A Month from Having Liposuction Done - Paraguay

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So, after almost a month persuading my mom into...

So, after almost a month persuading my mom into having the procedure done, I finally scheduled the surgery! I had consultations with two doctors, and although I'd rather have the surgery with the second doctor, my mom told me that it had to be the first one or NO surgery, but the thing was that dr. Marin (my mother's choice) didn't want to perform the surgery since it's dangerous and there are machines and treatments such as cavitation (wich I've had done and didn't work), but finally my mom convinced him to do it.

First we scheduled an otoplasty for September 19th, and hopefully a week later I'm having my liposuction done, because he doesn't want to perform 2 surgeries at once.

The thing is since I'm overweight and he'd rather perform alternative treatments than surgeries I'm scared that the doctor won't suct as much fat as possible.

I'm SO tired of fighting and crying over my body, and really hope having the surgery done will help me build my self-esteem again.

I just got out of the hospital. Thanks god...

I just got out of the hospital. Thanks god everything went fine. My body is a little sore, but is not an unbearable pain though. I had my waist, lower abdomen, outer and inner thighs and my lower back treated.
I thought the doctor would have sucked a lot of fat out of my body, but once the procedure was done, he told me and my family that he had extracted like 2.3 liters of fat. Inspite of that, I hope to see a change in my body shape.
The best part is that all the massage and post-surgical treatments (i.e. radiofrequency, cavitation, etc) are included in his fee. Hope to see results soon! I'll keep you updated.
Dr. Jesus Marin

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