Needed Solution for Discoloration from Old Acne Wanted Even Skin Tone - Palo Alto, CA

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I am 29 and as I got older I have been covering up...

I am 29 and as I got older I have been covering up more and more skin every day to leave the house because of old acne discoloration. Even when my skin is clear I have to put concealer on those old spots. It was not fun and I hated the look. My mom finally convinced me to go to the spa, get a facial and see what could be done. I immediately got a green herbal peel and was told to come back a week later. This peel was super easy, just left my face super red and to the touch it felt like little needles in the skin. I peeled 3 days later and it erased what I felt like was years of discoloration from picking acne especially around my mouth. When I went back the next week my facialist gave me another peel this time the Vi peel. I hated it! It was super itchy and uncomfortable. It did improve my skin a lot when it was over but I would stick to the green peel for sure.

After these two peels she put me on the Nu-Derm System. This system is by Obagi and contains a face bleaching cream to even skin tone, and trentinoin a retin-a cream that would treat my existing acne ( I would say my acne is not very bad) and help prevent wrinkles etc. This system is AMAZING. In the 7 weeks I have been using it after my peels, my skin has brightened and become super even toned. I am not even done with the 18 week time period they say it takes for your skin to totally transform and i would never go back. I have to say that anyone who wants even skin tone, radiant skin, erase sun spots, all of that should get on this system asap. I got my mother started on it and she spent her whole life in the sun, and already people are telling her her skin looks amazing.

However, I wanted things to move along quicker so I researched the natural green peel online and how to do it at home. Since the procedure really only consists of rubbing this plant powder into your face for up to 10 minutes then rinsing off and I had it done in a spa before and knew how to do it I wanted to do it at home. I found green power peel on for only $75.00! this jar contains at least 50 peels worth of product. My in spa green peel was $175. So i got it in the mail and followed the directions and rubbed this paste into my skin for 7 minutes and rinsed off. It was exactly like what I had in the spa! now it is day 3 and I am peeling just like planned. I plan to do a series of these peels to remove my last discoloration from acne on my cheeks and then resume the nu-derm system. I feel like I can walk outside proud now of my skin. I can't believe i wasted so much time on stupid Lancome, and Clinique skin brightening creams! You want real results find a spa or dermatologist in your area and get on Nu-derm system and do a few peels. Wish I could shout this from the roof tops!
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