53 Mom of 3 Tumescent Lipo to Abs/flanks/inner thighs - Northern Calif

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I've always struggled with body image but I've...

I've always struggled with body image but I've learned to cut myself some slack as I get older because, well... frankly, there are far too many flaws on an older body to obsess over ALL of them! I've accepted my extra weight and my droopy breasts and my gray hairs and little wrinkles but I just can't stop hating my stomach. I probably think about it once every five minutes and I know this is totally insane and I've tried to stop it but I can't. So, I'm doing lipo. Not to remove the fat and look good but to remove the obsession I have over my stomach. It's gotten to the point that I don't want my 10 year old daughters to see me naked because I don't want them to see how gross I am. I'm not objective about it my shape and I don't want my unhealthy body image to affect them. So, today's the day! I have my appointment for liposuction in less than one hour.

Before pics

End of day two

I'm about to take a pain pill and drift off to La La Land but thought I'd post a little recap of my day. This morning I was able to get out of bed without assistance and I moved all my meds and other essentials to the recliner in the family room. I have no pain when I'm reclining but I get up every hour or so to stretch (gently) but it's excrutiating! I'm wearing a compression garment from just under my boobs to just above my knees with ace bandages wrapped around my thighs and a corset thingy around my middle but I'm swollen! I feel like I'm 30 pounds heavier!

Two questions

1. I'm a tummy sleeper. If it doesn't hurt, can I do it?

2. My throat is sore and I have a faint memory of having a tube down my throat. Is that normal during lipo?

Beginning of day three...

No pain at all if I'm laying down or reclining but I do feel much heavier so I assumed swelling and water retention were the culprit. Out of curiosity, I weighed myself (in all my compression gear) and I was less than pre surgery. Yay! That was a pleasant surprise!

My husband took the kids to school and went to work so I'm on my own today.

Beginning of day 4

Shower day! Jenny helped me peel, unzip and unhook my way out of all the compression gear and my first thoughts were pretty good. My tummy is absolutely flatter! I picked off the little bloody band aids and ran my hand over my alien tummy (it's numb) and then everything started to spin! After a few minutes laying in bed in a cold sweat, I was able to recover and shower. There's not much visible difference in the photos but I can see it and feel it so I'm happy! I'm swollen but I'm 5lb under my pre op weight! No pain pills since Thursday night (today is Sat) - and that's good but no bm since pre op and that's bad. Surprised my weight is down!

Inside of upper thigh is SO sore!

Went out for breakfast this morning and did an easy 1/2 mile lap around the block afterwards while one of my thighs screamed at me the whole time! There is a knot under the incision point and it's terribly swollen. My PS called to check on me and I told her about the problem and she said to gently ice and massage it so that's what I'm doing. Here's a lovely pic! LOL!

Start of day 5

Yesterday was good. I'm watching my sodium intake closely but swelling is very prominent. Most noticeably in my girly nether regions! Even so, I'm down another 1.5 lbs. I talked to my PS yesterday and learned that she sucked out 2 liters of pure fat. Yay! Hee Hee... I may never look at a 2 liter bottle of soda the same. I walked 6000 steps yesterday (I usually do at least 10k) and it felt comfortable but later it kicked my butt. I was so sore last night! I think I'll take it easier today. I'll post pics from this morning. Including a closeup of my tummy where I have lots of stretch marks and, therefore, loose skin. I expected this and can live with it. I'm 53 but I have young kids so a TT wasn't an option.

A Little Setback

I had a little bit of a setback today because my right thigh really didn't appreciate the lovely stroll I forced upon it yesterday. It didn't hurt at the time, and the weather was a perfect 75° so our easy little walk to lunch turned into a great big walk that I'd later realize covered more than 8000 steps. Just before bed the inside of my thigh was throbbing and the apple sized bruise I hade the day before was 3x bigger and looked as angry as it felt. This morning, I went to see my PS about it and she said that it's probably an irritated vein and nothing to worry about but she gave me a new compression garment (one size smaller) that would provide better compression in that area. I didn't think there'd be much chance my tush would fit - but I did. Phew! I'm going to be lazy today and lounge about the house. So here I sit, staring at my achy thigh, my fav slippers and my furry friend.

I hope everybody is having a nice Monday!

One week

It's been one week since surgery and I'm doing better than I imagined I'd be doing. I've not taken anything stronger than one Advil since Day 2 and I've been sleeping pretty comfortably at night. I think the biggest surprise is how sore my inner thighs are. I had a little bit of lipo right where they touch when I'm walking (I hate that feeling!). It wasn't for cosmetic reasons - purely for my own comfort - and I guess I thought it would be easy-peasy but boy was I wrong! 2 liters of fat was sucked out of my abs and waist and that area is about half as uncomfortable as my dang thighs!

I'm came home in a size 2X compression garment and I'm wearing a size XL now. I'm surprised that it's as comfortable as it is. In fact, I can hardly wait to put it back on after I shower because I feel too giggly and vulnerable without it! The brand is Marena ComfortWear and it's the body-suit suspender style with the hooks and zipper on each side. I love that it's very firm without actually being tight. I can breath in it and it's not sweaty or constricting. I hate wearing Spanx or control top pantyhose so I'm very surprised that I don't mind wearing this thing 24/7. My PS gave me one in black and I just purchased a nude color one on Amazon for $70. My abs are sore (like I did 200 situps) but there's no bruising except on my sides. About 2/3 of my entire stomach is numb and I'm afraid to massage my stomach because I'm afraid I could injure myself without knowing it. All of the other spots on my stomach feel kinda good to massage. I have 7 incisions: one in my bellybutton, one in each inner thigh and four in the small crease above my pubic area. Those four are stitched closed. I don't know why she did that since the other incisions were left open and they're all healing nicely. The one in my bellybutton itches! I'll see her next Monday and maybe she'll take out the stitches. I hope so because they catch on the compression suit and feel really weird when I accidentally pull on them. Well, that's about it! I'll post a photo of the compression garment as it really has become my closest friend. ;)

Numb and tender

My cat stepped on my abs this morning and I yelped in pain because it stung! I am so tender, which is odd because I also very numb. I mean, you'd think they'd cancel one another out. I've not seen much, if any, progress but even though I'm disappointed I'm not terribly worried. It would be impossible to suck out 2 liters of fat and not see a difference. I just wish I could see more of it now. Here's a set of photos with the "before" on the top. Can any one see a change between the top row and the bottom?

Day 12

Met with Dr this morning and had stitches removed. Everything looks good and she'll see me again in one month. She confirmed that she removed 2 liters of fat (yay!). I'm 9 pounds under my pre surgery weight and I've lost 4 inches on my waist and three on my upper hips. I'm still quite swollen so I expect the numbers will improve. I also plan to work very hard to lose 10 more pounds and really enjoy the full benefits of this crazy thing I did to my body! :)

silencing the mean voice in my head

Well, after looking at everyone else's awesome results with little pangs of envy, I can finally see some improvement on me (yay!) I wake up every morning and can't wait to peel off my CG and see the changes! Before this, I would shower in the dark and NOT look in the mirror naked because the mean, self loathing, b!tch that lives in my head would spare me no cruelty. I only had abs and waist done and worried a little bit that I'd regret not having *everything* liposuctioned but having a smaller waist is actually making me LOVE my big boobs and booty! I feel curvy. I feel pretty. My sweet husband has always been supportive and has insisted that I'm sexy and beautiful but I couldn't believe it and just thought he was just saying it because he knows how hard I am on myself. But now I'm starting to like what I see in the mirror and my healthier attitude feels so good! I did lipo to fix my tummy bulge and never could have dreamed that it would also suck out that mean voice in my head. Can anyone relate to this?

A world I never knew existed!

I never considered having lipo until early March of this year. The idea popped into my mind one day and I did some quick research into reputable plastic surgeons and made an appointment. Three weeks later, I had the procedure done. I found this site two hours before surgery and I've been obsessively reading reviews every day since. What an eye opening experience this has been! I had no idea there were so many ways to perfect a human body! I knew about lipo and breast augmentation and Botox and face lifts but there are 100 other procedures as well! It's nice to know I wasn't the only person to obsess over my imperfect lumps and bulges but I'm kinda sad that so many beautiful young women hate their nearly perfect body enough to suffer the pain and financial burden of very serious surgery. I guess, as a mom of two young daughters, I worry about what message we send to our beautiful healthy girls that makes them feel so ugly and unattractive? And I'm also very curious to know if a body like Kim K or Beyoncé is natural or is it widely known that they had surgery to get that hourglass shape? Am I the only naive person who thought it was just exercise and good genes? LOL! Now that I'm on THIS side of plastic surgery, I feel like there's an entire world over here that I never knew existed!


Pre procedure
Bust: 43 (36DD)
Waist: 40
2" below belly button: 45.5

Bust: 43 (36DD)
Waist: 36
2" below belly button: 41.5

So that's 4 inches off my waist and another 4 off my tummy!

My butt and boobs will stay the same because I didn't do anything to them but hopefully I'll keep the new proportions as I lose weight. I haven't had much appetite since surgery so I'm down 11 pounds. In spite of the lost fat and pounds, my jeans are not comfortable so I'm living in yoga pants but feeling less self conscious about wearing them in public at my age and weight. Here's a before/after pic from this morning.

5 weeks post op pics

It's been 5 weeks since surgery and gongs are coming along nicely. Progress is slow but I see gradual improvement. I wear a non medical grade compression garment 24/7. It's a mid thigh length Maidenform pull on type with suspenders and I wear my own bra. Light weight and silky smooth with no Velcro or zippers. The only down side is that it's a b!tch to get up over my hips but fits like a dream once everything is in place. Using the tiny little pee flap takes practice too but it's doable. I'm still slightly numb everywhere I had lipo but sensation is back to about 80% of normal. No pain as the nerves regenerate. No zaps or zings either. I do still have hard spots and some pea sized lumps on my sides but they're not visible and only hurt if I press on them. For this reason, I can't comfortably wear anything tight around my waist. It's been yoga pants for 5 weeks! Fortunately, I look decent in them now even though they're size XL. Funny how a bit booty is perfectly acceptable if you have a flat tummy! I meet with my PS next Monday but I have no complaints or concerns as my progress seems normal. My son's wedding is in three weeks and I'm looking forward to enjoying that beautiful day without dreading the photos. Speaking of photos... Here's my 5 week before and after.

First day without the compression garment

This morning, I decided to forego the compression garment and all was well until about noon then I started to notice that I was REALLY starting to swell! It's 5:30 now and I'm relaxing on the sofa but feeling quite puffy and... raw. When I get up and walk across the room, I can feel my entire midsection sting a little with the jolt of every step. I'm DEFINITELY wearing my CG tonight and I'll be happily squeezing back into it tomorrow. I'm five weeks and one day and I think I'll wait at least another week before I try going bare again. Fortunately, I don't mind the CG. It feels like a comforting hug from an old friend! ;)

Mother Of The Groom Photo!

Well, lipo friends, the wedding was last weekend and I'm still buzzing from the adrenaline rush of watching my one-and-only-son marry his first love! It was nothing short of a fairytale wedding and I mustered all of my strength to not twist up my face and bawl (happy tears!) through all four hours of it! As promised, here's a photo of me in my MOTG dress, walking my baby boy to the altar to meet his bride.
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