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I have been reading posts on this website for...

I have been reading posts on this website for about a year and I am finally about to take the plunge. I have a tt with lipo scheduled for 7/25/13.

I have lost 130 pounds stretched out over a long period of time. But, I have carried around the extra baggage from it for far longer. I am very nervous about my procedure and the pain that may come along with it. I hope, more than anything, that my results are worth it. The thing I'm most excited about is having a real belly button. I will keep everyone posted.

One day post op

Yesterday was surgery. It went really well. I think my results are going to be even better than I imagined. I'm in a lot of pain today but I'm gonna get through it. Will keep this up to date with photos and all. Have my follow up appointment this afternoon.

Two days post op.

Went to the doc for my follow up yeaterday. Got a peek at my belly. Because its silken it just looks like a giant but cack. I did see my new belly button.!that was exciting. Last night I got to take my first shower. I thought it would be great but to was excruciating. I lasted maybe three minutes. Then we got to put on the compression garment. Holy crap was that work! My mom did the best she coul, God bless her, but needless to say it was rough and painful. With it on, things are more comfortable. Yesterday, before seeing the doc, the binder was rolling up and pushing in on my staples. With the compression garment under it, it doesn't do that any more. It looked strange looking down at my new belly. It was interesting seeing my vagina without having to lift up flab and standing just so. I can't wait til the road of recovery is over and I have my final results. Recovering through crap is tough work. I'm hanging on to being able to wear a bikini with my two yer old. I haven't Ben able to wear one my whole life

Two days post op

Compression garment heaven/hell

Just a photo this time. 3 days post op

Day 4 post op...

Day four post op. Last night was tough. I started to feel great yesterday and then woke up in the middle of the last night with a low grade fever and LOTS of pain. Going to the doc to get my staples out today and crossing my fingers that they will remove one of my drains. I totally underestimated this surgery. I have been up and moving most of the day today. I am determined to beat this. Loaded my jogging stroller down with books so I can lean on it outside while I walk. It was very helpful. I wish I had read more on here before having my surgery. I totally would have rented a walker. It's something I never even thought of. The stroller has been a great last minute alternative, other than the fact that I look like a crazy bag lady in my robe and compression stockings and slippers, hunched over, pushing a stroller full of books. People whe I live must think I am off my rocker. All in all I still feeling like I made the right decision. Weighed myself today and I weigh exactly what I did on the morning of surgery. As disappointing as that is, I know it has to be swelling/fluid. The doctor removed a massive amount of skin/ tissue and two liters of fat through lipo. Can't wait to be over recovery. Coming to grips with the fact that this is a loooooong in MONTHS with an s. We will see. The worst part right now is where the compression garment cuts into my skin. The doc told me to cut the crotch out so I didn't have to take it off to pee (ingenious idea) but the edges squeeze and cut in to my inner thighs when I sit down. To those reading all these reviews and are terrified, don't be scared. In the end, for me, it's totally worth it. Having a hanging flap of flab was much worse.

Day four post op again...

It's actually the morning if day five post op. But I just wanted to talk about the rest of day four. I went to the doctor and had my staples removed. Out of the 60 or 80 that were there, only two of them hurt just a tiny bit on the way out. The nurse is amazing at my doc's office. I slept a little over five hours straight through tonight, which was amazing. Up until now its only been two or three hours at a time. I can stand up almost straight and basically forgot to take my pain medicine both times it was due today and took it late. I think tomorrow I could go all day without it and only take it at night. The nights are still tougher but tonight was much more manageable than yesterday. I got to take the compression garments off when I got home and take a real shower which was the best! All except for my two year old banging on the door the whole time wanting to get in with me (the sitter was here with her I didn't lock her out there by herself). I tried on a dress while I was waiting for my spans to wash and dry. My daughter told me I looked like Beyonce the minute I put it on. Not even close, Im sure, but I felt like a million dollars. Attaching a photo with the binder off. Pretty drastic change already and we are barely there

6 days post op... I HATE THESE FREAKING DRAINS!!!!!!!!!

I'm so over these drains!!! They said they were going to take these things out at my next doc appointment if the draining slowed to like 30cc each in a 24 hour period. They aren't slowing and one is hanging by a thread. They are both stitched in to my cooter and one slid and the stitch is now like an inch of thread that just pulls with every tiny move! I want these things out!!! And I want to put on a freaking pair of panties! Other than that I feel ok. Only taking my pain meds at night right now. Ready to be standing straight up again! Praying my body will stop oozing so these drains can be gone. Two more days...ugh


Been really depressed tonight. I feel alone and I'm is of the drains. I want panties and real clothes. I'm ready for my life back. I know it's only 6 days post op but I'm looking ahead at the long recovery in front of me. I thought I was going to skip the post op blues. I guess not.

9 days post op and feeling much better...

The doctor took out one of my drains yesterday...the one that was irritating and painful so it's not such a tradgedy to have the other one still in. I'm sure in a few days, I will be sick of it though also. I go back to the doctor in four days and they are hoping to be able to take the drain out by then. I'm trying to be patient so I don't get a seroma. I really don't want one. The drain that was left in is draining like crazy and both drain holes are leaking now...the one that still has the drain in it is actually draining more. Starting to feel more like a human being again. I keep forgetting to ask my doc when it's ok to stand up straight. Looks like, from reading on here, th eopinions vary widely from doctor to doctor. So, I'm still walking slightly hunched and my back is killing me.

I have a blood clot...

I have a blood clot. At 11 days post op I woke up with cramping in my left leg. I called my surgeon and they told me to come in. My surgeon is on vacation so his partner looked at me. I had no other symptoms so he said to keep an eye on it and if I started having any other symptoms or the pain worsened to go to the ER immediately. By 15 days post op the pain was excruciating at night time. I contacted my general physician that morning and they got me right in. He gave me a script for muscle relaxers and sent me to get a Doppler scan on my leg just to be safe. The scan revealed a clot in my leg. A scan of my lungs shows no pulmonary emboli. I'm on shots and pills anticoagulants. Scared and worried and wishing I hadn't done this to myself. Also having severe itching. Nothing helps it. Pretty miserable tonight. Don't know if all this was worth it at this point.
Panama City Plastic Surgeon

Ceydeli has been amazing!!! I interviewed quite a few doctors and he was the only one who made me feel totally at ease. And his staff has been amazing too! I have good results. The man is an artist, which you can tell from my before and after pictures. I would recommend him to anyone.

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