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Help!! I'm a nervous wreck. I keep thinking about...

Help!! I'm a nervous wreck. I keep thinking about the pain and am also worried going under because I have asthma. Anyone else have asthma and anxiety that still went through with it? I feel like I can't breathe. I am causing myself too much stress. I'm trying to stay positive which led me to this site.

9 days out.

This is my ugly stomach. Got most of my supplies. Need to get a toilet riser and food. A little worried that my asthma is acting up. But hopefully it won't be an issue.

TT surgery eve :)

My supplies are checked off. Work is done. Fridge is stocked. I think I am ready!! Only thing left is to try to get some sleep. Can't wait to get this show on the road. Seriously!! My nerves aren't too bad since I've been praying every day for comfort and peace :) Can't wait to join you all on the Flat Side!!

First after pic

Not a good pic and the wrap looks kind of bulky because of the pads underneath. Last night was a challenge. About 2 hours of sleep at a time. Definitely feel some burning and spasms. My belly button is also hurting a little. I'm sure all of this is to be expected. I have a follow up this morning so we'll see what the dr says.

Yesterday - follow up with dr

Had my first follow yo the following day after my surgery. Felt good. Dr said I looked better than most patients coming in. We took off the compression garment and checked the drains. He said they will most likely come out Wednesday. Can't wait for that!! He also showed us how to change the dressing on my belly button. To keep it round and deep he suggests we roll the antiseptic soaked gauze and stick it inside then cover it with another dry gauze then a bandage. Cant believe my stretch marks and saggy skin are gone ????????. So about last night, developed a slight fever and headache. Called dr. He said that's normal and from the anesthesia. I took ibuprofen and it seemed to help. Stopped taking the Percocet yesterday afternoon. I also developed bruising and hardness in both sides of my buttocks. He said that was to be expected as well. No appetite yet, but forcing crackers and yogurt down to avoid any nausea and to try to keep up any energy I have. So far things are going as expected. Thank God. Have a great day ladies!!

3rd day in

So far so good. I stopped the Percocet Friday. Started Tylenol Saturday because I developed a slight fever and a headache. Dr said this was normal part of the process. But I really felt like poop. Today was different, felt like I had a little more energy and able to stay awake longer. That could be due to not taking pain killers though. Bruising in my butt cheeks is really bad and swollen. Using arnica gel frequently on those areas. Can't wait to see what tomorrow feels like.

Forgot to mention...

Pubic area is super swollen. Did anyone else experience that?

Day 8 I believe

So swollen. Getting my appetite back but can't eat much. Eating and drinking stuff containing turmeric daily. My mons pubis (?) is swollen to the max and hurts like hell. Not to mention my lower back. Can't wait to be able to sleep!
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