Literal Giant Weight Lifted...or Surgically Removed

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Something I noticed that was frustrating to me was...

Something I noticed that was frustrating to me was the lack of women my age and body type that shared their stories, which I think are so valuable and reassuring, so I'm going to throw my two cents in to hopefully help someone else.

Since I'm almost a week in recovery from my reduction, I guess I'll start with a little back story. I'm 20, 5'2, 135 lbs, and just very petite, minus my formerly huge boobs. I wouldn't say that I necessarily started developing early, I think I was about a B/C cup my freshman year of high school, but the summer after that my chest just blew up and continued to rapidly grow through high school and collehe. I quickly became the "big boob girl" in my school, my group of friends, you name it, my boobs were my identity. Recently I simply couldn't find bras that fit correctly and was aware I was wearing the wrong size (36DD) when in reality I was more if a 34DDD/32E or even F, which lead me to a breast reduction.

As most women on here understand, finding clothes that fit such large breasts is hard enough, but adding in the fact that I am so small everywhere else made clothes impossible. Shopping for prom the first time ended in 6 stores, a ripped dress, no purchase, and lots of tears. And also being in a long term relationship, male attention was NOT something I wanted but seemed to attract in the rudest of ways. My breasts effected my emotional health in a largely negative way and ruined my self image.

Which brings us to the actual surgery. After meeting a friends room mate this year that had one at 18, I was quick to interrogate her and ask to see her scars (which she happily flashed) and know her story. She told me it was the best decision of her life and she'd do it again, even three years after the fact. So I went home and told my mom and the endless google searches and stream of doctor appointments began.

Actual Surgery (kind of long, sorry!)

So Christmas Eve marked the one week I've been in recovery (WOO!), so I'll catch everyone up from where I left off on my last post. I started my breast reduction process by going to my gyno for a referral and she gave me Dr. Singer, who I love and am so happy that I had as my PS, but I'll get to all that later. I got my referral and then was told I also needed one from my primary, which turned out to be the only snag in this entire process. The issue here was that my records had only recently been switched from my pediatrician (they let me stay until 19) and I had not been to see my "grown up" doctor ever. My sisters and mother usually see a woman in the practice but my primary was a man who I will not name, but I will say that I wish I had seen a woman.

I am not gender biased at all, but I feel like the female doctor in the practice would've understood my issue more. When I saw this doctor he basically told me that he didn't like advising patients to get surgery unless they really needed it and he didn't think I really needed it. And the icing on the cake was that he gave me referrals to a pulmonologist (for the breathing) and an orthopedist (for the neck ache) and sent me on my way, never saying if he would refer me to a PS, all after being incredibly unprofessional and rude. I told my mom in the waiting room and she was furious, so she walked into the referral office and spoke to the kind women behind the desk. They took one look at me and said, "Oh don't you worry about that dear. You obviously need this, I'm printing out your referral right now, don't you fret!" Thank god for amazingly sweet receptionists!

So after I FINALLY got my referral I made and appointment to meet Dr. Singer. He came in and examined me, answered all of my many questions, laughed at the amount of research I'd already done after I used the terms "pedicle, infra-mammary fold" and other medical jargon, and reassured me that I would get approved for this. I was especially soothed knowing that Dr. Singer had a very nice resume under his belt and specialized in breast reconstruction. I figured if he could basically make a boob, he could definitely down size one. And while I was getting all the insurance forms done, one of the nurses noticed my anxiety and told me her breast reduction story and even gave me her number in case I had any questions!

Day of pre-op my PS answered any final questions I had, sent my for blood work, and gave me a prescription for one anti-anxiety pill in case I flipped a shit the night before surgery. In preparation for my surgery, which was three days after my last final, (nice timing, I know) I bought a track suit to wear the day of surgery, compression socks, a couple of button up front pjs and comfy pants, and two sports bras that hooked in the front for when my surgical bra came off.

Now before I go any further, I'm going to just say right now that my surgery experience was not the average one. Results may vary, I just got really lucky. My mom and boyfriend went with my to the surgery center, dressed in my grey velour suit (looked like a soccer mom), and checked in. The receptionist was the mom of a girl I went to high school with and immediately recognized my boyf and I, so I still felt pretty calm. She assured me that boyf would be allowed to see me at any point my mom could, even if she had to pull strings haha. So they called my name, I went and put on a gown and booties, got my IV in, was covered in warm blankets and then they let mom and boyf come sit with me. While we were waiting my older brother's friends mom walked by and recognized us, and she told me that she would make sure that when I made it to recovery she would be the nurse taking care of me. So as you can imagine I was pretty comfortable at this point, even though I had never had surgery and had serious anxiety whenever I thought of this previously haha.

My anesthesiologist came in and talked to me and then my PS came to mark me up. After he was done he stayed with us, asking if I had any questions, reassuring my mom, and even talking to the boyf about his future med school plans. He even went as far as to make us laugh by asking if the boyf treated my right and then explained all of the medically crazy things he could do to him if he didn't treat me right hahaha. Finally it was time to kiss my family and my boobs goodbye as they wheeled me back. All of the doctors introduced themselves to me as I got situated on the table, and then one of the doctors noticed my last name and realized that he knew my grandfather from his many visits and promised to take good care of me, which just made me even more soothed. Last thing I remember was looking at the big ass light by my head and then I was waking up in recovery to my family friend from earlier asking how I was and feeding me a pretzel stick that I could not seem to chew no matter how hard I tried.

I woke up a bit and wasn't really in pain, just kinnda stiff. Mom and boyf came back and my nurse helped me out of bed, then I went to the bathroom, got dressed, and we drove the two minutes to my house haha. I don't remember much of the car ride, but I do remember getting home, laying on the couch and conking out for about an hour. After that went on for bout three hours I was finally totally alert and pain free. I ate some soup, sat up, spoke to everyone and walked around a bit. For the next couple of days I really didn't have pain, just kind of achy from sleeping sitting up and having my arms propped up. My drains hurt a little bit, but nothing too bad at all. I got them removed after two days and finally got a look at my new boobs. HOLY SHIT!

They were a little scary, but not as bad as I thought at all. My mom was speechless at how good they looked and my PS was very happy with the outcome. I had total feeling in both nipples and very few numb spots on the rest of my breasts. They were small and perky and just amazing to me. He said I was good to go for sports bras and that I should just wear gauze where the bra touched my incisions and put bandaids on my drain holes. I don't have to get sutures removed because I have dissolving stitches and super glue. A word to the wise though: During recovery, make sure to drink at least a little prune juice or take some mild stool softeners if you haven't made a movement after three days. My PS said it was most likely my pain killers causing constipation, but if I didn't go in the next few days, I would need a suppository (NO THANKS). So I took some very mild stool softeners three times and I was good to go.

So I went home, got my hair washed, had my first shower since my drains were removed finally, and just relaxed. I kept taking my pain meds, every five hours instead of three since my lack of pain, but my body soon told me that I didn't need them anymore by getting head aches and nausea whenever I took them (I only puked once through this whole process). I down graded to tylenol and still had no pain, and now I'm not taking any kind of pain medication.

Since I've written a novella here, I'll do a separate update about my week post op! See you guys!

8 Days Post Op

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! As most of you would probably agree, my favorite gift this year wasn't under the tree, they were on my chest haha. So I have my second post op tomorrow morning, and I have a few questions for my doc that I'll share. On the under side of my right breast, there are no open wounds of any sort, but when I remove my gauze, there is always a small yellow stain. I'm not worried or anything because there's no pain, but I just wanna check with my PS about it. I also want to ask about sleeping on my side, because I simply can't sleep on my back haha. I want to know if sleeping on my side will have any effect on my recovery.

I also have some questions for the lovely ladies here:
If anyone has had dissolvable stitches, when did you start scar treatment, and how did you go about that?
Anybody have super glue over their incisions? What's the deal with that, does it wash off or peel off or what?

Besides the small leak, my breasts are doing great, finally falling a tad haha. And I get itchy sometimes, which sucks. I also had my first zinger this morning so merry christmas to me haha. They are still a little boxy at the bottom, right more so than left, and my left areola (which has total feeling) is a little more "puffy" while my right one (which has little feeling but full nipple sensation) is more flattened. Really not sure what causes that or what will happen, but I am happy with them either way. I really want to find a way to clean up the stitches a little because they look so dark! But I can see there is a lot of dried blood in the glue and I want to see my breasts without the whole sharpie look haha.

All in all I am totally happy with this decision, I feel so much better about my body now. I fear I am still a D cup at the moment, but I am hoping the swelling will go down and leave me a C, but D is still more manageable! The only real emotional issue now is that I still don't want boyf to see them, and yet I kinnda do. I want him to see the difference and see what he thinks, but I don't want him to see the not so nice stitches and what not. I'm sure I'm being over dramatic, we've been together five years now so he's seen the ugly and pretty of me and loves me no matter what, but still, he's a guy and I basically hacked up my boobs haha. My boobs were always so sexualized by everyone I knew that now that they aren't exactly sexually appealing in the looks department I'm sort of at a loss for how to handle them haha.

Really just can't wait to wear a normal non underwire bra and go clothes shopping! And maybe start hitting the gym when the PS approves to get rid of all this holiday weight haha. Happy Holidays everyone!

Second Post Op Today

Well I just came back from seeing PS for the second time since my surgery. I asked about the little leaker and he said it was totally normal and to just apply some neosporin to it. I asked all of my questions and this is basically my status report: I have to wear gauze for one more week and then I'm free, no more bandaids on my drain holes, i can wear any non underwire bra (no more uni-boob!), and I can begin my scar treatment as soon as I want!

He said there is still just a little swelling that will go down and I still need to gain full sensation, but otherwise everything is perfect! Now its just really a waiting game of lots of scar cream and massaging haha. So happy with my results!

Surgical Glue and Scars

So it's now ten days since my surgery and all is fantastic. I've started using Palmers Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E on my scars, bit first it has to get through all the surgical glue still on top of them! The doc said not to pick it off and that it well wash off in the shower and fall off with the massaging but I'm so impatient to see the scars! Some of the glue came off on one of my vertical scars and I was in disbelief of what I saw. I could hardly see anything at all! If there hadn't been some dried blood in it I would have never even seen the scar. It wasn't raised or puckered or even pink, just a barely visible seam almost, which makes me very happy. I'm going to continue to massage the scars in small circles at least once a day with the lotion and see how they improve from there before I consider other scar treatment creams.

Another thing to update on is that I finally plucked up the courage to show the boyf my new boobs. I grilled my PS about they're appearance and he explained that the dark think lines were only blood and surgical glue that were still stuck to me and that my all of my stitched were no longer visible, so I was totally freaking myself for nothing haha. So I explained all of this to the boyf before I showed him and he was just so surprised by the size, I don't think he would've even noticed the scars haha. Once he got over the shock he said he absolutely loved them, which was a huge relief and meant now we could actually be intimate (carefully and with a bra on of course).

I think I'm slowly regaining feeling in my breasts, my left faster than my right. I only have some slight bruising left on the inside of my left breast, and I'm still waiting for full feeling in my left areola. Went out and bought a wireless cotton bralette from Aerie so wear when I get sick of my uni-boob, but I like how much smaller my breasts look in the more restricting hook front sports bra haha. No more zingers either, which is kind of sad, but I can sleep on my side with no pain now. However, I keep waking up on my stomach, even when the boyf wakes up and rolls me over again haha. Basically all is well in new boob land for me, see you guys!

Feeling Weird

It's been a few days since I've obsessively updated so I thought what the hell. Some big news I have is that my surgical glue is finally coming off! WOO! I finally can see what my new breasts really look like without out the outlines haha. The glue started to just peel right off when I was rubbing in my Palmer's lotion, and then even more in the shower. My PS said that as I continue to leave the lotion on overnight it will soften the glue and dissolve the adherents in it and it will come right off. However, as I was washing my leaking right breasts (which had just stopped leaking) the glue came off and I think it took a scab with it, so now my leaker is a little bleeder haha. PS said to just continue to wear gauze on it, clean it, and put neosporin on it everyday so that's what I've been doing.

I've been getting lots and lots of zingers which is good and bad I guess cause they kinnda suck but I'm happy that my nerves are reattaching so well haha. My right breast is still swollen on the outside, and I can feel the hard scar tissue inside of it, but I'm hoping it will go down. My left breast is almost completely breast-y when I poke and squeeze it, but I haven't regained full feeling to my areola yet. All the bruising is gone and my scars look wonderful, when they're even visible! The only ones that are raised are on the outer and inner most portions of my horizontal incisions, but vertical and where it meets the horizontal are completely flat. My areolas still have some glue and ink around them because they have more puckering from the stitches and I'm very careful not to accidentally wash/pull any off until it's ready. I've also been itchy as hell, even in the places I don't have feeling (explain that one to me haha), and it drives me a little crazy but it's tolerable. I know I haven't posted any pics so I'll be doing that in the morning to show my progress!

Infections Maybe?

So my little bleeder is doing better, it has scabbed over and is now only leaking fluid again, no blood. However I had noticed a very large scab under my right nipple but didn't think anything of it, just applied my Palmers as usual. Well I went took off my gauze yesterday and the scab came off with it and when I looked at my nipple there was some green/yellow where the scab had been! After I flipped out and made my mom look at it, we decided to just wash it out, put neosporin on it and see how it was doing the next day before we called the doctor. So I did and today it seems to be scabbing over again, but it's still a little green so I'm going to call the PS office tomorrow and see what they think is the best solution. I'm also going to ask about the end of my scar where the stitch is poking out because it seems to be irritating the skin around it and I don't want that to get infected too. So frustrating!

In other news the girls are doing well besides the small wounds on my right breast. My left breast is looking fantastic and is healing up very well, and I think I'm starting to regain sensation a little in my areola finally haha. Sleeping on my side really depends on how my boobs feel that day, some nights I can and some I can't. I'm posting a whole bunch of photos since I haven't in a while. Lately I've been feeling like I have huge boobs again, is that weird? I don't know if it's because I've finally accepted these breasts as my own and I've just forgotten how I used to look, or if it's because they are still D cups right now and in my head that's still big. It's very frustrating because I know I physically removed some of them so there's no way they are as big as they were, but my head keeps thinking that. Ugh, I just want to be a C cup and I hope the swelling goes down and that's what I achieve haha. I think I may just be thinking too hard on this and tricking myself, who knows. Still don't regret the decision to this and I love my new boobs!

Back from the PS

So I called my PS yesterday to ask about my possible infection, and he wrote me a prescription for antibiotics to start taking and told me to clean the areas with hydrogen peroxide and apply neosporin until he could see me today to take a look at it. So I followed his directions and today when I went in to see him I had totally convinced myself that I had some horrible infection and my tit was gonna fall off haha. Of course he walks in, takes a look, and actually laughed at the anxiety on my face haha. He said I didn't have an infection at all, it was just my dissolvable stitches trying to work themselves out because they hadn't dissolved, which was causing some irritation and oozing. So he cut out all the stitched he could see in the effected areas and then checked if I had anymore and cut those out too.

I felt so so so happy when he said that I didn't have an infection, and even more so when he took care of all those pesky stitches that were poking out! My PS said that my breasts looked killer (his words, not mine haha) and that if my scars looked this good so early that I would have almost no visible ones down the line! He told me that I could stop taking the antibiotics as they were just a precaution, to clean the area with a q-tip and hydrogen peroxide, and apply neosporin. So much relief!

Spittin Stitches and Finding Bras

Looks like it's been a while since I updated to let me catch you guys up on my progress! So tomorrow I will be four weeks post op (WOO!) and I love my new breasts, they just look so much nicer and are so perky, i really just can't stop looking at them haha. At this point I'm still about a D cup, but I'm hoping that's just swelling since I still have some hard parts on my breasts. Can anyone tell me when/if their breasts began to go down in size after their surgery? It's not that I don't love having boobs that are just plain smaller than before, but I've been dreaming about C cups haha. A little snag that I've run into is finding bras, which is extremely discouraging because it feels like I went through all this to only have the same problem as before, but I know I'm just being dramatic. I've been trying to find lightly padded or non padded, wire free bras that still have a cup shape to get rid of the uni-boob look, but to no avail. I've been sticking with bralettes at this point, little lacy ones haha, because I really don't need the lift or the padding, but I want something to divide my boobs like a normal bra! Also, clothes shopping has become a whole new kind of frustrating. I went to Kohls with my mom the other day and was just looking for things to try on, but I felt so lost and confused! I had no idea what size I was going to be, what would look good on my now, nothing. It was strange looking at clothes and instead of immediately thinking my breasts were never going to fit in them, I had to take a second look and really think on it haha. I'm going shopping again soon with a friend who understands my previous busty problems and was a Victorias Secret associate, so she will help me if I start getting down on myself or afraid to try things.

As for the boobies, they are doing well. My left breast looks fabulous and I will be sure to post pics later. My right breast is healing from the stitches issue a while ago, but last night I noticed that the two areas just weren't healing as fast as I thought they would and while I was cleaning them, I noticed more stitches poking out! I read up on what was safe to do and decided to get rid of them myself so that I could start healing finally. I pulled two from the bottom of my right breast with a pair of tweezers that I cleaned with alcohol, and then I noticed another one sticking out on the outer part of the wound on my areola and gently pulled that as well. The stitches came out easily except the one on my areola, which was coming out fine until it just stopped. I had a knot with three stitches attached to it that were hanging out, so I carefully cut just one side and pulled that out, and then other two came right out as well. I cleaned with the peroxide and q-tips and put neosporin and gauze on them and they looked pretty good today. I also pulled a stitch that had been bothering me since the surgery out of my left breast, but that one just came right out. All in all it was a little bit of a scary experience because I was alone, but I did it and feel much better now that they are out, but I would recommend calling you PS before anyone tries to do what I did just for safety issues. Has anyone else had this issues with dissolvable sutures? The only ones that I have seen work themselves out are the clear fishing line looking ones.

I have another PS appointment the day before I go back to school so I'll be sure to ask him as many questions as I can about what I'm allowed to do. I'm going to need to lift things at some point and I really want to start working out as soon as I can haha. I'll probably just continue with my Palmers as far as scar treatment goes unless he recommends something else. Ill post pics of myself later today for you all!

New Pics!

Oh and this one!

Late Update

I haven't had internet since my last on PS appointment on the 20th, so sorry for the lack of update! Like I said, I had an appointment 4 days ago and this is basically what's happened. Before my appointment I had been wearing the gauze on my two problem areas and applying neosporin every night like I had been told to do. So at the appointment my PS took a look and was really impressed with how my breasts are looking, yay! He said that I no longer needed to wear the gauze and that I could begin using my scar cream on those two areas. He said that at this point the ball was basically in my court as far as scar treatment goes, meaning I have to make sure to apply my scar lotion every night for a good result. He also said that I could exercise however I wanted, as long as I don't lift over 30 lbs, but to try and just not put too much strain on my chest muscles while doing it. Also, I sadly can't sleep on my stomach for another 2 weeks :( which is becoming quite an issue because I wake up on my stomach at least three times a night! He also confirmed for me that I am still swollen and have about a cup size to go down still, so in a few months I should be a C cup, which makes me very happy!

Other than that everything is about the same, but going very well. My breasts are looking pretty good, aside from some small red areas along my scars, they're awesome! I do still get some zingers, but not many, and still have some numbness in a few areas. I also get these terrible itchy fits along the outside of my horizontal scars which is a little annoying in the middle of class haha. Ill be sure to post some more pics later!

Back at school with pics!

So I've been back at school for the past two weeks and it's definitely been keeping me busy! As for the girls, they are fantastic. I've been trying to be really diligent on doing my scar treatment every night before I go to sleep and I think it's working pretty well. I"ll post pics with this post so you can see for yourself and I'll also post some more tonight since these ones are a little old. My scars are basically red or pink everywhere, some lighter and some darker. The ones around my areola are pretty unnoticeable to me at least, and my friends have commented that all of the scars are pretty faint to them too. One thing I did notice that on both of the "T" intersections of my scars there was some dry skin that almost resembled a flesh colored scab. They didn't hurt so I would gently rub my scar cream on them and last night they both came off when I rubbed, which I was a little concerned about, so I took a closer look and called my mom. Now there are just two little divets where the dry skin was and mom reassured me that I am too far in the healing process for infection and that it was just my skin building up fluids and such when it was healing and probably some of my scar cream that dried up in there as well. Whew, crisis avoided haha. So I cleaned them out and put neosporin on them with a bandaid over night and this morning they looked perfectly fine, so I'm not worried.

My breasts have gone down in swelling half an inch so far and hopefully they continue to do so fast. They feel very breasty, except for the very center behind my nipples and the right side of my right breast, which has scar tissue inside and is still more swollen than the left to me. But basically all is great in boob land and I'm very happy with them. Getting dressed for school in the morning is now a happy (once I drag myself out of bed) affair, where before I would stress and get frustrated over what I could wear and just end up with a sports bra and baggy sweatshirt. This was the best decision I could have made for myself.

Really really late update, pictures, and real bras!

WOW its been more than two months since my surgery! I really can't even believe it haha. It's hard for me to remember what my boobs were like before, which is weird but good I guess. So it's been a terribly long time since I've updated because school is constantly keeping me busy and then I had a PS appointment last week but it had to be moved to yesterday thanks to the ridiculous amounts of snow we've been getting, ugh. So I'm gonna catch everyone up on what's been happening since my last update. First, I've been applying my scar cream almost every night, expect for when I crawl into bed from the studio at some absurd time haha. I think it's been working very well and has kept my scars mostly flat and pretty light. My boobs have still been going down in size and they keep getting less dense feeling and more breast-y. The right side of my right breast is still a little hard and the skin is still numb there, but other than that I have total sensation everywhere. One nipple is a little more sensitive than the other, but that's really not a problem to me haha. A few days ago I had what looked like a small blood blister on my vertical incision on my left breast and when I pressed it, blood and a little bit of puss came of a pore about an inch over from the blister. So I pressed until all the blood was out and then put on hydrogen peroxide and neosporin. I called my PS and he said not to worry, it was just another stitch. It looked totally fine the next day so I wasn't worried about it, but that's really the only semi-bad thing that's happened lately.

I haven't had the chance to start really exercising yet because the weather has made everything slippery, but I've been lifting things with ease. I still occasionally get zingers, but not all the time. Wearing clothes is like a whole new experience because now it's just get up and get dresses, second nature. I guess I never noticed that when I was getting dressed in the morning it was like this whole process with frustration and trying on different outfits to hide my boobs and now it's like "This matches and it's warm, all done" haha.

Fast forward to today when I had my PS appointment. After waiting for a loooong time to get this appointment with all the snow days and school scheduling, I finally saw my PS today. He said the my breasts looked great and the scars were healing well and I could stop using the scar scream because now my body would take over for me. I think I'll continue with the cream just so I know I'm doing all I can for my scars. He also said that I have the go ahead to lift and exercise however I want and that I can officially wear wired bras! He said I still have some swelling to go down so I shouldn't be surprised if my bra size changes over the next few months. So of course I went to the mall immediately to go get fitted at Victoria's Secret. I brought my also busty friend who used to work there so I basically had two associates helping me haha. The girl was wonderful in helping me figure out which bras were the right ones for my new boobs and she even expressed interest in a reduction and asked me a bunch of questions, which was pretty cool.

I have to say that putting on a 34 D bra and having it fit perfectly was one of the most amazing things that I have ever felt. I was so happy, I was on cloud nine. Bras were fitting the way they were supposed to for the first time in almost as long as I could remember. Amazing. I didn't buy any bras today because I know I can fit in cheaper ones now, but it was nice to get professionally fitted and try things on. I did buy some new summer clothes and try on a bunch of bathing suit tops that would never have fit before which was so fun. I took a bunch of pics, bare and covered, to show you guys my progress!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Singer was the first and only plastic surgeon that I consulted with. He was highly recommended to me by my gyno who said that he had performed reductions on her patients and friends. Dr. Singer instantly made me feel very at ease and was very sympathetic and understanding about my decision and concerns, and said that he was sure insurance would cover my procedure. All of his nurses that I encountered were extremely helpful and nice. He made sure to talk to me before my surgery to make me laugh and calm me down and even personally called to check on my recovery that night. Can't thank him enough for what he's done for me, my new breasts are beautifully done.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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