Fat Transfer to Uneven Breasts - Palo Alto, CA

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Yesterday I had a consultation for the possibility...

Yesterday I had a consultation for the possibility of having a fat transfer breast augmentation. I have asymmetrical (uneven) breasts, with almost a perfect cup size difference. The left is a C and the right is a B. I'm 22 years old with BMI (body mass index) of 28, meaning I have plenty of extra fat on my body, particularly around the tummy and thigh area.

My Doctor explained to me that the two key components of a successful fat transfer to the breast tissue are:

1) Expansion of the breast tissue before surgery (using the BRAVA system)
2) Having enough fat to transfer into the expanded breast.

My doctor told me that if I was diligent with the BRAVA system for at least a month before surgery date (at 8-10 hours a day, yikes) I will have a high likelihood for a satisfying result.

My doctor also told me that if I wanted, I could stand to lose ~20 lbs or so, while using the BRAVA system in the month/s leading up to a surgery date. That way, the fat that is left over will be the most resistant to diet and exercise, and therefor the best fat to take root in the breast for survival.

I'm going to call tomorrow to order my BRAVA system, will be posting official "before" photos soon so you can follow me on my weight loss and BRAVA journey, and eventually my surgery recovery! :)

Official "Before" Photos

As you can see, my right breast is about a full cup size smaller than my left breast. My doctor told me that my breast shape is "constricted" on the bottom, (not the same as tuberous) resulting in the appearance of it being fuller on top and less so on the bottom.
My BRAVA has been ordered. Yay! So excited. Doctor says that since my breast type is constricted, I will be wearing it slightly lower than most patients in order to stretch out the bottom half of my breasts.
I'm going to be doing lots of exercise in addition to a healthy wholesome diet all the way up to my surgery date. Hopefully my tummy will have more of that nipped in waist that I have in my back picture! :)

Brava week 1...

Brava may be doing great things for my boobs in terms of expansion, but my skin is hating it. I have to wear my cups a little lower since most of the expansion I need is on the lower half of my breast, and this area ITCHES constantly. I have tried a few creams and aloe vera but nothing really helps. I'm getting these little red bumps too. Hopefully this is normal. What I hate is that the itchiness and sensitivity makes working out (I'm trying to lose weight before my surgery) unbearable. Surgery is scheduled for mid September, if anyone has any insight for helping with this issue please let me know.

Seeing weight loss results...

Seeing weight loss results, slowly. I try to fight the discouraged feeling but it's hard. I work 40 hours a week and the majority of the time I work till midnight or later. I'm starting to stress about the surgery, whether or not I'll get the results I want and if I'll have excess skin. I know I'm not *huge* but I am definitely overweight. What can I do to lessen my chances of having saggy skin post lipo? I don't know why I'm scared of this, it's just my latest fear.

One month away!

Set surgery date is September 10th. Starting to freak out a little. But I'm excited! Brava issues are mostly non-existent now, my body just got used to wearing the machine after a while and I've had no more issues. I am concerned about holding tension in the cups while using the hand pump. Usually when cycling, I'll pump it up to a higher level and then plug the tube back into the sport box. However,I don't think the sport box keeps it sealed at that high pressure. Maybe I'm just paranoid but it seems like it loses a lot of suction.

Forgot to mention...

By the way, I started using the Dr. Khouri method of BRAVA stretching. My doctor gave me a crazy looking gun type hand pump with a pressure gauge that lets you see what tension level you're at. The schedule I have ranges from 6-9 hours a day at 4 ranging intervals 1-4 a day. This expansion program is for 22 days, so I'll be using it right up until my surgery date, less than a month away now. Is anyone familiar with this type of hand pump? I know most people use the black bulb.

Pre-Op Appointment Today!

Had my pre-op appointment today. Doctor will be taking fat from my entire abdomen and inner thighs. She said my brava expansion looks good but could look better so I'll be diligent for the next 12 days. Garment has been ordered and surgery paid in full. I also took advice from fellow realself-ers and bought the lipo foam even though my surgeon said it wasn't necessary. Will be posting pictures of breast(s) after brava soon.

Surgery tomorrow!

Eeeek!! Surgery is tomorrow at 10 am, I'm a weird mix of crazy nervous and excited. Got my lipo foam in the mail and plenty of band aids on hand. My mom will be watching over me for the first day or so. Wearing brava all day today and I'm probably going to be wearing it to surgery tomorrow too. Started taking my herbal medications for bruising and swelling yesterday, will be using my surgical wash tonight and tomorrow morning.


Ok, maybe "ow" is a little bit of an understatement, but it seems to adequately encompass all my feelings at the moment. My surgeon and nurses were all extremely nice and professional, made me feel at home. I was in a great deal of pain after surgery especially in my outer thighs even though that's where my doctor took the least amount of fat. So they have me morphine! Oh boy was I happy with that. Made the ride home so much easier. She filled my smaller breast more than my larger, although I haven't taken off my ace bandage or padding to see how much yet. I'm pleased with that though, it leaves room for them to lose volume and still end up symmetrical! Threw up a few times when I got home and threw up my cream of wheat dinner too. Not really having an issue taking my Vicodin on an empty stomach though, so that's good. Will post pictures after I'm allowed to shower!

Breasts immediately after transfer

3rd Day Post-Op

Feeling a little bit better every day. Trying to ween myself off the Vicodin but it's definitely still necessary. Hoping to be on just ibuprofen by Monday. My only really bad bruising is where my compression garment doesn't cover, so basically right above my waist and right around my knees I'm swollen and bruised as hell. My doctor recommended using a rolling pin to lightly stimulate the lymphatic system to help with swelling, has anyone tried this before? I won't be starting Brava again until 5 days post surgery, after the breast tissue has had some time to soften up. They're still feeling really firm. Even though I'm super swollen I am really happy with my shape, I know it's only going to get better. :)
Dr. Greenberg said she took out 2 liters of fat, basically from my stomach and inner thighs and very little on the outside of my thighs just to even me out. The stitches stay in until my second post-op appointment next week, she says they leave prettier scars that way. Will be adding a before and 3 days after lipo photo soon! Hope everyone is well.

Lipo Photos

Panties in one and a bra in the other but I'm sure you guys get the idea. Still really swollen since I'm only 3 days post but I'm happy so far. :)

There ain't no strings in me!

Ain't no strings in me guys, had my stitches taken out last Thursday. Feeling better every day, still some days if I walk around too much I get sore on my inner thighs and stomach but nothing major and definitely nothing an occasional dose of ibuprofen can't help. This photo is me two weeks post op. The majority of my bruising is on my calves. Wearing compression garment religiously, lipo foam really does help with swelling, also makes me feel more secure. Glad I went ahead and bought it. I'm using brava on one breast only for only a few hours a day and not at all on the other, just to give them a better chance at being even. I wasn't expecting a miracle and yet I'm more pleased than I thought I'd be. I was very asymmetrical to begin with and had very, very tight breasts. My doctor was very pleased that I was able to stretch as much as I did. Really looking forward to the bruising going down so I can start working out again. Hope you all are well.

Dr. Greenberg was in my opinion, the perfect plastic surgeon for me. She was straightforward and to the point while still retaining a nurturing and encouraging attitude. She doesn't sugar coat anything, and while that might not be everyone's cup of tea, at the end of the day you want someone who will be able to deliver the results you're expecting. If I ever want something done in the future she will definitely be my first choice.

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