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I've been following everyone's stories on here for...

I've been following everyone's stories on here for about a month now so now that I have booked my surgery I decided to write my review. I have wanted my nose done for 20 years and I am finally ready to take the plunge. I have hated my profile due to the dorsal hump. I like the front view so not trying to change that part just the profile. I started my search/consults in April...went on 4 and decided on Dr. Chris Hove. Booked surgery today for July the countdown and waiting to get it over with begins. I think this will be the toughest part...I just wish could get it done tomorrow!

Pre-op today...12 more days!

I had my pre-op today....went well. Dr. Hove explained how everything will happen the day of. Went over risks and gave me my scrips for antibiotics and pain meds and blood work. I wanted to go over imaging one more time but his computer crashed the other day so he took more images and I am going to come in the day before surgery just to go over one more time to make sure we are on the same page. Paid in full so there is no turning back now!!! I can't believe it's almost here. I am not nervous for the surgery I just am not looking forward to being house bound for a week after. There is a small part of me that is sad I'm getting rid of the nose I have had most of my life even though I truly hate kinda makes me who I am. Anyone else feel that way? But it is time to say good bye and not be self-conscious anymore! Going on vacation this upcoming week so I hope that helps distract me the week before. Probably won't post again until surgery day...until then....

Arnica...pills or cream?

if you used this....did you take the pill or doc told me to take the pills 1 week before and 1 week after...I bought both at the store today but wondering what others used.

3 more days!!!!

I didn't think I would post again but I am three days out now. Just wondering if anyone else right before surgery is feeling the way I am. I've just been obsessing more than ever this week on my nose...looking at it and taking pics of it every chance I get. Sometimes I think maybe I should just keep the nose I was given but then I know how it's the only thing I really hate about my appearance and if I can change it I should. it's just so weird to think something I've had on my face for 20+ years will be changed forever....oh well....Started taking the arnica pills a few days ago and also drinking pineapple juice (recommended by my surgeon) to help with swelling and bruising. Until Tuesday......

Tomorrow is the day..opinions please!!!!

I can't believe tomorrow is the day. I have obsessed and agonized over getting this done for over 20 years and it has finally come. I am excited more than nervous but had a last minute consult with my surgeon this morning just to go over my imaging one more time. That being said I am posting 2 pictures of my simulated the 2nd pic the tip is turned up slightly more. Which one do you think is better? I think I know which one I will shoot for but just curious what other think. I also added 3/4 angle picture too! Thanks in advance!

Done but hurting bad

I'll post a more detailed review soon as I'm really hurting but I have a few question for those who have bben thru this already. So ended up getting splints put in and this is def making it more uncomfortable. Serious dry mouth. But the throbbing pain is getting to me a d the pain meds are making me nautilus I've eaten a little pudding a few crackers but have no appetite at all. Should I stop taking pain meds or just deal with the nautilus feeling. Ugh both are bad. I don't know if in being a baby but I honestly did not think it would be this bad. My eyes are also so swollen buried have been icing pretty regularly. Any advice is apricoated. It's going to be a long 2 days. And if day 2 is the worst as I've heard im in BIG trouble!!!!

Made it through the night!!!!

Just re read my post from last night. So many sp mistakes thanks to auto correct. Anyway I am feeling much better this morning. Not 100% but man yesterday was so hard for me. I'm hoping it will only get better from here on out. I know they say day 2 is hardest but in my case I think it was day one. I started back up with my pain meds around 2:30 last night but just taking 1 at a time now. I think I overdid it and the meds were making me so loopy and nauseous. I surprisingly got a couple hours of in and out sleep last night which I really needed as I only slept 3 hours the night before. I think that made me feel better too. There is still a lot of pressure in my nose from these splints which I can't take out till tomorrow. As for surgery itself got to surgery center at 6:30 and was wheeling into operating room at 7:30. Like everyone else don't remember anything just waking up in recovery. I think my surgery was done by 10 and I was on my way home by 11:30. Well here's to another day in my bed. Also husband has been great with helping me. I just feel so bad for my kids. Especially My oldest who is 7 is so worried about me. I keep telling him it looks worse that it is but yesterday I was def lying about that.

Did anyone have to take their own splints out?

My doctor put splints in and said i could take them out myself on day 2. I just tried and even put some sailing solution up my nose but they seem pretty stuck and its hurts and just not sure how much I should pull. Not sure I feel comfortable doing this. I have a call in to dr but thought I would ask here too. Do these hurt coming out? Ugh I just want these out so bad!!!!

Day 3

Feeling so much better. Took my internal splints out yesterday morning. That was a little weird and felt uncomfortable coming out. I think it was worse that I had to do it myself. But one those were out I could finally breath through my nose so that was good. Yesterday I pretty much stayed in my room going in and out of sleep and catching up on my dvr. Last night I took a pain med before bed and pretty much slept through the night for first time since Sunday! Don't think I'm gonna take anymore pain meds. Still a little throbbing at tip of my nose but think I can handle the pain. Took drip pad off yesterday. Cleaned my nose with q-tips and hydrogen peroxide this morning. Another day captive in my house. Ugh not sure I'm gonna be able to be sane in my house for a week. I'm not the kind of person to veg in my house but not going to venture out like this so no choice. Hope everyone else who is recovering a good day! I'll also add some pics even though they are not flattering at all. But I know they helped me and are helping me know for reference as to where others are in their recovery.

Day 4

Feeling better everyday. Bruises going down and turning yellow. Finally took shower yesterday so that made me feel better. Accidentally hit my nose in my sleep and that woke me up real quick. It must have been itching so instinctively went to touch it. I am noticing my nose is starting to get itchy under this cast which I know is a good thing but a little irritating. 3 days until cast removal!!!!

Day 4

Feeling better everyday. Bruises going down and turning yellow. Finally took shower yesterday so that made me feel better. Accidentally hit my nose in my sleep and that woke me up real quick. It must have been itching so instinctively went to touch it. I am noticing my nose is starting to get itchy under this cast which I know is a good thing but a little irritating. 3 days until cast removal!!!!

Day 5

Nothing really to report. Haven't taken a pain pill since last night. Bruises going down. Question for cast/stictches removal. Does this hurt and did you take any pain meds or Tylenol before hand?

Goodbye cast!!!!

In less than 3 hours I will be getting my cast off and I could not be happier!!!! I just want to clean my nose so badly! Mostly inside. I just feel like there are all these dried boogies (sorry to be gross!) in there. anyway it's been a long week prisoner in my house so I'm looking forward to being in the outside world again!!!!! Will post pics soon! Good luck to all those getting their casts off today (or tomorrow)!!!

The cast is off.....

And I am in LOVE!!!!!! Looks great from profile which is what i hated but from the front it is still swollen across the bridge and length of nose. But I was expecting that so I'm ok. This may sound cheesy but as I was pulling out of the doctors office a strong emotion came over me and i started crying. I just can't believe after all these years(I am almost 37) I lived with this ugly thing (the way I perceived it) on my face for so long and now it's gone!!!! When I came home and showed my husband he said it looked good but said he never had a problem with my old nose! Either way I am thrilled and looking forward to seeing the final result after swelling is gone! So my advice is if you have been thinking of having surgery but scared it really will be worth it. Im just sad I waited all these years. My only regret is not doing it sooner. As far as my doctor he was so great and if you live in the surrounding Philly area I would not hesitate to recommend him. Just one question. For those who are done. I do feel a small bump on the right side of my nose near the bridge when i slide my finger down my nose prob from where the bump was filed down. I don't feel it on the left so that's the only thing that scares me if it will start to show. You can't see it now? Input or thoughts?

Before and after

2 1/2 weeks post op

Meant to update sooner. So far so good. Most of my bruising is gone. Just a little bruising left under my right eye still. I have been using the arnica cream regularly and I was surprised the bruising is still there. Trying to cover up my bruising with make up but you can still see bruising so I have had to come clean with everyone I've seen so they don't think my husband beats! Tip of my nose is still rock hard and nose overall is still very tender. My doctor warned me about my nose being a target after surgery and it has been true in that my nose has gotten hit accidentally a few times now by my kids and it hurts bad! Still happy with nose although I do notice a bump on the right bridge of my nose but you can't see it. Also I do notice a slight indentation between the bridge and tip of my nose. Hoping that's just tip swelling and it will go away. I can slight see that indentation. Also still have the dissolvable stitches in the tip of my nose which feel like dried boogers. It has gotten better over time and don't bother me as much now but they are still there. Other than that I go back to the doc on July 30th for 4 week check up.

Side by side before and afters

1 month post op

Yesterday was 1 month post op. had my 1 month dr appointment on Tuesday. He said everything was healing nicely. Nose is still tender at the tip. Still happy with the results. Still see a slight dip between middle of bridge and tip. Hoping it will go down. Dr said it could still be swelling. Overall even if it stayed like this I'm happy with results. Here are some updated pics.
Paoli Facial Plastic Surgeon

I choose Dr. Christoper Hove as I thought he was very respectful and informative during our 45 min consult. He only does facial plastics which is what I wanted. He did the digital imaging and we tweaked it together. He answered all my questions and went over all my concerns. He seems very down to earth and easy to talk to. I also asked for referrals since there were no reviews of him on this of my biggest concerns about booking him....but after talking with one of his recent patients whose before nose seemed similar to mine she assured me he was a great doctor and she was very pleased with her results. I hope I choose the right doctor...time will tell!

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