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I have needed this surgery since I was 19. At the...

I have needed this surgery since I was 19. At the suggested of the surgeon at that time, I should have children first. Sooo many years later 3 miscarriages and a miracle son(3 yrs old!) I am finally scheduled for relief! Pre - op scheduled for July 2 surgery date July 23rd.
I am currently a size 38hh hoping to be a comfortable D.


My pre-op appt is scheduled for tomorrow! I'm very excited and have a long list of questions for my surgeon. Reality is setting in that finally I will be free of the migraines and chronic neck and shoulder pain!

Pre op update

I had my preop visit today and it went very well. My doctor is very thorough and answered every question I had plus some. I am so excited only 20 days to go!

Weekend ruined/counting down

Omg! Had the worst migraine and shoulder/neck pain combo this weekend! Ruined everything! I am really countin the days and hours now until I can just be comfortable. I was down the whole weekend trying to get functional for my work week. July 23rd can't come fast enough. Was told by my surgeon no Ibuphrofen for about 10 days before surgery. I really hope I don't get an episode like this one during that time. I don't know what I'd do!

Tomorrow's the big day!

So tomorrow is the big day and I'm so excited. The only downfall right now is "mother nature" deciding to come this morning! Argh! Last thing I wanted to deal with right now :-( last day of work today. I have to call the hospital today to confirm time of surgery. Can't wait to be on the other side!

Night before surgery

Trying to get some rest before surgery. Arrival time is 7am! Can't wait! Nothing to eat or drink after midnight. I'm so anxious right now.

On the other side!

Had surgery Tuesday and surgery went longer than expected. It took me awhile to come out of anesthesia as I was very dizzy and confused. I could instantly tell the difference! I can put my arms all the way down to my sides! I am in a breast binder which is kinda cute. It's light blue w/floral designs. I have drains in and a q pump for pain. Taking antibiotics and Percocet for pain so I have been sleep alot. Struggling with going to the bathroom. I feel really bloated and swollen all over. But otherwise very happy! Will take Picts as soo as I can stand long enough.

Follow up appt today 9 days post op

My healing has had its ups and downs. I have been really tired due to pain meds and I assume my body healing. Had a spot of my left breast that I have to wet/dry pack 2-3 times a day now until next week. It's not too pretty right now but the right is looking pretty good! I have sowed down on the percocets as they had me a little too out of it. I am still in the breast binder but now my back kinda hurts still from sleeping on my back Argh! I am also still pretty bloated which is getting kinda annoying. Otherwise I love the new size! My neck and back pain from the h breasts is now gone! Can't wait to get healed so I can get back to working out. And hopefully this bloat will go away soon. Adding a photo from today.

Post op follow up

Forgot to add in the update from today. Was only able to get the right drain taken out. The left is still in until next week. Ladies I have to be honest getting that drain out was a bit painful. I didn't take a pain pill prior because I was cutting back on taking them plus the nurse said I had some scabbing around the drain which she had to work threw before trying to put it out. Ouch! Next week I will definitely take a pain pill before next weeks appt! Can't endure that again!

Appt today

Another follow up appt today. Anxious because yesterday I started feeling some really sharp pains under my left breast that's really painful. I'm assuming its the drain that's still in on that side, it feels like its poking me or something and I have to be careful how I move or its a stabbing pain. Had to go back to the pain meds. That's the only thing that helped me through yesterday. I pray everything is okay. Will update later.
Dr. Alan Chen

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