44 Yr Old Mom of Two in need of Lipo and BBL

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So I've never had a rear end. I'm white Irish and...

So I've never had a rear end. I'm white Irish and we just aren't born with a booty! I've done personal trainers, squats upon squats and diets upon diets and my body shape/weight has never changed much more than 10 lbs in either direction and it still left me with the appearance of being what I call skinny fat! I'd lose a little weight but never where I needed too! I'd lose it in my face or my butt. Not sexy! So I've finally decided to book my appt for a Brazilain Butt Lift w Lipo to my back fat, love handles, bra roll as well as full abdominal lipo. Surgery is 3 weeks out and I cannot wait! I'll upload before pics so you will have a before and after reference. I am also having a Forever Young BBL done to my face and hopefully it help years of severe cystic acne scars and pitting as well as fine lines and wrinkles and general sun damage. I figured I might as well have it done while I'm under! I'll compile a list of items I've already ordered for post op care. Any suggestions or tips from you vets out there would be greatly appreciated :)

3 weeks pre ip before pics

Some before pics. 3 weeks pre op. Ugh can't wait to get this done!!

18 Days and counting!!!

So as each day nears my surgery date I get more and more excited! Reading the reviews and opinions of so many amazing and strong women on RS has been invaluable! I've been slowly purchasing the items I will need for my recovery which is helping to make his whole thing very REAL! I was having major concern about not being able to lay on my back or on my butt for so long after sx. I have a really bad neck and I only sleep on my back. Ugh! Plus since I'm having full abdominal Lipo as well as the BBl lying on my stomach all the time doesn't seem realistic and it sounds PAINFUL! Luckily I read another woman's advice and I'm taking it! My BRAND NEW ZERO GRAVITY CHAIR arrived today! I will be cutting the butt part out so I will be able to sit at least some of the time. This way I can relieve pressure off my neck, not lay on a fully freshly lipo'd stomach and I will be able to let my booty hang freely! I've read this really helps keep the blood supply up to the butt area which will help retain some of the fat transferred there. I really like the idea of being able to sit more upright to watch tv or eat or read or even sleep if I want to! I also purchased a booty buddy which I will def be needing. My job requires me to be sitting most of the day ( which is why I also call my flat butt SECRETERY ASS!) so I know I will
Want to do as much as possible to stay off of it. Will take more before pics later. I cannot wait to be able to compare the before and afters myself

18 days pre-op photos. Warning ewwww!!

Took a few pics today to give you all a better idea of what I'm dealing with. Big in the back, square in the belly and flat in the rear! My shape makes it hard to ever actually look good in clothes but I am able
To fake it somewhat. No took a pic in clothes as well to give you an idea. I wanna look good naked and in bikinis damnit! Not w strategically placed clothes that hang in the right places! I'm so uncomfortable with myself and am really looking forward to a somewhat natural looking but dramatic transformation!

One more front view love handles

Wish pics! Possible????

I'd like something somewhat natural with more emphasis on a tinier waist and NO BACK FAT!! Do you girls think these pics seem realistic for my body type or should I just start prayin for miracles now!??? Lol

Forever Young BBl being done to face and chest

So as well as having a Brazilian Butt Lift and full lipo to my abdomin I am also having work done to my face for acne scarring and cheat for bad sun damage, scars and wrinkles. Will post pics later of my face once I don't have makeup on so you have a clear before pic. Here is one of my chest. Ew! So old looking :(

Two weeks from today!!!!!

Hi dolls! So I am two weeks out now and am so anxious to do this thing already!!! I wish I could push my date up a week but because of work I cannot so I guess I must practice patience! Not easy! Anyway, I was originally having this surgery and had no one at home to help me out except for my 17 year old son! NOT GOOD! He is already mad at me for getting all of this done and for me to ask him to be my caretaker might have sent him right over the edge and right into therapy! The more I read about needing help with the bathroom and shower and getting in and out of these compression garments the more I thought this might not be a good idea. Thankfully I took some much wanted advice from a fellow RS doll and I hired some help! I decided to hire a Home Health Aide for at least the first two days with the option of adding as many days as I need. At this point I read so many different stories regarding recovery Im not really sure what I will need! I feel so relieved though knowing I will have someone with me 24 hours a day who is capable and NOT MY SON! lol After the cost of this surgery Lord knows I wont be able to afford therapy for him!

Pre-op appt today! Update later!

So excited!

Four more days!! Prep prep prep!!'

Ok so I only have four days until my big day. Just a quick recap.. I'm having full abdominal lipo as well as lipo to hips, lower back and bra line as well as a fat transfer to my buttocks. As if this wasn't exciting enough I am getting a Zo Peel
On my face, neck and chest to start working on getting rid of acne scarring, sun damage and wrinkles. I am
Going to start uploading some more before pics of both face and body so we can all see the changes which I hope to be amazing! I have all food ready, prescriptions filled, pre-op appt done, I quit smoking 7 days ago (ugh) so hard but worth it, I have a home health aide hired to spend first 48 hours with me since I will be alone and all food is prepared for my son while I am recovering those first couple days. I am off of work for about 20 days so I am very excited to have what I hope is enough time to recover and return to work with no issues.

More before pics Ew

I REALLY hope Dr. Parker is able to get rid of this huge "batwing" I have under my bra line. The chunk of fat that is there ruins every outfit I put in and Weston a bathing suit is not even an option. It's so much bigger than it even looks in these pics. As much as I am
Excited to have my abdominal lipo I can truly say it is the full shaping of my back and buttocks I am placing more value in

Two more days!! I cannot wait!!

I bought a booty buddy, a small ring, a medium ring and a large ring so I have them for various places in my house or car....I love to sit so I'm hoping this helps lol

13 more hours!!

So it's the night before my surgery and I am sooooo excited! I have a home health aide coming to stay w me for the first 48 hours so I've been cleaning and prepping my meals and getting everything ready for tomorrow! I have plenty of pineapple and watermelon cut up. I've prepped high protein, low sodium, vegetable rich foods. I have plenty of Gatorade and saltine crackers. I've cleaned the house, made meals for my son and now I wait. No food or liquids after midnight tonight ask I have my last dose of pre-op Mesa and supplements to take. Tomorrow morning I'll take a good shower using hibiclens, I'll take out my belly ring ( no jewelry allowed) and suffer without my coffee but I'm hoping it will all be worth it! I'll update w pics as soon as I am able to! Wish me luck!

It's time!!

All marked up and ready to go!

Yayyyy it's done!!!'

I'll post again later. About to eat some soup. Everything went great! I'm sore and tight but no real pain except for where the IV was put in the top
Of my
Hand! That hurts!!' Walking around def feels better that laying around so I'm trying to walk as much as possible. Dr. Parker and his entire staff was amazing. Will upload post-op pics tomorrow.

A couple pics before and after

Here are a few quick pics. I will
Post more tomorrow. I def see results and am so excited for the next few weeks of recovery so I can start seeing end results. My butt is HUGE right now and so is my pelvis area. Very swollen! After I shower tomorrow I will take more pics and put them up. Pain isn't terrible at all. It's more soreness and stiffness. Getting up and walking around feels so much better than laying down. Words of advice: buy a ring for the pool and use it to sit on the couch....laying down gets old fast! If you drop something (and you will because for some reason...anesthesia maybe???? All of a sudden you become very clumsy and drop everything) lift with your legs!!! Bending over is SOOOOOO NOT AN OPTION so just squat! I feel so much better doing this also. One thing that is weird for me right now I am WIDE AWAKE and it is 2:38 am! I read the anesthesia make s you sleepy?!?!? Wth?!?!! It's ok. It gives me time to write this and I can sleep tomorrow :)

My current situation After pics

Tons of swelling but I feel really good. Sore of course but I can handle that. This pool ring has been a lifesaver...... I
Highly suggest it as a solution to the no sitting on your new butt thing.

Day 2 post-op

Ok sooooo no one told me how completely huge your pelvis area necomesnson saying it so you ladies are aware! And I don't mean a little puffy I mean get ready for a vagina mound! It's huge and Wollen. I'm told this is because all the fluid goes w gravity and thats south! It hurts, it makes it hard to walk and it makes it harder to pee. That being said. I slept much better last night. Up every 2 hours shuffling around my house, going to the bathroom, readjusting my compression girdle thingy. I swear getting up and walking around really is the most helpful thing as far as getting rid of soreness and stiffness. I woke up less swollen (thank goodness) so I took a couple pics. I am still VERY SWOLLEN and now my belly is starting to hurt because I haven't gone to the bathroom :(

Morning of day 1 and day 2

I woke up way less swollen today but def see after yesterday that you really swell
Up after an entire day. I was HUGE when I went to bed last night. Woke up several times in the middle of he night, stretched, walked around, moved garment around and woke up feeling much better. By no means do I mean good yet youth. It's inly day three and it feels it! Soooo sore

Seeing if anything fits this booty!

Ok so I'm day 3 post op. I still have a tone of swelling and am very stiff. Slept pretty good last night. I seem to wake up every hour and a half on the dot. Check my position, pee, walk around, stretch, smooth out garment. It seems to be working because honestly I feel really great. Don't get me wrong I am uncomfortable but compared to what I thought I was going to feel like, this is wonderful! I've gone to the bathroom twice. I was determined to not be one of these poor girls I've read about in here
Saying they are at day 9 or whatever and miserable because they haven't pooped! Screw that! I put dissolvable fiber in every drink, took stool softener and laxative and even then I spent half the day yesterday trying to get this hard constipated poop outta me but I did it! And I just did it again! Sorry to be graphic but you girls need to know this... It's no joke so take precautions. Stopped taking pain meds two nights ago. I know they make constipation worse and they really weren't doing anything three Alleve didn't do so Alleve it is for now on. It's all I need. Started trying in some clothes since I feel more mobile now and yeah, gonna need some new pants! Looks like I'll be wearing dresses (which I love) for awhile once I head back to work. Took some pics in this one because it's one of my faves but it never looked good because it is super clingy and always showed every roll. Now, even swollen I have no rolls and quite a nice round rump in it! Loving my results so far :)


Ok so I have not really focused on the peel
I had done at all. I had what they call a three step peel or a ZO PEEL. I was supposed to have a different peel done originally but then we changed our course of action so I had this one done now and will have a different one done in a couple weeks. I had this peel done while I was getting my other procedures done. Figured might as well do as much at one shot as possible since I have the time off work. I have been sent home w a calming cream I am to apply three times a day and was told my skin will get tan looking, then start to peel at day 3 but to not peel the skin just let it fall off! Yeah right! I've been trying but it's hard! So hear are some pics of where I am at day 3 after treatment . Not really a good look lol

Day 4 Post Op ass. Love it!

So swelling in my butt has gone down a whole lot. My stomach back legs well generally the entire rest of my body is still very swollen. My feet ankles you name it. I am going in for my first post op visit today I'm very excited and hoping I get a new garment :)

Day 4 post ZO Peel before and after

My fave peeled yesterday and today it is looking so great. My skin is several shades lighter and has a much smoother appearance. The dark spots and scars have dwf become much less noticeable and The results are only supposed to ger better :)

2 weeks post op!

Ok so I have been feeling really great these past few days. I havent been swollen, Ive only been minimally sore and nothing in the way of itchiness or nerve pain or anything. That being said, today I feel like a bloated cow! I am super swollen, Im tired and I really just want to lay down in a comfortable way that doesnt squish my new butt! Thats not gonna happen though. Today I feel discouraged and a little sad. My butt has shrunk sooooooo much and my belly and back look like they are just going back to being fat UGH Im hoping in a couple of days I go back to looking great and that someone else reading this sees that this is all just part of the process and they I hope so because I spent alot of money to look the way I look right now :( no pics today just picture a flat butt and a bloated belly. ugh

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