I Need Your Advice for Lower Eye Lids and Midface Lift - Palo Alto, CA

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Hello everyone! I am looking for an advice and a...

Hello everyone!
I am looking for an advice and a great doctor who has a LOT of experience with GREAT results in blepharoplasty (eye lid) / midface procedure.
I need a good recommendation from someone who already did it. Please share this info with me if you can recommend me a very experienced doctor who focuses mainly on face/blepharoplasty.
I strongly believe in personal experience than in fake-looking anonymous online reviews where 5 stars from 5 without any details.
So, in short about myself. I am 38 years old white female and I life in California near to San Francisco. I always have a little “sad” look due to my facial structure under eyes, but before it newer bother me because it was not that noticeable. I have a dry skin under my eyes, and I guess it was a main reason why I started notice a deep under eyes wrinkles about 4-5 years ago. Those wrinkles always appear when I smile, and they make me look very old. It is genetic -my mother has the same.
What I already did so far:
1. Some research.
2. Found this great site with all great people here
3. So far I went to just one doctor consult:
with a doctor what I found online-American Board of Plastic Surgery (he also posted a few comments here), but until 2002 he mainly focused on hand surgeries. Due to my first time experience, I was not sure what I have to ask exactly.
This doctor was very nice in general, and he did not see problems with my terrible under eyes wrinkles, but he pointed out what I have a problem with uneven under eyes area that make me look tired and old. He said that I need some midface surgery together with lower eye lid blepharoplasty, and this process with involved 3 steps: from skin reduction to fat transfer (not sure about 3rd one?) with local anesthesia for a couple of hours.
He also said that I cannot reach a good effect with any other none surgical procedure such as Botox or fillers, but I can try lasik that will give to me very minimal effect.
In addition, I asked doctor if he could perform the surgery with protective lenses that will prevent any risks of damage my eyes. He said that he could do it, and it was a relief for me because I had an eye-cut accident 30 years ago, and I am extremely protective about my eyes since than.
After the consultation (such was $135.00) I realized that he did not show to me any of his previous work /before-after pictures, but did ask his staff twice. They told me that they will do so, but sadly they newer show any pictures at all. As result I did not understand clearly how much experience he has -specifically with this procedure, and this very confused /stop me to make a positive decision.
So folks, can you please share your experience, thoughts, and your great doctors info ? I am very appreciating any help.
The last question – does $7,200.00 is a very high cost for this type surgery?
Thank you in advance!!!
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