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My boobs reached their maximum magnitude when I...

My boobs reached their maximum magnitude when I was 15 years old... Since then even if I was hoping for more they stayed pretty much that way... Pretty small!
At some point I tried to ask my parents for some more but, this was not even an option :)

I was a kind of OK with that because, at the end, even if there wasn't much, they were cute little tits.
Eventually a few years later I got pregnant and I finally got boobs, I mean real ones! The only problem was that it was mostly because of the milk and the weight gain, so once that was gone I was back to where I started minus the initial cuteness (after 2 kids they are looking VERY empty).

So here I am now, I started caressing again the idea of a surgery to get the breast I always dreamed about just a few months ago. It seems almost impossible that I already booked the date for the surgery already (October 23rd 2013!!!!!)

I am still full of question about which size should I get, if they will gook good or not and so on... Wish me luck, I am also super scared of the anesthesia.

Hugs to everybody!

Some pre-op pictures

Hi, these photos are how I look like now. I will go tomorrow for pre-op to decide the size.

The day before

Oh well how are you girls?
I am here drinking some major quantity of homemade-not particularly good coffee (unfortunately my coffee is by definition a little shitty... I am not a good coffee maker). I haven't slept much yesterday night, my son woke up a million times and this is adding stress to the already-there stress for the surgery, which is tomorrow by the way...
What will my husband do if the same happens the nights after the surgery??? I am the one that normally wakes up and put everybody back to sleep again... Aggggh!
I am really concerned about the fact that I will be invalid for a few days pretty much. I really hope (oh please! make it happen!) things will be smooth at home.

Mmmm this coffee is not so shitty as usual, nice new experience ;)

Going back to the main subject of this post, the surgery, I have some updates.
The Doc. saw me yesterday, took measurements, talked about different sizes, implant profiles, what's going to happen in the operating room and so on.

This is a summary:
- she is going to do the incision under the breast and insert silicon gel implants under the muscle
- How she is going to determine the size/shape to use:
During our meeting we discussed the final look and shape I want. Depending on that she ordered a few implant in different sizes/shape that approximately could give me what I want. When she opens me up she is going to try on BEFORE a disposable implant (she has a "n" number of them) in the same size/shape of the final implant; depending on which one looks better she is going to pick that shape/size for the non-disposable/final breast implant. The reason for not using right away the final implant is because everything has to be as sterile as possible, so she wants minimal handling for the final implant.
- close everything

Hope this helps, my final size ideally should be a C (full) cup. So I will be adding around 350/370ccs - max will be 400cc (but that might be a little too much)

Agggh tension! I am a little scared, I hope everything will go OK.

Hugs to all of you!!!


I guess it's a good idea to do it now before it's too late and I am all wrapped up and drugged, but I am sooo tired today!

New boobs in place - still with bandages but happy :) - 371CCs medium profile round

As I anticipated I had my surgery done today at 10:30AM.
It was very fast, at least to me, I remember I was talking and eventually I felt asleep, probably in the meanwhile.

For those curious about the size, the doctor at the end opted for 371CCs medium profile, round implant, under the muscle.
I do not have yet pictures of myself, since I am all wrapped up - and I will probably be this way till tomorrow morning, when I see the doc again.

BUT the Doctor was really nice and took a picture of me just after the operation was finished. I will upload it below.

I cannot move much but I feel relatively good now, a few hours past the operation, I was in great pain, in chest, especially the right breast and right arm.
I texted my doctor and she said that it might be the bandages that shifted down, once she saw the pic my husband sent her of my chest she confirmed and she said we should move it a but upper.
She also suggested to mark my skin so that I knew if the bandage was moving.

After I moved it back in the proper position the pain went away and now I feel much better!

I am very curious to see my new tits!

Now I will go back to bed because after I tipe for a bit I start feeling dizzy and that's what is happening now.

Have a great night ladies!

Just after the operation - still at the hospital before putting the bandages

in bed with all the bandages


I took my pills this morning and I am feeling quite dizzy... I plan to switch from Oxicodone (Percocet) to Tylenol for my next dose. I am hoping that in this way I will feel less confused (the doc told me to do so, so it's not my only judgement :P)
Anybody else in the same situation?

A few more questions:
- Just to have an idea, when can I start driving again? I feel a little trapped at home :/
- How long does it takes for the implant to"drop"in a more natural position?


Pic update: 1 day after surgery

Pic update: 4 days after surgery

Pic update: 1 week after surgery


As you can see they haven't dropped much yet. I started with the massages a couple of days ago.
It consist of two daily repetition, morning and evening of 20 second each of:
-Pushing down the implants (you place both hands at the top of the implant - from your neck - and pushing down with the palms
- Pushing the implant from outside - in: Place hands on the side boob and push them together for 20 sec.
Duet Plastic Surgery

My doctor is Jennifer Weintraub, she has been extremely helpful and professional. She answered all of my questions before and after the operation and has shown a lot of support. I am definitely satisfied with the experience, I will soon post some pictures of her work on me :)

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