bit too conservative. He agreed.
He is going to do it for free...just have to pay for the anesthesiologist.

LipRevision complete 1/4/16 with mid face lift

Had the revision on Monday 1/4 combined with a mid face lift. I am much more swollen this time than last but that is to be expected. Its hard to say right now but I think the revision was the right thing to do. My PS is amazing. I have to say I have been to many over the years and none were as patient or as knowledgable as Dr. Aydin. I think he really looks at PS as an art sees that each face is different and thats how he goes about he surgery he performs. I was not as diligent this time as the last with my real self notes but am going to catch up this week and take more photos.
Stitches out today feel much better.

Day 5 of the revision

Healing well!

Revision day 6

Starting to see the results and am very pleased. Still very numb and stiff but in no pain.

Day 7

I am not sure about the measurements. I know my Dr told me but I did not take note....I will ask and update. There is still a lot of swelling . As soon as there is more healing Ill measure the distance. I am wondering if maybe I should have done a direct lip lift instead ...I think that procedure can give a more lateral lift. Still and all i am so far really happy. The photos dont do it justice :)
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Ok ...day one. The Dr. came in to the room and spent a good amount of time with me before taking me in to the surgical suite. I felt very comfortable with him and I could not be happier that I used him! The nurses that work in the surgical area are also amazing!!!! They couldn't be nicer! I can't say enough nice things about them! I love them all!

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