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I've always wanted bigger boobs ever since I don't...

I've always wanted bigger boobs ever since I don't know when but at a very young age. I love clothes and fashion and I love nice boobs to go with them. I am currently barely a 34A to 34B but I've always stuck by 34B push up padded bras from VS. My goal is to fit in a 34 full C to a D. I am 5 ft short weighs about 107lb. I have done my research and studying and interviews with people I know who had got theirs done. I know what I want and I am aiming for somewhere around 350-400 cc, high profile, saline, round, smooth, either through the nipple or under breast fold. I'll leave the incision for the PS to decide and recommend.

After the research and looking through many PS website with the before and after photos, I have conquered my nerves and called one of the PS around my area for my very first consultation. Schedule on June 30!! Whoow, I'm excited to hear what the PS will say and recommends. I will update you all after that.

Hello All, A couple more days to my...

Hello All,

A couple more days to my consultation. Last night I had a nightmare about my boob implants gone wrong. I guess it's because I've been thinking too much about it. But I have posted a current pic of my chest, as you can see not much going on there and that is with a padded swim top.

Okay so my first consultation was yesterday... not...

okay so my first consultation was yesterday... not too sure about this PS.. since she said she just got board certified last november. I'm a bit iffy about that.. but she was super sweet and nice! anyways so she recommended i go with silicone since im very thin, petite and small. I was really going for Saline until i met with her. I did more research and readings on silicone and weigh out the pros and cons..i am now aiming towards silicone.. i tried on the sizers she only had silicone samples at the office. I didnt get to get a feel of the saline... But i really love the squishie with the silicone gel.. kinda in love with it actually.. my one question between siliocne and saline is will the silicone make my boobies more natural looking and saggy? i really love to get the half fake and half natural look..i also would like to still be able to wear a skimpy tank or lingerie and still have my boobs hold up there without a push up.. so the doctor said HP would give me that look .. and thats the only that will fit in since my BWD is only 11cm... and perfect because HP is what i really wanted.. and she quoted me at $7100 for silicone... i thought that was a bit too pricey for a newly board certified PS....

I have a couple more consults to go to.. i'm really hoping i find one soon and hoping to get this boob journey over n done with by august!!! oh yea i just tried the rice sizer today with my hub. he helped me find the perfect size i tried 473cc and 400cc and we both fell in love with the 400cc.. i noticed a lot of ladies said that when you go under the muscle you loose about 50cc i'm thinking at about 425-450cc...i've also been reading that a lot of ladies have booby greed .... so im just going to get it big as i can just so i wont get that booby greed feeling..since i know how it feels when you're not satisfied with what you want... thus i might just op for 450cc...btw again keep in mind im 4'11'' and 107lbs... i may look a bit top heavy with the 450cc but i prefer that then going too small or just too perfect .. theehehee im not sure if i made sense but i may be getting a bit of a booby greed right now... any of you had this issue? My BA Idol is Holly Madison and Kendra... somewhat of a playboyish look...

Here is a pic of the rice sizer with 400cc

Ok so I am no longer on the hunt for a reputable...

Ok so I am no longer on the hunt for a reputable PS. I have booked myself with Dr. Hedden in Birmingham, AL. With mounts of research and rave reviews about this doctor I have been convinced to fly out there and get my boobs done. The price is not a factor but the reviews and recommendations sold it! Also, the before and after photos, results and the complication rates are major factors as well. I have searched low and high with the PS in my area or even 2-3 hours away but none of the PS's before and after photos and reviews were convincing.

I will be flying from SFO to AL on Aug 14 for my pre-op, 15th for my Operationa nd 16th for my post op. I am soooo looking forward to this!! excited, nervous, anxious, I couldn't sleep last night after I booked my surgery date. Just thinking about everything.. gosh.. i just want to get this done and over with... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

BTW, i'm thinking of saline, unders, through TUBA.. anyone experience with TUBA please advice..thanks!
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Referrals, samples of before and after photos.

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