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At 51, I feel a little crazy to be going through...

At 51, I feel a little crazy to be going through with this. I've been reading others on this site and realize perhaps it would be good to get some feedback/support rather than bounce things around in my head.

I've been small breasted all of my life. Never been fitted....no reason, but probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 32A closer to AA. Mostly wear no padding kid type bras/bralettes. I actually went to VS and they were not able to find a bra to fit me. I have found, as I'm sure many of you have, that buying clothes can be a challenge, especially dresses. They would fit the lower half of my body, but collapse on the upper part. Very depressing. On the up side, I've been pretty active my whole life, so being small breasted was definitely an asset (no pun intended). At the end of the day though, when I would get undressed I've always felt like a little boy.

Flash forward, it's 2015 and I think it's finally time. I had a total of three consultations and have chosen a PS and a date (Nov 4). Now it's second guess myself time. All three PS's agreed on size (250-275cc's) silicone unders and based on my BWD of 10, high profile is really the only way to go to get that volume. Like most women, I want to have a natural look, and at 51 I'm not looking for bodacious tatas, but I realize as little breast tissue as I have and being pretty ribby, it's going to look like a boob job. I'm hoping that the size I'm looking at, once they settle, they will seem as natural as they can be. Btw, I'm 5'5", 110lbs. and never had children.

So right now, as I overthink all this, I've been having doctors appointments (have to have a clear mammo within 6 months of surgery....yes all you young'uns, this is important at my age!) and I happened to have had a stroke 6 years ago, so I need to get clearance from my GP. All the PS's I met with said that the previous history of stroke (blamed on birth control pills) shouldn't be an issue, but I do need the okay from my regular doctor. I think having been through that was another reason I decided to go through with this. I realize how precarious life can be, and I don't want to get down the road and say "I wish I had...".

So, as far away as Nov 4th seems, it will be here before I know it. At times I wish I had scheduled it sooner, but with summer vacation schedules at work and what not, I thought waiting this time wouldn't be the worst thing. If I as still as excited about it in 2 months (or more precisely, 1 month, 26 days, 1 hour....but who's counting??), as I am now, then I know it's the right thing to do. I have to say, two of my biggest concerns are work and taking care of myself (I live alone) immediately post op. I have a very physically demanding job and I will be going back to it 8 days post op. My boss and coworkers know I'm having this and seem very supportive, but I worry about my ability to step back and let others do....not my personality as a rule. And how were the first few days post op for those that who have had surgery? I will try to have my life as post op ready as possible, but I will be having to do everything myself.

So there you have it...my story, my worries (most of which I realize will be unfounded) my excitement. If anyone out there who's had their BA and are my size and got 250-275cc's I would love some feedback on too big, too small, just right? I will post some before pictures to put that out there too.

Thank you all in advance. This site has been a wonderful find for me and I hope I hear from those who have been through it or about to go through it or anyone who has some words of wisdom to share!

More befores....just to pass the time

Here are a few more pictures of me in my favorite bikini. Nothing to cover other than I wouldn't want to burn them.

It's been wonderful hearing from so many of you and reading your stories as well. Keep those cards and letters coming! (haha). Seriously, you all have some much information for those of us yet to have surgery. There are so many things I would not have thought of to ready before the day....especially as I live alone. My list grows longer daily of things that will make my life easier immediately post op thanks to you all.

Have a glorious day everyone!

Countdown....one month to go

Well it's officially one month until my surgery. I have a feeling it's going to fly....especially since I scheduled the surgery (Nov 4) back in the beginning of August and I can't believe it's Oct!! I've been trying to keep busy and am starting to get things in order for after surgery. Pretty important as I live alone. It makes me a little nervous, but I'm a positive person and just hope the pain/management of everything will be tolerable.

I've been reading a lot of your stories on here and spending too much time thinking over size. Silly since I know my PS said 250-275cc's tops and to get that I have to go HP (and I really don't want to go UHP). I have a feeling that will be plenty big enough for someone who has spent 51 years with next to nothing. So, until the big day, I will try to get as much golf in as possible (played today and it was a little chilly (50's) and very windy), but when I think that there are only 4 more weekends before I get boobs, I'm enjoying every swing of the club. I look forward to reading (and hopefully seeing after pics) of everyone I'm following (and there are a lot of you...haha), that are getting implants around my size and having surgery this month. Please keep all us interested parties up to date with how things are going. This site has been a fount of information for those of us patiently (or not so patiently) waiting our turn.

Have a great week everyone!

Bought and paid for...now to find some patience.

I had my preop appointment today and paid for everything (that makes things REALLY real) Preop blood work done, now all is set (except for the multitude of things I need to do on my end) for Nov. 4. It was nice to see my PS again. He spent a lot of time with me answering questions and measuring me again. (Measure twice, cut once apparently works for more than just carpentry!) It seems he will have three sizes 225, 250 and 275 (all high profile) in surgery and decide then what size will work best for me. I'm so small in all my measurements that he won't know until he forms the pocket just what implant he will be able to fit. He did assure me that he will do the largest size he can (which really considering the 3 choices none is huge and I'm okay with that).

I'm off from work this week and have some fun things planned, so hopefully that will move time along a little quicker. The 2 weeks before surgery are going to be tough. I'm not second guessing things anymore. This is what I want to do, just have the anxiety of immediate post op discomfort etc. Oh yeah....and the discomfort of telling my mom. I wasn't going to tell her (hell I'm 51 and don't need her permission), but after talking to some people I realized that it would be wrong for me to have surgery and her not know especially if God forbid, something happened....she would never let me live it down (haha). Anyway, I have zero expectations of her being supportive, but stranger things have happened. And if she responds how I expect her to, well then best to get it over with. I feel good I've made the decision to tell her.....just putting that into action is going to be tough. I've decided to wait until about a week before, so I don't have to listen to her criticize for too long before I have it done.

Other than that, I've just been catching up on all those who have just had or who are about to have their own BAs. Good thoughts out to all of you, and please keep us followers in the loop!!!

T minus 4 days and counting....

But who's counting?? Just finished up with my last day of work and now it's settle in and get ready time...oh and get one more round of golf in tomorrow for the year...haha. My coworkers made me a boob cake wishing me luck, so that was pretty nice.

As for my mom....miracles will never cease to exist. I know she's not thrilled with the idea of me having surgery, especially with my history of a stroke, but she didn't criticize and just asked a lot of questions. In the "it's a small world" department, I happened to choose the one PS that she thinks the world of (and that is something because there are A LOT of PS's in the area in which I live). That was kind of a relief because I'm sure she would have tried to tell me to use this doctor even if I had scheduled it with someone else and it was 10 days out. I purposely did not tell her any sooner in case the reaction was bad, so I wouldn't have to listen to her complain. She seemed very surprised when I told her it was in 10 days, but she accepted it and that's the best I can ask for.

I find it funny I'm not really nervous about the surgery now, just ready to have it. Post op is going to be what it is....I know every person is different. I'm hoping for less pain and some mobility as I've read some people have pretty soon after surgery as I live by myself, but time will tell. Until then I've been catching up on all the reviews I've been following and sending well wishes to those about to or have just had their surgeries. I'm hoping the next few days go by without a hitch.

Don't want to forget where I came from....

Good morning all! Here it is t-minus 1 day and counting....and I'm almost thankful I am such a procrastinator because trying to get everything done should make the day a little faster. Truthfully if I had to go right now, I could live with everything the way it is, but it's fall here in the northeast and I want to get another run at all the leaves I have down (won't be able to do that for awhile post op....but they will keep falling!!). Also will try to get something made food wise that I can just heat up for the next few days until I feel more myself. That alone will be a miracle (not much of a cook). Other than that, house is livable and I don't expect to cooped up here forever.

I have taken a few more before pictures just so I have something to look back at and remind myself why I am doing this and to realize post op no matter what size I get, it will be a hell of a lot more than I have now. Soooo....off I go to start my day. And here's to hoping I can sleep a little tonight!!!

One more sleep

Assuming I sleep that is!! They switched my start time and I now have to be in at 5:45... Good thing I'm a morning person!

Time to relax a little and think of all the stuff I should have done.

275cc's high profile, under the muscle, inframammary incision.

Back from the hospital a little while ago. Pretty tired considering the night of insomnia prior to today, but all in all, what an experience. Everyone could not have been nicer and I am really pleased. I was in some pain immediately in recovery, but received some pains meds. Then came the nausea, but again given something for that. Was allowed to go home about 2 hours later and I'm just going to eat some crackers and drink some ginger ale to settle things, then hopefully a little nap. I can say, I am able to get up and down pretty well as long as I use my abs and not my arms and I have to watch for sudden movements with my arms.

Thank you all on here who supported me and sent well wishes. Makes me feel not so alone.

So check them out and tell me what you all think?

Post op day 1

Well after a long night of mostly cat naps (really not a back sleeper, much less a propped up back sleeper), I am still feeling pretty good all things considered. I was able to cook myself breakfast this morning and went for a really short walk (just needed to get outside for a bit), then I settled down to watch some TV. I did make the mistake of thinking I could switch over to Tylenol for the second course of pain meds today. I discovered it was a little too soon for that. Took a Percocet for my evening dose and it made of world of difference.

I was allowed to take the bandages off the incisions, so I just have the steri strips on and the strap under my arms to keep the implants down in the pocket. My first follow up appointment is on Monday, so just taking it easy until then. I'm going to attach some new pictures from today. Not much change from yesterday's except the bandages are gone and I cheated and took the strap off to see what they look like free of stuff. I have to say, I'm pretty happy. And it is apparent that even 275cc's can look big (at least I think they look big) on a small frame.

Thank all of you who have posted comments....it's really good to hear others opinions!

Still can't believe these are mine!

Anyone else feel that way looking at themselves post op? I'm taking pictures to keep a record for myself and it just seems I am looking at someone elses pictures!

So day 4....Still have to wear the strap. I have my first post op appointment tomorrow and hopefully everything looks good and I can take a shower!!! As for the strap, I don't know how long I have to wear that....will find out tomorrow. No longer taking any pain meds (not since day 2), but sleeping has not been fun. I normally sleep in a fetal position so propped up on my back is not good. I get about 3 hours at the most in a row then wake up on and off for another 3 hours, then I can't stand it and get up. My upper back is so stiff when I wake up I have to spend 15 minutes just stretching it out. I have the normal part numbness part hypersensitivity to my boobs. Doesn't bother me too much. I just have to watch what I do with my arms. I've learned to open/close/move things with just my hands or my whole body. Other than that I feel I've been really lucky with my recovery to date.

I have to say to you ladies over 50 who are considering this and think you are too old....YOU'RE NOT!!! DO IT! You will wonder why you waited so long. I'm attaching some updated pictures. I actually sent one to a friend this morning and asked them if they thought I was too big. I know that seems silly, but coming from having had nothing (and no kids ever so no pregnancy boobs to experience), I just think at times they are huge. They told me no by the way....

I hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend!!! And thank you all again for the input and support!

First post op appointment

Well had my first post op appointment this morning and my PS was very pleased with how things are progressing. Still wants me to wear the band for another 10 days or so (at least 2 full weeks post op). It isn't too terrible to wear, so I don't mind. He gave me a Bali bra to wear once I go back to work, more to keep things covered (I wear scrubs at work) than for any kind of support. It was an XL....go figure. On my way home, out of curiosity, I stopped at Nordstroms to get sized. I had no idea where I was in sizing, so I wanted an idea of a place to start. 32DD/34D. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I certainly don't look that big in clothes and naked I just look full breasted. I know most of the swelling has gone down, so we'll see where we go from here. The woman was sweet at the store and told me how wonderful I looked and how great I did this for myself. Made me feel pretty good despite the shock of my size. The other great thing was being able to take a shower. I had done a pretty good job of keeping clean without getting the girls wet, but I just never felt really clean, clean, so this was wonderful. I was just really careful about how I moved my arms around as I've gotten a few good zingers today. Driving for the first time also took some getting used to, but after a few miles, I felt more comfortable.

I'm sure I will be paying for my busy day later, but overall I feel really good about things. I see my PS next Tuesday and he will remove the steri strips from the incisions. Getting there one day at a time!

Back to work

Well it's been eight days and I'm back to work this morning. I'm a little worried as I have a pretty active job, but I can only do what I can do.

I'm feeling pretty good. I've been pretty busy the last few days and I have paid for it by the end of the day. Sore and tight, but manageable. Things I've learned....do not open the hatch back of your car if you don't have an automatic close on it. I wound up having to get a stool so I could get above the door because I could not reach up and pull it down....no fun.

I'm still just wearing the strap and a very loose bar my PS gave me (just to cover things because I wear scrubs to work, not for any support) I think he would be happy if I went braless for the first 6 weeks and really with the weather getting colder, it's easier to camouflage them with clothes, but I will say I am excited to buy a real bra down the road....it's the little things.

I hope everyone that is going through the before, during and afters of their journey are doing well and I look forward to all your updates!! Here are a few pictures of me trying on old things....not so much.

Have a great day!

2 weeks tomorrow

I had my second post op appointment today and had the steri strips taken off (momentarily!). They look really good and he would have left the strips off except with what I do for a living being pretty physical, he didn't want anything to rub on them. I have another appointment in two weeks and he will see if I can get them off completely then. He also gave me some replacements in case I have to change them myself between now and then. He is very pleased with how things are looking for just about 2 weeks (as am I!). He also said he was surprised how soft (relatively speaking) they are considering how tight the fit was for the 275's. I still have to wear the strap for another 2 weeks and continue to sleep on my back. The strap is fine...the sleeping thing may be the straw for me. I'm only getting 3-4 hours at a stretch if that and I find things are getting to me which normally I wouldn't even bat an eye over. I have to remember to chalk it up to sleep deprivation and just be kinder to everyone I want to scream at! (haha)

As for work....I really struggled last week. I had been taking it easy for the most part and then bam, back to 10.5 hour days with a 2.5 hour commute and I paid for it. 3 days later and I was ready for some days off. Back tomorrow for a short week (thank goodness!) then another 3 days off. I have decided that I am just going to listen to my body (and my PS) and if it's too heavy or too active I'm not doing it. I spent too much money and time and I don't want to ruin anything.

Also, to note, I've have entered the "Oh my God, my nipples are crazy sensitive" portion of my program. Started yesterday afternoon and it's so bad sometimes I can't even walk around with my shirt brushing them without feeling like screaming. I'm not supposed to wear a bra for another 4 weeks, so this I am hoping this is a short phase. I never lost feeling in my nipples at all and they've been pretty responsive (which they always were), but this is something new altogether!

I am adding a few pictures of bras I found that I can wear when I am finally cleared....or if I HAVE to go somewhere where braless is not going to fly!

Take care everyone!!

3 weeks....and holy nipples Batman!

Well, it's three weeks post op and I have to say, things are going well. Now if I would just not do so much I might actually be a little more pain free than I am. The main reason I know it is my actions and not something amiss is my right side is always more sore and (surprise, surprise) I am right handed. That being said, I have been very fortunate through this whole thing. I have had not one spot of bruising and my incisions have not given me any trouble at all. I have steri strips on them still, but that is more to protect them from being rubbed due to my job. They are more soft every week and my range of movement is slowly getting better. I don't have to keep my whole life at T-rex arm height and I'm not climbing up on everything to get things that are higher up.

But boy or boy can we talk nipples. I've always had sensitive nipples even before surgery, but now they are so sensitive, it's almost unbearable to have things touch them through the day. BUT.... I've found a wonderful cami from Land's End (thermasilk) that is not only warm, but I can stand to have it on all of my 14 hour work day and not want to rip my clothes off when I get home. I can't wear a bra yet (not for another 3 weeks), so I was really struggling with the nipple thing. I couldn't stand the nipple covers I tried, so this cami is a god send. I can wear it under any shirt and it works. The fact that is fall going into winter here is a bonus as it's also a nice light thermal layer.

Mentally I have to say, I'm starting to feel the not working out blues. I never worked out so much to stay in shape (though that is the obvious bonus), but to destress from life. Without that release, I have been a pent up ball of sleep deprived (did I mention, still not sleeping great on my back???) angst. Well, maybe that is a little harsh, but I think you active girls know exactly what I am talking about. These next 3 weeks will pass and it will get better every week, but in the moment sometimes, it seems forever away.

Okay, enough whining. Here are a couple of pictures of the cami. I comes in black, white and I think a couple more colors. I know my high profile boobs haven't dropped too much, but I like the fullness of them and they look good in clothes, so they make me happy.

Thank you all who check in and I am enjoying following all your journeys. Keep up the good work!!


Quick update before I head back to work....

I had to change the steri strips on my incisions today, so I thought I would take some pictures of my scars as I had none so far. I think they are looking fine and they don't bother me. I also took a few more pictures to see how things are progressing. If you had asked me if I thought they had changed much I would have said no, but looking again I think perhaps there are some changes happening. I know I was so tight before that things are not going to settle quickly, but it was nice to notice some subtle changes for the better. And have I mentioned I love them??

I hope every one has a great weekend.

4 weeks today

Some days I feel like it's been 4 weeks, and sometimes I feel like it's been 4 months! I had my last post op appointment yesterday until he wants to see me again at 6 months. He thinks everything looks good. I told him about some acute pain I was having on the right side and it seems that is normal healing. Plus, apparently I'm doing too much (and I'm right handed, so....) I guess there is no surprise there. The left side feels almost normal...pretty much no pain, just the feeling of having SOMETHING there which I am still getting used to. I can stop wearing the strap, though he recommended I might want to wear it at work because of my job and also keep wearing the steri strips for another month for the same reason. He's rather old school and doesn't believe in any kind of scar treatment and really I think they look great so, I'm okay with that.

And here's a funny story. When I first started my review, I mentioned that in the past I had gone to VS and they could not find a bra to fit me....talk about depressing. Well I made the trip back, and guess what??? 32D/34C. And yes, there were plenty of bras to fit me!! I only bought a couple plus a sports bra (they were having a sale - yay Christmas time!). My PS doesn't want me in an underwire for quite awhile. He said a crop top/bralette when I can finally wear a bra again in 2 weeks. He said if I liked the underwire bras, I can always make a little slice at the end of the underwire and pull it out. I am going to give that a try...what the heck. And really these girls don't need the lift at all. (yay high profile!) And I'm rather enjoying not wearing a bra at all, so who knows, it IS winter here....I may just go without for awhile more!

Nipples on both are still crazy sensitive, but tolerable. If I could just get the right side of me to calm down a little I would be overjoyed....but beggars can't be choosers, I'm going to have to stop doing, which will be a hard thing to accomplish as I go back to work today.

I'm posting a few pictures of playing around with VS bras.

Have a great day everyone and thank you all for checking in and commenting. It really makes me feel good to get positive feedback as I live alone and I'm not really the type to go out asking people "do these look good??" haha.

A few more pictures....

I was asked to post some pictures of the girls, so here they are! I was just so excited to be trying on real bras for the first time, I forgot that maybe someone would want to know how my boobs looked without clothes....because Lord knows, I certainly did my share of looking at reviews and analyzing sizes on different body types when I was doing all the research beforehand and it was really helpful to see what they looked like without clothes.

Thank you all for your kind words. It really means a lot. And by the way, I actually managed to not overdo it at work today....a first for me! It's really nice to be home and comfortable instead of being upset and in pain.

Bras, bras and more bras

Okay, so those of you who told me to go get the charcoal bra at VS, I partially blame you....and breezier, but I've already "spoken" to her...lol. I was at the mall (Christmas IS right around the corner), and I was walking by VS and that bra just called to me, so naturally I heeded the voice and went in and bought it. That being said, I'm not cleared to wear underwires for awhile, so I went to Bloomingdales and bought a few wireless bras that weren't too constricting and were kind of cute. I'm still not cleared to wear a bra for another couple of weeks, but better to be prepared I say!

On another note, I have to say, the last 10 days have been a turn around for me. I am very aware of being able to do things with much more comfort and ease than even 2 weeks ago. I even tried sleeping part of the night on my side last night....that will be a work in progress for me, but I'm hoping it gets better because I could really use a decent nights sleep.

I have been really enjoying hearing from everyone and feel like you all are sort of like sisters to me (I have none of my own!). It's fun to see everyone progressing along and I feel like maybe I'm a help to the ones coming up on their surgeries.

I hope everyone has a great day!! (And yes, here are bra pictures!)

6 weeks....where does the time go???

Well here I am at my 6 week anniversary!!! The magic number where I can start working out....and wearing bras. I've been looking forward to this milestone for awhile, so I can get back to running, but I have to say, these girls are not ready for running yet. I bought a Knockout sports bra from VS which is very supportive, but it is not comfortable to run in it. I even bought it in a different size than I measured (32B vs 32D) because I wanted the larger band size (I could hardly breathe in the 32!). They are just not there yet. I'm also not able to fully extend my arms above my head in a good stretch. I know I was pretty thin skinned and he put the largest implant he could fit based on my measurements, so I figure I just have a lot more muscle relaxation to go. It's a little frustrating as running is my destressor, but I waited 51 years for boobs, I can certainly wait a little longer for this. As for strength training, I have been lifting/pulling/pushing too much since week 2 with my job, so that is a little easier. I was changing the cat's litter boxes today and lifting 25lb bags of litter without much discomfort, just weird muscle movements over the implants. That doesn't bother me, it's just a matter of getting used to it.

As for how they look and feel at 6 weeks? I think they are coming along great. I can't say they are appreciably softer in the last 2 weeks, but I'm sure that will come as I'm able to stretch more. I think as far as dropping goes, the right is minutely higher than the left, but I chalk that up to me being right handed and it's going to take longer for that side to catch up.

I am going to post the obligatory milestone pictures. I still have moments where I can't believe I did this. Anyone out there who is on the fence about having a BA, I have two words....DO IT!!! You don't want to be wishing you had down the road. And don't ever think you're too old for this. At 51, I couldn't have imagined myself having a BA, but a good friend made me realize how I didn't want to go through life wishing I had....and he was right. I owe him big time. Good luck to all who are about to have surgery and healthy recoveries to those getting through those first days/weeks. And especially thank you all who have made my day by checking in on me. Take care all!!!

Lesson learned???? .....Maybe

Well I wasn't planning on doing an update for awhile, but I had to share today's experience. My boobs had been feeling really good for the most part and I have to say they were starting to feel a part of me....like I wasn't noticing every two seconds there was something new attached to my chest. Then this morning over breakfast out of no where, my chest muscles on both sides tightened up and would not release. I felt like I was back at week 2, just without the associated pain. I was a little concerned, but thought as my day continued it would resolve. Well as the day went on, everything stayed pretty tight. For those of you who have had to wear the compression band, that was what it felt like....and I haven't worn the band in a week or more and no bra either. I put a call into my PS and his first comment was "are you doing too much?" Hmmmm....if you've been following my review, you have read that that is something I am very guilty of since week 2.....and here I am paying for it. He called in an order for Valium and I picked it up tonight and am hoping that it will relax things enough that I can get comfortable. It was a long enough day at work (10.5 hours), that it progressed from tightness to soreness.
So maybe it is time to do less for a bit. A friend told me I was obstinate, and at this point I have to agree with him. I'm not using this update tonight to complain so much (well maybe a little...), but more to let the women who are in their first weeks/month of recovery to TAKE IT EASY. It will come back to bite you in the ass. I do not have an "S" on my chest and can not leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Okay....I'm done. Have a good night.

Incision question for you lovely ladies

I am 7 weeks today and have been basically braless the whole time except for the odd few hours in the odd day that I wear a bralette because I'm dressed a little more decently than normal, and I am finding that by the end of the day my incisions are quite tender at times....like can't wait to get everything off of my body tender. I have had steri strips on since day one (obviously changing them from week to week) so nothing is directly on them, and still they pain me. Has anyone else experienced this? How long before your incisions stopped being an issue. They are healing beautifully to look at them and I never even had a spot of bruising anywhere or any bleeding post op (my PS was even surprised), so I'm just wondering how long this will go on for? Maybe it's just my boobs way of saying NO BRA EVER!!!

Anyway, you all have been so much help with all your wisdom...I'm back for more!!!

Take care and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!!!!

2 months today and my first workout

Good evening and I can't believe it's 2 months already. I am still in love with the girls and they've been feeling good enough in the last 10 days, that I thought I would try a little running/lifting. I spent about 40 minutes on the treadmill alternating between walking fast and running. All in all I would say I ran about 20 minutes total and that was all I could do....not stamina wise, but boob wise. Every time I would start up again I would feel my chest muscles pull a little tighter. By around 30 minutes I knew I was done running for today and I finished up walking. I have to say, I was pretty pleased. I wore a pretty supportive sports bra (VS Knockout bra...though warning, the bottom of the zipper did bother me under my boobs). It seemed to do the trick support wise, but I think I will keep looking for one that feels a little more comfortable. I could definitely use it if I was only lifting. Did a little light upper body work afterwards and called it a day. Overall, it was a win for me. I swore 10 days ago it would be forever before I thought I would feel well enough to run, and voila here I did it. For those in your first month or so, give it time....it will happen. Don't push things. Most of us waited awhile to decide to have the surgery, certainly we can wait until our bodies are ready to do more as we heal.

As for how they look? I think they are pretty much looking the same as the last few weeks, though I might say they are getting softer which has been nice. Oh, and alert the presses, I was able to sleep a couple of nights on my side/stomach. It wasn't for the whole night, but it was an improvement and it felt nice and familiar. I also bought a bathing suit as my others really didn't seem to cover much more than my nipples now. :-O! I'll attach a couple of those pictures and I played around trying on some dresses as well.... and I MAY have bought another bra or two....but really I'm done with that. How many bras can a girl wear???

I hope everyone had a nice new years and is getting back to the grind of 2016. To all those gearing up to have surgery good luck! I look forward to seeing all the boob pictures!!!
Take care! XO

Okay I can't believe I'm saying these words....

But I think I want to go bigger. Okay I've said them "out loud" so to speak. I am very happy with what I have, don't get me wrong, and I think my doctor did an amazing job, but some days I feel like I want them bigger. Mind you, he got in the biggest size that I was anatomically able to take (and even that was a tight fit according to him), but having had them almost 4 months now, I am feeling like I could handle something a little bigger. I'm not looking to be huge, but something to fill out things more, maybe close the gap a little. I have my next post op appointment in April which will be 6 months, so I will ask him about it then. I realize 50-75cc's more is a drop in the bucket in terms of implant size, but if you don't ask, you don't know. I'm not getting any younger, and if I'm going to do it, it will have to be now. I wouldn't look to do the surgery until the fall again, as I want to have the enjoyment of the summer to have my new boobs, and to think on all this some more, but I realize what a great resource this website has been for me and I thought where else better to share my feelings on this?? (No hubby or BF to discuss it with, so you ladies are my "audience"!)
Thank you in advance for your input. I will post 4 month pictures in the next week. I can't say that I can appreciate much change. Softer, yes, able to sleep on my stomach now, yes, getting back to running and working out, yes, so it's all good. Tell me I'm crazy, tell me to go for it. I'm open minded, but I can't keep this all to myself without going a little nuts.
Have a great day everyone!!! XOXO

Advice for working out

Good morning all! I still haven't gotten my ass in gear to post pictures yet (I swear I will!), but in the meantime I've been given the opportunity to attend a training school in June that is going to kick my ass. I really need to get back in shape. The running part isn't a big deal, I've been working up to a little more distance. The kicker is going to be weights. I've kind of taken it easy on myself so far, but this camp is going to have me doing push ups, climbing walls, doing dips, pull ups etc. I tried doing a push up or two (yes, I've been avoiding them), and I have to say, it feels weird. I wouldn't say painful, but it is uncomfortable. I am 4.5 months out at this point and I have about 3 months to get ready for this torture week. Anyone have some advice on how to do some of these things without feeling like my chest is going to split. I know I was a very tight fit for my little implant (I didn't have a lot of breast tissue and tight skin), but I don't know if I just have a lot more stretching to do and will doing this hurt me in the long run???? Of course, as is my nature, I feel like I have to be able to do everything tomorrow, and I know I have time. Any suggestions are welcome and truly appreciated!!!!! (And say a prayer for me come June....this is gonna be something, especially at my age!).

Finally pictures....4 1/2 months

I finally got around to getting some new pictures. I don't think they've changed all that much, but what has changed is how much I am able to do now. Some things still feel weird, but I'm used to that. Will be interesting to see how the harder training I will be doing over the next 3 months feels.
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