Had Cellulaze on my Stomach Yesterday, Ouch! -Palo Alto, CA

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Hi, I was referred to a plastic surgeon in...


I was referred to a plastic surgeon in the Bay Area who is doing a trial study on Cellulaze as a skin tightening procedure versus a cellulite treatment. From my under standing he is trying it on necks, thighs, arms, and now stomachs. He said that he has performed it on a few people and so far the patients have been very pleased. So here is a little about me:

I just turned 34 years old, and after having my son 3 years ago I have loose skin on my lower stomach, not much cellulite, actually none really. I work out and eat moderately healthy, after hours of research and and meetings with other surgeons I was told it wasn't really bad or if I wanted to do anything it would have to be a small tummy tuck, hating he idea of scars really motivated me to look for another option. The doctor gave me a very discounted price, I'm embarrassed to say how inexpensive it was, so for the price I was willing to take the chance. The procedure was yesterday, and it was uncomfortable.
He put something that felt like a rod in my stomach and pushed it back and forth under the drawn on boxes he had marked on my tummy. Then filled me with saline and numbing medication. That was not fun, he laser then went under the skin for about 25 minutes. A few stitches, and i was given two percocet to take home, and told to wear spanx. I went to sears to buy a pair and by the time I arrived I looked 8 months pregnant from the solution and the swelling. Of course I ran into a friend from high school, he seemed to think I was due any second with a baby lol. I finally made it home and began icing, when I undressed my vaginal area has tripled in size from gravity, I was so swollen, it was scary. A few hours later I returned to the bathroom to pee and blood began to squirt from my belly button, apparently I ripped a stitch open. It finally closed by itself after about 30 mins. I slept all night and woke up in severe pain... I'm mean severe.. Bruising, swelling and can't walk. Tried to call the doctor for pain pills and was prescribed Vicodin lol, those arent helping the pain I'm in in the least. I asked for a few more percoct but they wouldn't give me any. They said most people don't need them after, well I do. But I'll just stick to ibuprofen and Vicodin I guess. I will keep you posted, but so far the pain doesn't seem worth it.


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