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Hello! My name is Leslie and for the past few...

Hello! My name is Leslie and for the past few years I have completed extensive research in regards to deciding between mastopexy and Aug or mastopexy alone. I have a significant amount of breast tissue which starts me off with a full c to d cup. I've met with my PS a few times in the past few years. Since I have so much breast tissue and I'm still young enough to have pretty dense tissue I have decided to go with a saline implant under the muscle with a high profile because I particularly love the look of fake boobs. If you love natural looking then I can tell you love, you're reading the wrong review. :) I'm currently scheduled for my pre op appointment on 6/3. 31 days away!!! So excited. The only bummer is I'm currently addicted to the gym so staying away from weight lifting during recovery is going to be such a drag but I've waited long enough to do this!

Wish Pics

Besides the little asymmetry of the nipples, this is the look I'm going for. I'm 5'9 and weigh around 200. So having larger breast on myself should go with my body type.

19 days until pre op!

Just still browsing my wish pics! Found another one that I love! A lot of my inspiration comes from real results from all of you! So anxious! My friends even want to give me a boogie party before my surgery!! Haha so happy I finally went forward with my decision!

One week from today is PREOP!!

Soooooo I have looked at so many boobs that I feel like I'm a boob connoisseur by this point hahaha. I was reading reviews and realized I haven't put my measurements down.

Height: 5'9
Weight: 200
Athletic Build, Active Gym and Runner.
Lots of Chest Muscle
Currently a 36C(full) small D

Any advice on questions that are super important during preop? Also, I've been wondering about tubes. Does anyone know what differentiates between patients on who has tubes placed and who doesn't? Help! Time is closing in and I'm starting to panic!! Lol not really, but kinda.


Just finished my pre op with Dr. Hong. What an amazing experience. His staff is so friendly and informative and answered all of my pre op questions. I also paid for my surgery in full so now it's 15 long days until surgery. We decided to go under the muscle to minimize the risk of capsular contracture which is fine by me. The profile won't matter in my case because the CC amount will be determined during the surgery. We are thinking of starting at 325 CC's and overfilling to 350 CC's if my nipple can sustain blood flow. The one piece of education that I did learn today was that when choosing saline over silicone implants, your PS can make an incision in office later on and fill the implant if need be or take saline out by just finding the port. Thats awesome because then I wont need surgery unless implants rupture. We took preoperative photos today and it wasn't a pretty sight. My husband joined in on the photoshoot which made me laugh and put me at more ease. I was prescribed NORCO, Keflex, and Phenergan. My PS said I won't be able to resume activies until 4-6 weeks which my activies means no weight lifting which is a total bummer but said I can resume cardio(no running) but eliptical and bike riding 3 weeks after surgery so I'm happy to meet in the middle. He also marked on me where my new nipple location would be and WHOA, what a difference. I never realized how much sagging I had before all of his drawings on me today. Well, I think thats all the info I have for you for now. Can't wait to get through these next few weeks. xoxoxox

One week and it's surgery time!

I am absolutely in love with the fact that in exactly 7 days I will have new breasts. I'm so excited for the day to come!! We also btw changed to moderate + profile because I'm more wider in the chest area I didn't want it to look like two soccer balls sitting on my chest so I feel relaxed and comfortable that my surgeons expertise will conclude a beautiful result. All week I have been running and running and running because I know in one week all my physical exercise is going to come to A roaring hault! Just sleep and cleaning my house so that everything is as seamless as possible for the big day. My mom is coming to help since we have two small children who demanded a lot of love and attention :) get ready real self! Soon I'll be through the hoop!! Xoxox


Hello! I am so excited to finally fall asleep tonight and get this completed tomorrow. I didnt pick up my prescription for nausea because its a butt pill and I really dont want to stick anything up my butt, I rather decide if I really need it to get a pill I can swallow OTC then a suppository. LOL. Sorry, just not sold on the whole pill up the butt thing. My house is clean, my groceries are stocked and my mother comes tomorrow. My husband is going to need the help of my mother especially because we have two small children. I feel anxiety building up already and I keep looking at the clock. Depending how I feel tomorrow, I might write inbetween my sleep sessions. Heres to a great recovery and fantastic results! CIao beauties!

One day post op

Woke up around 6am yesterday. Made breakfast for my kids and then drove to the Surgery Center at PAMF. Checked in at 8:30. Filled out some paperwork and was taken back to the preop room at 9am. The OR nurse was great! Very friendly and took my nerves away quickly with his humor and bedside manner. They had me get undressed and then started the IV. The anesthesiologist came by and introduced himself and said he would be with me the whole time. Soon after we met my PS came in and did his markings! Right after, I kissed my husband good bye and they wheeled me off to the OR. As soon as I got in, I felt compression socks on my legs and out I went. I woke up 3 hours later in the recovery triage center with a feeling that a train just ran right into my chest. The nurse gave pain medicine quickly a few times to bring the pain down. Boy was I grateful. Apparently my PS came to talk to me but I can't remember any of the post op area. Next thing I remember is taking a very long walk from the car to my bed. Popped pain killer and muscle relaxer and slept for 6 hours. When I woke up I felt tight and sore. All around uncomfortable :( but I looked down and saw some amazing upper pole fullness so I am in great spirits to see my chest in full Saturday when I am allowed to shower. I was given Natrelle Saline Implants under the muscle and filled to 340cc in both breasts. It leaves room to fill in more after my tissue heals and my nipple recovers. I knew going into the surgery that he would be as generous as possible but had to maintain blood flow to the nipple for now. In 6 weeks we will re access if we should add more. So for now that's about it. My diet is back to normal and it was a heck of a time trying to pee. You're limited with movement and you don't realize it until you actually make the move. So now I think it's time pop some more pills and fall asleep. It's tiring moving from laying to sitting and holding things so it's treat time. I have one photo for now. The rest to come Saturday :)

Just another photo

2nd day post up

Wheww, what a few days from hell!! Sleeping at night has been torture and my back is hurting so much. I'm still in a lot of pain so I'm still relying on the meds to help. The tightness is out of control. I had my husband give me a lower body shower. I couldn't stand the idea of going four days without cleaning it up down there. When I lay down for awhile and then get up my chest hurts so bad because the weight is shifting. I feel like a baby and it kills me that I can't do anything around the house. I need to get out of the house too. Ughh, I'm watching greys anatomy on Netflix and started with season 1. I'm almost on season 4 so you can see how long I've been cooped up laying in my bed. I'll figure something out soon. It's just the pain that is working against me. Don't want to do too much and pop a stitch or something.

5 days post op

Wowzaaa! What a huge difference! I'm ready to rock in roll! Haven't been on pain meds. Still wake up in the morning with back pain from the way I'm sleeping but everything else is fine. I can do some daily routines now and help with the kids. Here are just a few of my small issues. One my nipples and my right breast have nerve damage that I can tell because if I have anyone tough that breast I can not feel them touching me. I'm hoping in time that the nerves repair themselves but I'm not upset if they don't either. The bruising is minimal but I have lots of swelling on the sides of my breast below my armpits. Which I assume down the road well get better. I am absolutely in love with my new breasts. I am so happy I chose the surgeon I did and recommended him non stop to my counterparts and friends. The surgery center contacted the financial coordinator saying that my surgery went over allocated surgery time and that I had a bill because my surgery went over. I was a bit confused on why this was my part and asked that the financial coordinator look into it. She got back in contact with me and said my surgeon asked the surg center waive my fee. I was so appreciative that he had the fee waived regardless. I felt like I was part of a family and that's how my whole experience has been. My PS even gave his personal cell number to my husband so if we had questions, we could call him directly. I know I have a lot of healing to do but for now I'm ecstatic with my results.

Pictures 5 days in

Los Altos Plastic Surgeon

So far, he has been honest, sincere, informative and makes my appointments feel so smooth. His financial coordinator Jill is a doll. She has answered my restless questions for some time now. I have already recommended him to my friends who have already set up consults as well. I was referred to him from a co-worker who had a mastopexy and she looked amazing!!

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