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Hello my name is Jennifer. I have been suffering...

Hello my name is Jennifer. I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since 5th grade, and I am 22 right now. I can't wear shirts with sleeves, and if I do I have to bring a jacket, or make sure I wear black shirts. I sweat constantly. The only time I don't is when I just relaxing at home. I can't listen to my favorite songs, laugh, argue, worry, or have any type of emotions without sweating. Yesterday (the day before my appointment) I went to go play golf with my boyfriend. I wore a tank top because I feared of sweating and being embarrassed, well I showed up and they told me I couldn't played because I needed a shirt with sleeves. I then had to go home. Hyperhydrosis is something I constantly deal with. Every time I get dressed I have to think about what kind of shirt I am able to wear.
I thought about doing botox but its not permanent and I do not have the money or time to deal with that. Then a nurse told me about Miradry. I did my research on it and knew I had to do it. So here I am sitting here so sore after my treatment. I drove 2 hours to panama city, fl. The consultation and procedure took about 2 hrs. The staff was very nice and made me feel comfortable. They first applied a tattoo like guide on my armpits. Then a lady came to numb the area. After she was done injecting she poked different parts of my armpit to make sure I was numb. She wasn't in a hurry and I appreciated her taking the time to make sure I was numb. She went over to the other armpit to numb it while another lady started the miradry procedure. Oh, and I did get a level 4 treatment. I have a high pain tolerance, and the only thing that hurt was the shots. It felt like bee stings. But the miradry procedure didn't feel like anything. After both sides were done, they applied ice packs under my arms. 2 hours later, im pretttttty sore. Keeping ice under my arms help but it feels like a huge ass bee stung me, and I have golf balls under my arms. I took some ibuprofen. Yes I am swollen, but I do not care. I cant wait for the pain to decrease and I can wear short sleeve shirts and wave my hands in the air. =)
It was 1000 for the treatment. It was at Gulf Coast Dermatology in Panama City, FL on Harrison Avenue. Like I said the ladies were very very nice and comforting. But lord it hurts right now. Ill just have to suck it up and keep icing!


The first night was horrible , I couldn't sleep cuz of pain but around 4am my pain reduced and the swelling reduced also. I went to work the day after the procedure and I'm doing great!! So far so good :)

3 days after the treatment

Swelling has gone down significantly. Kind of tender but no pain. The hicky looking marks are faded fast too . No sweating. Only when I got hot and tresses at work I felt damp but nothing that soaked through. I sweated like a normal person lol so I've been dry for 3 whole days!!! So happy :) I can wear whatever I want!

5 days after procedure

I am loving wearing anything I want!!! Still kinda tender but no sweat. Psychologically I'll feel like my shirt is wet but then I check and I'm dry. I guess I'm traumatized lol but yeah, I only iced for two days. The swelling is going down really fast. And my biceps did swell up a bit. But I believe it's gone done significantly. This has changed my life. I'm more confident and need to go shopping for shirts with selves now!

After a workout

5 days after my procedure I felt well enough to go work out. I wore a grey shirt, with sleeves. I was nervous because I would have never wore sleeves before miradry. Well I worked out for 1 hr and my shirt was dry!!! So excited :))

2 weeks after

Alright so my swelling is basically gone. And I feel normal. The tiniest bit of tenderness but that's all. I have only sweated very minimal because I was stressed and I'm in Alabama where it's hot as hell. So, so far so good! I may need the second treatment but we will cross that bridge when we get there.my underarm hair grows back but barely. It definitely slowed down my hair goeth under my arms which is awesome!! And I have yet to wear deordorant. No BO at all. So it's pretty great lol

Almost a month after

On occasion I put deodorant on. Usually when I go work out. I have sweated a little but only under stress. I get stressed out easy so that's just my fault lol. My hair growth is minimal and I hope it stays this way. I am thinking about doing a second procedure, but I have school loans so its not priority anymore. Mira Dry Works people!! Trust me, my sweating was super severe and now it is basically gone, but like I said it happens a little when Im stressed. If I do decide to go for another treatment It will be in the winter time. The tender feeling is basically gone. NO swelling. the day after the procedure my arms swelled but it went away after a week. my arms are back to normal =)
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