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Like a lot of people here, I too have been reading...

Like a lot of people here, I too have been reading reviews on this site for a while now. I'm now almost to the point of being able to review my own experience of having a breast reduction surgery. My re-evaluation is on the 25th of August, and my surgeon is Dr. Ceydeli of Panama City, Florida. My procedure is going to be a vertical scar breast reduction with assisted liposuction. Medicaid is covering most of my surgery as it has been considered medically necessary. I'm currently a 36F, and hopefully going down to a C cup. I have to (unfortunately) pay for part of the surgery- $1,500 to be exact. I have to bring this amount to the re-eval in order for my surgery to be scheduled because otherwise they won't schedule me until I pay it and they don't finance it. I only work at Walmart so this may be a hard task for me to come up with the money for the surgery. I am incredibly optimistic however, and excited nonetheless. Thank you all for sharing your stories with me. They helped me push through the two years it took to be approved by Medicaid. I can't wait to be on the other side of the fence and finally be pain free.

Dates and prep!

I've gone to my re-evaluation and got my pre-op and surgery scheduled! Pre-op is Sept. 24th and surgery is Oct. 12th!!! I'm beyond excited. Doc said i will only need about 3 days of rest after surgery but i went ahead and took a week off from work just in case. He said his only concern was my nipple dying because of how large they are but other than that he thinks I'll be much happier! I need a little advice as to what all I'll need for after surgery (I'm having a vertical reduction and i havent seen too many posts on those) and maybe some advice for the day before and diet and so on.

Huge ta-ta's

Before pic

More pictures!

More pics


Hey guys, sorry for disappearing...it's been busy irl. I went to my pre-op on the 24th and everything went well. They gave me my prescriptions to fill before surgery (pills for nausea, pain, and an antibiotic.) and basically walked me through what surgery will be like and the things i can and cant do afterwards. My surgery is October 12th and I'm soooo excited but also very nervous for some reason. They told me to buy a stool softener and an antiseptic skin cleanser to use the night before surgery (I bought Hibicleanse which is located at walmart). This past Monday i got my bloodwork done and the results should arrive right before my surgery. I now officially have 5 days left of work before my surgery. Woohoo!!

Picture update!

post op!!

Hey guys, just had surgery yesterday and im super sore. Just wanted to let you all know that everything went well and i got my bandages off this morning. I'll be updating with pictures once i feel a little better and ill also trll you everything that happened. Take care.

Day3 post op

Doing pretty good today. Got my staples out this morning and the girls are looking pretty good. Uploading some post op pictures for you guys. Sorry ive been posting so slowly, the exhaustion is real lol.

post op day 4

Im feeling really good today! The girls look AMAZING! The swelling has gone down a bunch and they dont look as "nasty" as yesterday. Finally had the courage to wash them with gentle soap and i feel so much better and clean. Thanks so much for the support in my journey and i hope to update this again with pictures next week so you can see my progress.

Almost completely healed

I'm only 2 weeks post op but im healing so well and so quickly. Very happy with this surgery and i cant wait to see the end result!

6 months post op!

Hey guys! Finally made it to the 6 month mark and I can say without a doubt that everything has settled and I am completely healed.
Panama City Plastic Surgeon

He's a very kind and caring doctor. I would definitely recommend him.

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