Just over 1 Week Until my Rhinoplasty! - Panorama City, CA

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I have hated my nose since about age 9 when I...

I have hated my nose since about age 9 when I started getting teased about it. I never really considered a rhinoplasty because I always thought it would be out of reach financially. Luckily, my insurance is covering it! It was a difficult decision, especially because I've come to embrace my unique look. I am, however, in a business where looks are very important (theatre and film). I want people to be able to look at me and see my whole face instead of just my large nose. It doesn't define who I am. I know I'll still be unique with a smaller, straighter nose. I'm really nervous about the procedure because I don't handle pain very well. I am also concerned that my boyfriend and family won't recognize me and will feel like they have lost a physical connection to me. Still, here goes!

So my mom had misunderstood the phone call and...

So my mom had misunderstood the phone call and told me it was the 13th, but it's actually in just over a week! Went to the preop with my boyfriend, who was very supportive!

Hey guys, I'm really sorry for not posting sooner....

Hey guys, I'm really sorry for not posting sooner. I suppose it was partially out of embarrassment. I decided not to go through with the procedure. I was experiencing too many doubts for it to be a smart choice. Thank you for all of your support.

2 Years later

Hey everyone! It's been a long time, but I'm reconsidering the surgery. I'm hoping to get it done in January, but I have yet to decide whether or not to have it done by the same surgeon or research other options. I feel a lot more confident about my choice, especially since I think I've had a lot of personal developments that make me feel like this is the right choice.

A new nose in 2015

I had my first (well..this time around) consult with my surgeon today and we're aiming for late January or early February. I'm feeling very confident about his ability and my decision.
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I was referred to head and neck surgery by my general health practitioner and found a surgeon through them.

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