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I am a 26 year old female beginning my process of...

I am a 26 year old female beginning my process of seeking a much needed breast reduction. My breast are huge and the pain it cause I can no longer endure. So far I have had my first consultation, been approved with a second opinion and have done physical therapy to see if that would help...Wrong.!!!

Second Consultation appointment Today

Today is my appointment for my second consultation. I am a little nervous but very anxious and ready to find out if I will be able to be approved for surgery. Because of the severe back neck and shoulder pain I have to be cleared for surgery by my insurance company. Hopefully with all the paperwork that I have they will see the severity my problem. Praying for the Best.

The Insurance Process

I have Horizon Insurance and for them to approve my much needed breast reduction they want 6 months worth of paperwork stating all other sources failed. August is over so I should have my official date of surgery soon. Approximately 4 months from today. I'm nervous but very excited. Nov/Dec seems far but after the next 12 physical therapy appointments it should go by quickly ??

Hoping Praying and Wishing

Ok so I received a letter in the mail from my insurance company last week basically stating that if my paperwork wasn't sent over to them within the next 45 days then my case would be closed. Yesterday I gave them a call telling them how much I need this procedure and that my plastic surgeon has all the paperwork but the only thing we lack on our end was a complete 6 months worth of it. Even though my large breast has been a struggle to deal with for years I didn't have doctor notes stating the severity of the pain. Anywho my insurance company called Dr.Ferraro and asked could they send over whatever paperwork they do have so they can make a decision based on that. IM VERY NERVOUS BUT EXTREMELY EXCITED. Just waiting on the decision....

Just Sharing ???

Large breast makes it so uncomfortable to work out. Just sharing

The Wait...

My paperwork has been submitted to my insurance company and I am currently waiting for an approval. I am very nervous but super excited as well. Hopefully I hear something back in a couple of days.


Today is a very special day for me' My insurance company approved my surgery I'm so excited. My doctor suggested that I call my insurance company today and see if a supervisor can pre certify my surgery. I called this morning spoke to someone who spoke to someone Who stated that they would give me a call back on Monday. After that my doctors office called me two hours later stating that my insurance company approved my breast reduction. They asked me can I come in for my post op appointment and that will be this coming Monday. After that they told me that my surgery is scheduled for October 17th. I'm still very shocked by the news but I am so excited to finally get rid of this burden. Today I'm going to post some pictures so you guys can see the beginning to the end.

If you guys have any questions please comment XO XO

PreOp Appoinment

Today I had my pre-op appointment with Dr. Ferraro and it went amazing. He was very informative about the specifics of the procedure and assured me that I would be just fine. Again I'm going for a full C cup and right now I'm probably a G/H. I don't know exactly my measurements because it became a time where I became so depressed about my breast size that I stop buying regular bras and only would wear sports bras to avoid the shoulder pain. My surgery is 2 weeks from today (Oct.17 @ 9:00am) and that's when my next update will be. Thanks for all the support guys. Xoxoxo

Six More Daaayyyyssss

The countdown continues and it's flying by rather quickly. I am so thankful to be able to get this procedure done so I no longer have to deal with the pain and insecurities. My surgical bra came in the mail the other day and I cried lol. I just became emotional because the size of the bra was very small if you look at it. Again I'm going down to a full C but this bra just scared me a little. The photos that I'll be sharing today shows exactly how big my boobs are now compared to what they will be in less then a week. Extremely nervous but beyond excited.

Tomorrow Is the Big Day

Tomorrow is the big day guyysss.!!! I've prayed for this day so there is no turning back now. All mixed emotions but overall I'm ready for this change. I am scheduled to be at the surgical center at 8 am and My PS will begin at 9am. This is my first surgery ever so I am nervous. Keep me in your prayers Thank you

Hello from thee other Side.!!

Good morning guys I didn't get a chance to post yesterday so here's my update today. Yesterday morning was filled with anxiety and nervous feelings. I arrived to the surgical center around 7:45am. Filled out some paperwork and waited in the waiting room. Around 8am they called me to the back to get started. My nurses were extremely nice and made me feel comfortable through the process. The last thing I remember was being told I was about to receive a "cocktail" and the rest is a blur. I woke up to them calling out my name I looked at the clock and it was 2:00pm. I looked down and instantly smiled. I made it to the other side. I wasn't in any pain until I began to move around. I threw up multiple times do do the anesthesia. That was the worst part. I tried to eat some soup last night and couldn't hold it down so I haven't eaten anything since Sunday. I have an update appointment today at 4 with my PS. Overall I'm doing fantastic just resting up.

New Boob Alert

Finally got my drains removed and took my first shower yesterday. The drains didn't really Hurt coming out but you can definitely feel them sliding out. I'm sharing these pictures today as a first look of my new boobs. I don't have much to write I am still in a little bit of pain so I'm going to make this a update short.
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