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Im a mother of 3, and Had my first Child at 18...

Im a mother of 3, and Had my first Child at 18 with a 50 pound weight gain Yikes! Most of the damage on my belly was from my first child. She is now 12. My younger boys are 4 and 5 but my saggy belly was saggy enough to carry them so no further damaged was incurred:) LOL
I have been waiting for this moment when i discovered Plastic surgery could actually do something to save my disaster of a stomach!

Wearing double tanks under a t is getting old and I want to be saved from this thing below my boobs! I'm pretty lucky in the sense that I can hide it because I'm naturally busty(36G) yup you heard me right! That's another issue! we tried weighing them one day while having wine amongst my girls and the scale read 18.6 pounds!that will need repair later but first things first! :)

Im 5'3 and normally weigh about 158, and 175 after birthing my children so i would work my way back down to at least 158. I started running, and Zumba and got my weight down to 153...at last time for my tummy tuck!

My Surgery took place on March 21, 2011. Went in I wasn't nervous nor afraid just ready! My expectations honestly weren't too high anything that could help my tummy look a little better I would greatly appreciate! I wore my regular undies which are super low so they made sure my incision was low:) go under.

I awaken to nausea yuk oh no I'm going to barf :( so yup I awoke from my procedure vomiting only clear fluid though i hadn't eaten anything in over 12 hours prior. having just had my abdomen muscles tighten you can imagine the pain I was in:( no bueno...so off home I went about 7 pm. My surgery was started at 2pm.

Day 1: mostly slept Do Not!!! I Repeat Do Not miss your dose of meds extremely uncomfortable

Day 2 had my follow up they checked me out and said everything was good. I was walking hunched like an old granny and super slow.

Day 5: I actually felt awesome I even made it to a bridal shower(i just sat and didn't do much) but felt amazing

Day 9: had another follow up where they removed one of my drains from the right hand side. Everything was going really well...

Day 10: super uncomfortable day:( My left leg began to hurt and the drain that was left was burning and cramping so bad that the Percocet(my meds) wasn't keeping the pain away. I could feel stabbing sensations and walking was nearly impossible.

Day 11:Slight Fever 100.1 but i did everything to keep it down. Still really uncomfortable from the drain sight and it making my leg spasm. I had to walk to the restroom super carefully and my legs open so awkward. I was in tears not a good day. My hubby couldn't understand why I would do this and was now in so much pain,fevered, nauseous and sick:( Called my docs.

Day 12:They had to remove my drain which had possibly shifted and was hitting a nerve it was still outputting 37 ml in a 24 hour period but the pain was excruciating so they had to make a call of leaving it or removing and decided to remove! I am sooooo much better!!!! it still hurts but no where near how much pain I was in! So here we are :) Ill update my further progress and post pics as soon as I can:)

2 weeks post op Today! feeling so much better:)...

2 weeks post op Today!
feeling so much better:) Taking my lax to ease the bathroom visits which can be non existent without any assistants lol! took my 2 week pics in same outfit and I'm loving it so far. I know each person has individual results and I'm happy:) I still have tons of swelling but I know it'll be another 4 weeks until I can see more clearer results:) comparing the pics really seems to help see the difference!

still trying to rest though so I can go back to my salon duties in another week slowly of course! I don't have an office job so I have to ease back into it:)

Cant wait to start my running and hiking again but that's 4 weeks away:)

2 weeks and 1 day! haha i hadn't realized how...

2 weeks and 1 day! haha i hadn't realized how miserable it sounds on my review. I mean it was but believe me entirely worth it!!! Im wearing my jeans today:) woot woot! I feel better! still get out of breath and a little slower but better! I got some Arnica cream today see if it helps with the swelling:) I wish I had known about this site prior to my surgery its awesome!!! :) Ill post my 2 week post op pics tonight:) yaaaaa bring it on summer:) hope im less swollen by easter!

Had a follow up today :) doing good there's...

Had a follow up today :) doing good there's swelling over my incision so ps Is going to watch it. But all Is going well :)
Im feeling better each day :) I have another follow up next week to check my swelling :) I did remove my drain early due to the discomfort to my leg and drain site area.
I'm supposed to be able to go on walks but I'm beat lol:) I'll start trying Tomorrow :) back into the groove of taking kids to school and pickup. Had the sniffles past 2 days! Sneezing sucks :/ funny movies kinda suck lol :)

Backtracking a bit I weighed 167 in Jan and went on a strict diet and excercise regimen :) using fitness pal went down to 155 day of surgery. I weigh 150 today:) super stoked :) that's awesome for my body :) plan to get to 145 when I'm back to working out:) but I'm only 2 weeks out so I have to wait don't want to ruin anything:)

Im taking ibuprofen now so this Is good :) cant wait till I'm all healed! I can start planning my reduction maybe next year :)

Dr Richards

I Felt comfortable and was able to joke about my awful tummy which Ive hated for 12 years! He answered my question-ere of questions yup I had a thousand!

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