Health Conscious 52 Year Old Mother of 2 Finally Goes for Her Breast Dream

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Since I was a teenager I have been self conscious...

Since I was a teenager I have been self conscious about my breasts. They are small and for a 52 year old, fairly perky, but never 'grew up'. I am a 32a and have always wanted to feel more womanly in the breast department. I have talked myself out of doing a procedure for years, for various reasons, such as, scared of health repercussions, don't want to lose nipple sensation, don't like surgery or hospitals and don't want to have to do another get the picture. Needless to say I have gone over and over all of this in my mind for years. Recently I looked in the mirror and said it now or never and I decided its now! I am happily married with a very supportive husband who loves me the way I am, but is supporting what I want as well. I am scheduled for 10 days from now. I have decided to go for the natural look and am choosing 265cc silicone gel. I have researched for hours to find all the info I possibly could (including reading lots of this site), so I could make an informed decision. I went back and forth about the saline vs silicone and finally landed on silicone for the softer feel and chance of a smoother looking breast. I have chosen Dr. Lauren Greenberg to do my BA and I have really appreciated her directness, her informativeness and how patient she has been with my millions of questions. I feel confident in her knowledge and abilities and supported by her to make my own decision. She has not tried to sway me, just inform me. I am feeling excited and of course nervous as the day gets closer, I am thinking about it all the time. It is a BIG deal for me to finally make this choice. I will share with you my after photos tell you how my experience goes. I appreciate all of you who share your journey, it has supported me to hear your stories.

sizing change?

Yesterday I climbed up in my attic and found a box with old photo albums of me when I was breastfeeding. I found that my nursing bra was a 36DD and when I look at my photos I don't even really look that big. I have been really afraid to go bigger, because I have not wanted to look fake, but now I am thinking I want to bump up my size to 285cc. Opinions women who have done this???

3 days post op

Hello Women, here is the story of my last few days. I was super busy in the 5 days preceding my surgery, which was a really good thing, so that I could not obsess on all the details. Of course the night before, I dreamed of nothing but breast augmentation details, over and over! When the day finally came (last Tuesday) I was completely ready. I had all my meds, I had shopped ahead for easy to digest and prepare foods. I had lots of smoothies and coconut water and teas etc. I got to the center one hour ahead for my prep. My husband came in with me while they took my vitals and made markings on my breasts. Then the anesthesiologist came in and said he was giving me something like a margarita only better, I said goodbye to my husband and then... The next thing I remember was I heard the Dr and my husband saying it was all over and time to go home! I did not even remember being wheeled into the OR. Wow! I was finished and didn't have any recollection of the surgery, it was a bit spooky, but also fabulous. It took me some time to wake up enough to get my clothes on and then my hubby was helping me into the car. The rest of the day was relatively easy. I slept on and off through the afternoon. I have been sleeping fairly well at night, staying on my back as per my Dr's orders. My back is sore and have had some pain, but nothing that the pain meds did not help. I have felt mostly sooooo supremely peaceful, like I finally did something that I have waited such a long time to do. I am HAPPY! I love my size so far, not too big and not too small. I know that it will change over the next 2 months as things settle, but so far its great. I have not been able to try on different clothes yet, but am patiently waiting for that time. For now, its like slowly unwrapping a present. I am already wheening off my meds slowly. Went from 2 percosetts every 6 hours to only 1 every 6 hours today. I am hoping to be off all meds over the next 4 days or so. My husband has been my hero, taking such good care of me, and being so patient with me when I am grumpy. I am letting him wait on me and support me as much as I can, because I know that soon enough, I will be back to full on work. I can say that this entire procedure has gone so much easier than I had ever imagined and my Doctor Lauren Greenberg is just amazing. She did a great job and I always felt like I was in the best of hands. I would recommend her to my best friends. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

post op day 4

I thought I would wake up today really happy and pain free, but instead I am GRUMPY and still in some pain. Its about a 4 on a scale of 1-10, so not too bad. I am just feeling impatient to get back to exercising and the rest of life.
In answer to someone else's question: Yes, my doctor says that the band is worn for 2 months with no bra. She has great success with them ending up looking really natural. I am getting a white one as well as this black one so I can wear it with different tops. It kind of looks like a camisole (she added lace to them).
I lost 5 lbs, before the surgery, so was 118 lbs and ended up with 286cc on the left and 265cc on the right (as I was asymmetrical and this balanced them out). I cannot stress the importance of doing your stretching, massage exercises 3x a day. I feel sooooo much better each time I do it. The pectoral muscle relaxes a bit and it will make my breasts softer and have more natural movement. My husband is doing it for me and he rather likes it: ) This is if you went under the muscle with your implants, which I did. I am slowly weaning off my painkillers, and am at 1/2 the dose right now, but not quite ready to give them up all the way. When I get bummed about recovery, I look in the mirror and admire me boobs and feel happy again.

post op 3 weeks

Well I have been through the hardest part. The surgery and much of the recovery. I had a rougher time of it than I expected. The drugs had an effect on my emotions and made me quite hyper-sensitive and they affected my short term memory so I was cloudy and forgetful. I am on the other side of that now and coming back to feeling more like me. I also had a lot more discomfort in the first 2 1/2 weeks than I expected. My nerves around my nipples were on fire with way too much sensation and I was in a fair amount of pain with my skin and muscles stretching. I am quite muscular and tend toward tight muscles, but they are beginning to ease up now. I am beginning to exercise more and am soooo happy to be moving more. Since my spirits are turning up, so it my happiness with my breasts. I am loving my size and am looking forward to buying some new tops to show off my form. I am posting some photos at about week 2 1/2. My doctor says they will still drop and change quite a bit within the next 5 weeks and look even more natural. Regardless of my challenges, I am feeling extremely happy about my choice for a BA! Yay new girls!
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