Got burned - literally. Know the risks

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I wasn't going to write a review but I hope that...

I wasn't going to write a review but I hope that maybe someone out there has had a similar experience. To start off I am 5'7 145 lbs. I have an athletic build and for the most part I am happy with my body. I have always had stubborn areas: flanks (what I lovingly refer to as back fat) and my upper thighs.

I had liposuction almost 6 years ago. It was the traditional lipo. I went in for my "back fat" but the doctor said he would do my entire front (abs down to pubis) and back (upper back to flanks). The surgery went extremely well. I wasn't put to sleep but I had an iv and I was given something (twilight). I don't remember the surgery but the doctor said I was talking and able to move around for them the entire time. I had a very good outcome. I did have several marks where he went in with the cannula but I had limited (if any) bruising. I felt pretty much normal after surgery. I was up and moving around like normal.

So this time I decided to get vaser lipo because it was supposed to tighten the skin while removing fat. I thought this would be even better because it’s the latest and greatest method. I was told I wouldn't be put to sleep but would be given medicine to relax. I was told that sometimes people fall asleep during the procedure. I opted to have my underarm fat, inner and outer thighs and "banana roll" fat removed.

I want to start this off saying that I have a high tolerance for pain and shots don't bother me. I wasn't worried about the procedure. The nurse gave me a shot of Phenergan and valium. Then they gave me half an ambien and xantac. Then they waited around 30 minutes. I did get relaxed but I was far from sleepy. The procedure started with the armpit area. The first shot/puncture hurt like hell. Then they filled the area with saline and epinephrine. I was really hoping this would numb the area. After that the vaser ultrasound part started. The frequency noise felt like it went through my teeth up through my brain. Lastly they went to suck the fat out. Some parts were okay but then there would be one place that would make me yelp out in pain. It was like the tip of the cannula went just above where I was numb. I said several curse words. I was told the armpit was the worst because of all the nerve endings.
Then they moved to my legs. Same thing all over. It hurt - like hell. At one point they had to give me a shot of some pain medicine because I think the doctor felt like he was torturing me. It wasn't as bad when I was lying on my stomach and they were on my legs but it still was not pleasant. Immediately after it was over I remember looking down at my thighs and I was like omg! they look bigger than they were. I know it was from the fluid but it was unsettling to see.

Here is the part I don't understand. If this is the newest and best liposuction why am I so bruised and swollen? When I had my first liposuction the results were immediate. When I took off my garment to take my first shower I was stunned by how skinny I looked. I look in the mirror now and I'm like uh...I look the same..if not uneven now. I'm so sore like I've been kicked by a horse. I have immense pain whenever I have to get up or first sit down. Then I'm told I'm supposed to massage the area. Really…I’m supposed to massage my bruised thighs? It almost sounds counterproductive but I understand why.

I'm just wondering why I had such a negative response to this liposuction. Could it be the process of adding saline/epinephrine or is the removal of fat more aggressive with this method. I thought the old traditional method of liposuction would have resulted in more bruising and swelling. Anyway, I'm glad this wasn't my only or first experience with getting this done because I would have NEVER suggested any one do this simply based on the pain during and after the procedure. I'm taking arnica and bromelain to help with bruising but I really hope that I start to see some reduction in the size of my thighs. Right now I feel like I just wasted 3,000. If I can get over my bruised ego I’ll post some pictures. Maybe that will help to see the results as they progress too.

Day 5 - Forced myself to take pics

I still feel really sore. I went to my regular doctor for a check up and my blood pressure was 165/110. I freaked. My blood pressure is normally 100/80. I consistently have low blood pressure so it really bothered me. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the pain I'm in and possibly just the procedure itself. What is really bothering me is the dark bruise that is so bad that at first I thought there were blisters. I'm still extremely sore and run down feeling - not to mention that my legs look larger and just awful over all :( I realize this is swelling and bruising but it's still hard to look at. The first time I had lipo I had instant results...this looks like I was beat up with a bat.

Day 9 - Its a burn

Well...after taking a closer look at the area I realized its a burn - not a bad bruise (although it is bruised). I went to the doctor to get my stitches removed and they were upset about the area. I was told it had never happened before :/ They never stated it was a burn but gave me a prescription for silvadene which is for burns. He also wrote another prescription of antibiotics. I'm supposed to go back in a week so they can monitor the "area" and for them to do lymphatic massage.

My bruises are much better but I still have a lot of swelling which I know will take some time to go down. The real issue I have is the way I feel. I feel run down, weak and in pain. I was only able to work two days this week (at my sit down job) because 1st I'm sitting on what I guess is a second degree burn and secondly I would feel so weak and my head would pound. I'm really hoping I start to feel better soon. Again, this is something I never experienced when I had regular liposuction. I know that there are risks to everything but I had no bruising nor felt like I was run over by a truck with the other method. Ill update later with some recent pics.

Pics on day 9

I meant to update my pics but honestly hadn't felt up to it. I'm going to upload these I took last Friday and then take some more tonight.
I can see the swelling going down. There are lumps of fat that didn't get sucked out but I know it will go away with massage/time/garment but the areas are painful to rub.

Day 12 close up pic of burn

I am so sick of this feeling. It hurts constantly because it's constantly being rubbed by garment. I'm frustrated and I've been hoping with everything I'm doing that it would be getting better but to me it looks worse and it aches down my leg.
This time I got someone else to take the pic and it isn't pretty :/

Day 15

i can see swelling going down but the burn is agonizing. It never stops hurting. At times it feels like a bee sting. I don't feel like I was given proper instruction for a burn and instead of better I think it looks worse. I don't feel as weak today but I'm still not 100%. I showed my best friend, who is an RN my burn and she freaked. So tomorrow I'm going to another doctor to get this looked at. If I could give any advice at this point it would be to know the risks and if you're not being sedated by at least twilight don't do it. No wonder I was in such pain. I wonder how hot it actually gets during the procedure :( also get a doctor who is a general surgeon or even better a board certified plastic surgeon.

Burn looks worse to me.

I went to another doctor last Friday who said it was infected. They gave me antibiotics and more antibiotic cream and silvadene. Today I'm at a Wound Center and they are sending me to a plastic surgeon bc they aren't familiar with cosmetic burns and were confused as to how I could have been burned like I am. :( I'm just ready for all this to be over with. On the plus side the dressing they used today is way more comfortable. I'll update what I find out tomorrow.

It's a 3rd degree burn

So I went to a plastic surgeon today who verified it is definitely a full thickness third degree burn.
:( He also said it would take months to heal. The yellow area is dead tissue. Depending upon how it heals I may have to end up having it excised. I asked him how painful it would be and he said that no amount of pain medicine would be enough for him to remove the eschar and I'd have to be put to sleep and then surgically close up the area. I hope that it doesn't come to that. I am at least thankful that the burn wasn't somewhere easily seen like my abdomen or outside leg.
While he was inspecting me he made the comment here's one stab wound and another. It was obvious he was judging the skillset of the doctor who performed the procedure. He said getting burned is very rare and should not have happened. He knew exactly how it happened but didn't go into extreme detail. He only looked frustrated at the results of my procedure

So at least now I have answers to my questions and hopefully now I can move forward with getting this healed up. I'll post pictures in a couple of weeks. Maybe more swelling will have gone down. :)
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